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Common health problems for programmers

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Abstract:Article from the zed Shaws, a writers, software developers, music (hereinafter referred to in the guitar), he wrote the common programmer health problems ", compiled by the Yeeyan opipa the programmer common health problem". In fact, these health problems are not only seen in the programmer, the other long-term sitting in front of the computer in the workplace (such as: network editor, webmaster, etc.), there will be some of them...

Abstract: This article from, the author isShaws Zed,A writer, software developer, musician (mentioned below), he wrote.Programmer Health Problems Common","By the opipa compiler Yeeyan common problems programmers".

In fact, these health problems are not only seen in the programmer, the other long-term sitting in front of the computer workplace (such as: network editor, webmaster, etc.), there will be some of the health problems. Want to engage in these industry friends, on their own health problems, to be valued.

The following is the full text:


I recently wrote "Python The Hard Way Learn" in the last few sessions, I would like to add a lesson: on the programmer in their career in general health problems. I've found that many code people seem to have a lot of attention when they knock on code as if they don't care about their physical condition. I hope that people can benefit from the awareness of some of the health problems associated with the programmer, and can avoid the problems that have happened to me, but also to many people. I might not have put this blog in the book, because it's a little bit more. But I'll write a reduced version. Would you like to know your preferences, or to use the additional resources I can quote.


My background and qualifications


I used to be a qualified American soldiers, and learn a variety of martial arts. In recent years, I did not like the past martial arts like hard work, but on Yu Yuga, meditation and some simple activities. I was incredibly fit, now remains the same, thanks to my long ingrained habit. First a quick list I learned martial arts: jutsu (Ninjitsu), aikido Aikido, judo, jujitsu, Muay Thai (Muay Thai), wing Tsung, capoeira (capoeira), anis (Arnis), the sort not divided successively. I want to say I am learning Muay Thai only coherence, about six years. The others took one to two years.

I have been to many places, so the way to learn is to learn anything from there. And, in the army, I was physically tested, almost two years in a row. If I remember correctly, there is every two to four hours of training, what is it in the army. Besides, don't have anything to do with him. Then, no matter I do not work, I have maintained the same weight, sensitivity and strength. So I can't tell you how to lose weight. I was probably born with this gene. This means you have to adjust my advice based on your own situation. With the aforementioned body, when I am getting old, I prefer to be more flexible. Swimming, dancing and so on all of my body has no direct impact on the movement, I vote for Pilates (Pilates), yoga is good, often mistaken for a very difficult. I pay particular attention to my hand, cause I will say.

, write so much is to let you know I have the ability, but more important, doing these at the same time, I am a professional programmer. After retiring, I study eight to sixteen hours a day on average. I used to play the guitar and I, but also to avoid the carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as the RSI problem. I hope my experience in health care will help you to restore or maintain your health.

Common health problems for programmers

Programming at first glance is a consumption of people in the field, on the one hand, it seems that you do not do a lot, in addition to a lot of people who deal with the code of the body's attitude. You want to always stay healthy, because the body is good, will reduce the friction damage of spirit, and will focus on important things rather than you are physically small problems. It is obvious that most people say that the diet, go out activities. I won't teach you how to eat or exercise, or what kind of martial arts. If you are interested in these, find a job to help you exercise. The programmers here to say that the usual occupational disease. They are quite obvious and common, for some reason they don't care about the things that shouldn't have happened:

- wrist pain (RSI)

See, staring at the eye moving printing progress and the subsequent period caused by

Improper posture, back pain, especially in the lower back and shoulder.

Intestinal and urinary problems (not normal size)

Take too much caffeine, and drink less water.

- keep sitting for too long, resulting in hemorrhoids or prostate problems in men (I'll elaborate)

Vitamin D deficiency due to insufficient light

Stay up late or drink too much coffee and lead to sleep disorders

Lack of stretching leads to widespread stiffness and pain

I have been struggling with these issues, because programming, guitar, or weightlifting injure. Whenever I regain my health, I know how to avoid it. Only a small part of the problem is cyclical. You may think that some of the problems here don't matter, but believe me, many programmers have problems like this, and the reasons are different, even if you don't have a problem.

Common cause

Generally speaking, can be summed up from life programming. You may want to become one of the leaders, like me, so in addition to life in addition to no other programming. Don't you go to the bathroom, you bravely 10 hours of continuous programming. And you eat and eat, but God only "real code people" this creed. The fact that real programmers are little idiot. They had to eat on time, no quasi ML. Running has never been out of breath, there are some serious problems in their internal organs, but not the cause of the disease. Really, before you know something, it's not worth it. So, when you see these problems and how to solve them, remember that this is all in order to have a balanced lifestyle, rather than indulge in encoding or something else. I believe you will be truly good, if you say to yourself and stay healthy.

