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Stoica Ion and his data story (on)

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Abstract:Stoica UC has many titles, Professor Berkeley Ion, co founder of AMPLab. If the flexible Chord protocol P2P to change the way the Internet information sharing, then Spark, Mesos and Databricks on the way to change the processing and analysis of data.

[CSDN] Stoica Ion, Romania, the American people, get a doctorate degree in Carnegie Mellon University, the tutor is a master of computer network Zhang Hui. Zhang Hui is an important pioneer of P2P thought, the paper "System Multicast End" application layer overlay network multicast thought of the cooperation of the proposed one. Ion Stoica in Zhang Hui based on the P2P technology to further the internet. The paper published at the SIGCOMM'01 conference. A scalable peer-to-peer lookup Chord: service for Internet applications"Become the pioneer of the structured P2P network.

Stoica Ion

Zhang Ion and Stoica Hui's efforts to make P2P technology has become one of the most popular way to share data on the internet. When you are online video on demand or download information, you may enjoy the wisdom of the two masters heritage.

If Chord has changed the way of Internet information sharing, then SparkMesos and DatabricksIn a way that changes the processing and analysis of data. Spark and Mesos is an important contribution of Stoica Spark, Ion is compatible with Hadoop cluster memory computing framework, can greatly enhance the efficiency of MapReduce processing data. Mesos is a tool for cluster resource management and isolation.

Databricks is an assistant professor of computer science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Zaharia Matei, Stoica UC, Berkeley Ion, Professor of computer science Scott Shenker and other co founded, Scott or well-known SDN company Nicira co-founder and CEO, the company focused on the Spark technology of the product.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, Databricks members also include Berkeley UC of Chinese doctoral students Xin ReynoldHe is also a member of Spark's core, SharkThe author of a large data warehouse system, compatible with Hive, in Spark.

Recently, Databricks once again become the focus of the industry's big data objects. A month ago, the lineup of luxury big data companies obtained from Horowitz Andreessen $14 million investment. In 2013 World Hadoop will be another heavy news came out, big data innovation company Cloudera announced the joint Spark to provide Databricks enterprise class services.

Cloudera is considered to be one of the most successful Hadoop Business Companies, and Databricks in the field of Spark no one out of its right, the two companies will produce what sparks (Spark)? Ion Stoica continues his indissoluble bound and data.

Fortunately, Stoica Ion has accepted an exclusive interview with CSDN, from P2P, Hadoop, Spark to Databricks, Stoica Ion will interpret the future of data. The interview will be released in the near future. At the same time, Ion Stoica and Xin Reynold will also be in 2013 China big data technology conferenceBring to share.

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