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"Programmer" in 2013 1 monthly: product design

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Abstract:China Design in matured, 1 issue of the "programmer" through the different roles of experience, thinking and share makes sense of our past, to see some of the current section, more important is leaving the evocative of thinking for the future.
Every business, every designer wants to be able to make great products like Jobs, Chinese design is gradually mature, although the face of the challenge is still great. Designers, companies, consultants, and many other collaborative teams that influence the different roles of product design. The cover story of this issue through the experience of different roles, Thinking and sharing allows us to understand the past, to see some of the current cross section, it is more important for the future left a memorable thinking.

(1) the innovation of China -- the design experience of China

(2) from the user experience design

(3) from the product design process to find a good design

(4) the design of pain points as the center

(5) the story behind Weico

(6) to make the most effective design -- an interview with Liu Yilin, deputy director of the creative design of the frog

(7) think of the user, do one stop type of product - God clap PowerCam team leader Xie Junbo interview

(8) anti pattern


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) news

(4) new tools for new products

(5) the world of things

(6) the trend of big data, about Hadoop and big data technology conference (HBTC 2012) sidelights

(7) Bo concept and about to take, in order to know the new ponder -- "twenty-first Century computing conference reports

(8) people-oriented era, people-oriented technology - ResysChina 2012 recommendation system forum knowledge


(1) the way to enterprise class

For enterprises, the mobile Internet is a new development direction of opportunities and challenges. This paper not only points out the challenges faced by enterprise products in the new environment, but also provides a way to deal with it.

(2) different, product manager's ability model

(3) agile: the self optimizing mechanism of engineering methodology

Basically, all with "agile" prefix, I suggest that it is hard to. It is a black hole, what concept to throw, but no one responsible for the interpretation of the responsibility.


(1) from the game development and operation of players to resolve the problem of classification

(2) "the side of the street" is not dead -- an interview with CEO Liu Dawei in the street

Geographical position has become many mobile applications necessary expansion function, independent of LBS application space subjected to great compression, in this case, "street" did not flinch, but upstream, the revenue made good results, they are how to do?

(3) the new voice may explore application -- Interview with Chen Hua sound "CEO"

(4) the decryption of the intelligent voice dialogue system

As a new mobile Internet portal, increasingly fierce competition in the intelligent voice system, speech recognition, error correction, query intention understanding, question answering, information and voice search service, context completion processing... This article will be how to decrypt the functional and technical aspects to create a successful voice App.

(5) to explore the Wi-Fi Display Android (on)

(6) TCP cache and data transfer (Android)

cloud computing

(1) comparison of two basic collaborative filtering algorithms

(2) Redis experience

Sina as the world's largest Redis users, in the development and operation and maintenance has a lot of experience. The author of this paper comes from Sina, hoping to provide some experience for the industry, so that we can make less detours.

(3) social commitment: Tencent high consistency data service solutions

(4) the application of DataRelay in enterprise social network

(5) the smooth expansion and quest Taobao data migration platform

The data of smooth expansion and migration platform can efficiently complete the expansion and migration of online databases. This paper introduces the causes of the platform, requirements analysis, system implementation and business challenges and so on.

(6) the whole picture of Foundry Cloud technology and its core component analysis


(1)Pressure is beneficial to grow -- CTO Nikita Shamgunov MemSQL interview

(2) using HTML5 to monitor the performance of the website

HTML5 technology to Web brings a lot of new elements, not only make the site become more and more beautiful, more and more close to the perfect interactive experience, but also makes a lot of functions can not be completed can be achieved. This article in view of the new characteristics of HTML5 in terms of performance monitoring of the site, to share with you the practice of Ctrip Travel Network in this direction.

(3) the problem of "prisoner and light bulbs" and its application

(4) Clojure combat

(5) the system deadlock caused by filter driver


(1) the books on the shelves

(2) GEEK

(3) OS X Mac behind the story: to Intel migration! (on)

(4) humor

Enterprise column

(1) High German map is how to make the High German production base of Beijing data visit

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