Wrist pain

This may be my heart the most. Because of the frequent and long time encoding, plucked my wrist, have a cycle of pain. That year I was 22 years old and had just started a professional encoding. But I always have an Aikido lessons, so I will recover the wrist. You know, aikido has fantastic wrist exercises that make your wrists strong and soft. They created these exercises can avoid hurting and had many skills have torsion, tearing, arm and shoulder joint dislocation. These exercises healed all my joints dislocation and pain, and let me long time programming and without any major problems. The only problem I have is that I'm going to change my current keyboard into a new, odd layout of the keyboard, but if I practice a week in the air, I can get back to the code and still be strong. Now if you have problem of repetitive strain injury syndrome or other types of severe carpal tunnel syndrome, consult the your doctor before trying the trick here. If you want to do, began to despise, don't let you feel the pain. Stretching should not hurt, only mild discomfort. If you feel the pain, it's over stretched. You actually want to relax every stretch. It's a little hard to explain, but not to force your joints in a fixed position, but first to arrive at a location, think of a relaxation and then to the farther location.

Remember this, how to do the exercise there are a lot of video:

The following is how to do it when you sit down and type:

1 first to warm up, hand in front of the air in the air as quickly as possible to catch 20 times. And then walk away, then your wrists 10 times one, and then change the direction of bending 10 times.

2 with your best, to do 5 to 10 times speed.

3 continue to do the action, but walk away and left arm, bending the wrist to be in place. These actions will move the wrist bones left when they return.

Don't do too much, let your wrist feel damage. Just right, and relax. The "no pay no gain" will only hurt you.

Each knock on the code before doing this series of actions, to do every day, but also to stop the time to do it once. It won't take much time, after a period of discomfort your wrist will begin to fit and return to normal, and feel much better. Also: consult your doctor before doing this. You do it at your own risk, so he accidentally broke the wrist don't sue me. This is thousands of years of martial arts in homely food, so I know they aren't dangerous, but everyone is different. If you do not have the potential for serious consequences, if you feel pain immediately stop and consult a physician.

The guitarist is even worse.

The guitarist or bassist and RSI but a programmer. This is the cause of many stupid reasons, many famous musicians talk about eight hours a day or sixteen hours of learning. Because of this, guitarists spoil themselves, finally can not play. The guitar is a hard instrument for the hand, so there's a little bit of pain. When I was at school, I was like a fool to trust my teacher to practice eight hours a day. I literally understand that it is a sudden eight hours, I tortured myself for a month and then collapsed. My thumb is the osteophyte, other fingers difficult to stop the pain. My wrist was also able to endure, but has not. I'm not listening to that, any new exercise needs to be done in a gradual way. The only way I can solve this, and for a year and a half, is to do the following:

1 find a guitar that doesn't hurt the hand. What you said is shit can play guitar. Find the best guitar that doesn't hurt your hand.

2 to do the exercise above, I have done more.

3 by doing exercises, slowly begin to restore the strength of the fingers and pay attention to relax.

4 in the play when the attention of relax, plucked when more light.

5 avoid bending, which has caused my hand to hurt.

6 changing posture and playing style, do not grasp the guitar to move fast, comfortable my thumb on the back of the guitar.

7 adjust the height of the guitar, so that my shoulders and hands feel comfortable.

8 stood, very little time to sit down, a long time to put a position is very awkward.

Last year, after finishing the last of my hands, I finally recovered, and felt good. I don't have a good habit of not hurting myself. I have grown up, so these to me is very important, but it also means I can't do anything that might hurt my hand. My hand is now my lifeblood, so can't fight, or anything else I really want to learn. Because playing sandbags on my hand has many depression.

Eye fatigue

I think this is not a problem for me, but you'd better take it easy. My younger than 20 / 20 also good, but with the decades of computer point partial once used glasses to correct, I come in handy has been wearing, did not see them around the world is really annoying fuzzy. In the dark period, we also look at every day is a CRT monitor, annoying flicker has put some people's eyes the whole collapse. Now the problem is that most of the LCD screen is bad for the font rendering. I think thanks to the Apple Corp's patents, most LCD screen can not normally render fonts. Although some people think that Apple's font looks fluffy, so it will be difficult for you to say. I don't think I can see a computer for two hours a day. Or I go to play guitar without vision, or go for a walk in the park. I might not have done it for two hours, but add up to two hours. This will help you to have a headache. Most programmers might want to play with a computer when the lights led to a headache, but in fact, because the position is wrong, there is a bad font, drinking water shortage, but also with the computer to fight a protracted war. Not to turn off all the lights in your room, just a reasonable lighting, select the color scheme for your LCD screen and indoor lighting. That is, the integration of indoor lighting, LCD screen brightness and font, as well as to make you feel more comfortable color scheme. But take a break first.

Back problem

I'm lucky, I've been able to carry on my back. Nevertheless, most of the time I was sitting in the office, and maintain a strong and flexible spine. My problem is the upper part of the back, the neck, the shoulder. I am used to the cat on the keyboard, so I have to force myself to sit straight. The truth is, just knock this paragraph when I didn't sit straight, just remember to correct it. Now choose your seat is very important, I like Alan chair (Aeron), the kind of hard stool or bench. My $40 piano stool is very keen now, I used to sit on the piano. Because there is no back, the stool will always force you to sit straight, and call my core muscles (stomach and back). My shoulder is in a state of pressure / force. I am used to tightening my shoulders when I am absorbed, so that I feel pain in the back of my entire back, spreading to the neck and head. When I play the guitar for a long time, the problem is worse. I find the most effective solution is to stretch the upper limb, do push ups. The stretching method is simple, grab the door frame, and then the arms are in the same direction or the reverse tension.

When you feel that body is a bit stiff try these tricks:

1 with one hand to the door, toward the palm of your body, and then go straight, over the shoulder.

2 use the other hand to hold the door frame, the arm cross in front, the palm continues toward the inside, then extends the shoulder, causes the back to be stretched.

3 both hands seize the door frame, hold up the head, slightly back to the station, and then back and forth. (like the station do push ups)

If you do, do at the same time, swing, swing the arms, and you will feel better. Perhaps before you begin to work with some extension of wrist. The other is to do real push ups. I don't do this when I'm working, because it makes you tired and hard to work. At bedtime, I do ten times, this is enough to deal with the chest, back, shoulder, wrist. Don't be too fast, slow, and pay attention to the balance of the body while you are doing it.


This question is not big, I often have a little guilty. I found that I was crazy to drink coffee a day, because I think I should drink some water. If I don't have a headache, that's a bit wrong. It's hard to find out the problem until you find it late.

My advice (I should do more) is to drink a cup of water and other non pure water drink a glass of water. Don't drink soda, too. They are just a bunch of pseudo sugar, make you fat and cause diabetes, and it does not give you water. Drink black coffee, they really fucking good, remember to drink some water.

Intestinal and urinary problems

Well, the next two questions are really indecent, so it does not mention what happened to me, but I have to say this sentence: "on the toilet when his mother to go, do not hesitate." You don't know how useful this tip is, I really wish I knew it when I was young. Because I am a hard man never stopped, skip the toilet, hold for a long time. The problem is that your body is no longer the gut tell you what shit, just keeps piling up.

This will eventually lead to constipation, which will end your health. For the second time, but you may still be infected and other things that surprise you. If you've messed up, you go to get some fiber tablets, stay at home and eat it, don't go outside. Because the consequences will be embarrassing. Then, you think it's time to get up and embrace God. I tell you, after you pull the shit out of your great idea will naturally burst.

Hemorrhoids and prostate problems

Another does not go to the toilet will lead to the hemorrhoids. I know it's disgusting. I promise I'll just ask this one. However, many programmers have this problem, and ashamed to say, they do not know why. Listen to me one by one, I did all of the following things, but only one or two of hemorrhoids:

1 sit for a long time.

2 lifting things, do not have to assist.

3 the time to solve the urgent to.

4 force yourself to shit, don't actually need.

5 the worst: sitting in the toilet reading.

The last one is the culprit. If you don't have to be big C, don't be old. This would be equivalent to your whole body and intestines weight into the already screwed up rectum, and trying to squeeze out. Nausea! This leads to an increase in blood pressure in your blood vessels because of the increase in blood pressure in your blood vessels.

Really smelly, but great potential hazards. Well, the crisis was a blood flow, and at this time everyone knew to see the doctor. You may need surgery, but do no harm. I didn't do it but it was almost too close to me: one year I was lifting weights, and then I worked in the warehouse.

Yes, I'm a big fool. Don't you learn me. For your ass health, please do the following things:

1 eat more fruits and vegetables, eat at least a piece of fiber.

2 to solve personal problems quickly!

3 in any case, do not press / force the rectum.

There is also a cause of the problem of the prostate, if all day sitting on the bottom of the words. Stand up and walk around. If hematuria or dysuria, go to see a doctor, otherwise it will be more dangerous.

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is a little weird. It's true that you can only be created by the sun, but you don't have to go out and expose it to the sun. 5 to 30 minutes is good, depends on the intensity of light. Is also related to the level of calcium and phosphorus deficiency. But if you eat a regular diet, not just eat some chips, it's not a big problem.

And some things such as depression, rotten teeth, some strange parts of the pain such as elbow bones, muscle spasm, generally speaking is with mud. Likewise, if you think not to see a doctor, under normal circumstances in the sun is filled to walk outside for half an hour is sufficient.

In fact, I think that a problem is a lot of Silicon Valley in the beginning of the company to provide food and beverage. Because you have to soak in the office, often eat leftovers, and lighting is not good, the sun was shining when you don't go out to bask in under. With your sleep habits, your vitamin D status is worse.

Don't eat lunch at noon, go out to eat a meal. The good you know, and the food is much better.

I had a mild vitamin D deficiency in Vancouver and Seattle, where the lack of light, for me, it would be my life. Some people can get it, but people like me who spend the time in a tropical island, the lack of light is indeed a killer.

So, you take advantage of the sun when you go out in the sun.

Sleep disorder

My sleep time has always been very flexible, with seasons and geographical. Sometimes I like owls attached, stay up late until very late to sleep. Recently moved to San Francisco after start going to bed early, not late, I feel very good.

Sometimes, I'm not sure why I'm writing music or programming in the night. I think my brain is resting in a state of exhaustion. I also think it is because the night is quiet and no nuisance.

Anyway, I have to sleep at night sleep mechanism messed up. As I grow older, I like to get up early, I feel more awake during the day and relax. Stay up all night and then sleep often feel that they have left over reaction, but also a headache.

If you have sleep problems, I have some simple adjustment to help you fall asleep. Need to be practical, but very effective.

First of all, take you to the capital to buy a good bed, 2000+ dollars is not too much. I bought 2200 pieces of Tempur-Pedic. Indeed very value.

With the bed, began to practice to help sleep, a little self hypnosis means:

1 turn off all the lights and sound in your room.

2 lie down and let your hands on your comfortable position.

3 slow deep breaths, and visualize the scene and escape from the air into the body in vitro.

4 when you can see your breath, imagine you are looking out of the window in the vast space, with stars.

5 then with breath feel yourself floating in the air, gradually into the giant galaxies, all the stars are with you around.

6 continue to dream, feel your bed is floating, until all disappear.

You may go to bed at four or five, but not to go out, and then imagine yourself floating until you feel like melting.

If you have severe insomnia, please consult a physician. But try this trick, do one to two hours a day. After practice, it will definitely make you fall asleep.

Rigid and soft

If the body is difficult to exercise, then it should be done under the stretching exercise. Of course, you'd better go to the yoga studio to do exercises every week and go home. If there is no time, you can buy books or in the library to borrow more than N tutorial. Getting started can be, you really do not need too much.

I think if you're going to go to sleep at night and do a big stretch of 5-6, that's enough. You will feel quite relaxed, and your health and your sense of self will be improved.

Stretch body also to relax the brain, a magic bullet in the creative growth is doing yoga or half an hour stretch, then the morning shower. With meditation you will never find the spirit of self and experience.

I do not know why, but the spirit of the relaxation of the inspiration for the unexpected help.

Take the first step

The contents of the above may be a bit more for you, I certainly hope that you will not have these problems ridden. However, I suggest that, although you may not have those problems, but to avoid their occurrence. If you want to start encoding, please use the "pre -"".

Here's what I want to do before I knock on the code, or play the guitar, and I need to get a break.

1 activities of the body of the joint, only the wrist, arm, neck, hip to shake a few. For example, positive five times, and then reverse five times.

2 in each part before doing some wrist exercises, shake the wrist.

3 to lift your arms above your head as high as possible, then extend as far as possible, and then extend to the front of your body.

4 finally, carefully hand the head to the right, left, before and after a few.

If you do these things, you will avoid some of the damage caused by programming. Because programming is not a major physical injury, to avoid injury is very easy, so the above part is enough.

However, if there are special issues, continue to consult the medical division, if they allow you to try these methods. There's no radical or strange way I'm talking about, it's just some basic practice and some common sense, so it's a doctor's license. I told you to consult others just because I don't want to eat a lawsuit.

I wish this would make you better, if not, make a note of suggestions to prevent the situation. If you have good luck, there will be no problem, but I think there are more or less problems for programmers.

If you have questions about the above, you can email me and I will give you some advice.

Take care

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Common health problems for programmers
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