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"Programmer" in 2013 2 monthly: big data

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Abstract:Many companies and individuals are actively exploring the mystery of big data, want to get more valuable information. From Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Intel, Yahoo, Jingdong and other companies in the practice of the "programmer" 2 monthly for us to offer a big data technology feast.

"Programmer" cover story: big data

Many companies and individuals are actively exploring the mystery of big data, want to get more valuable information, and use this information to achieve greater value. Therefore, how to collect and access data, how to effectively store and calculate, how to extract valuable information from the massive data, has become a problem that everyone is concerned about and thinking. In the cover of this issue, from Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Intel, Yahoo!, Jingdong and other companies a number of first-line practitioners to serve us a big data technology feast.

(1)Big data, and the line and think

(2) Tencent data bank TDBank

(3) mass data storage optimization practice

(4) construction of large scale real time stream data processing system based on Trident

(5) flow processing from storage, computation and data mining

(6) application of flow calculation to achieve Web fault diagnosis

(7) analysis of the application and optimization of Tencent TDW to Hive

Application and challenge of (8) Hadoop in Internet storage

(9) percentage point data and personalized practice

(10) the practice of big data in electronic commerce

(11) data products in the era of big data

(12) big data in life sciences


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) news

(4) new tools for new products

(5) the world of things

(6)2012 payroll Survey Report


(1) use: team management is the first priority -- Interview with Chen Ying Ji education CTO

(2) micro channel experience design

Tencent 14 years of product research and development, has accumulated a lot of user experience design thinking and methods. Tencent since the implementation of open strategy, I have been thinking, in addition to traffic, technology, services and other hardware to share, Tencent also bring you what?...... Now, I encourage the design center to share the experience and lessons of the user experience design, and we hope to have some inspiration and help.

(3) how to build a cooperative team of Ali domestic team practice

In this paper, engineers from Ali domestic team share where the team build cooperative "elite" small team of agile practice methods, and describes the effect of practice, to give you some inspiration, so as to provide reference and reference.

(4)Programmers learning ability to enhance the three elements


(1) let the design thinking drive growth - SnackStudio co founder Yang Xun interview

(2)Annoying windows

Equipment manufacturers in order to make their devices have a clearer screen, often choose to improve the pixels of the screen, but in some cases, the increase in pixels does not allow users to get a good reading experience. In this paper, the Apple Corp's mobile device as an example, for us to reveal why the high pixel screen will give the user's reading to bring trouble".

(3) the operation of the associated tips in the retention of the user's game

Game developers in design popups that need to consider many aspects of the problem, such as a single game information push or multi game composite push; is the needs of developers to push or to players as the center provide valuable information. Once you grasp the subtle relationship between the associated tips and user experience, it is possible to push information to become one of the fuse lead users to delete the game.

(4) TCP in Android cache and data transfer (under)

In the previous article, we on the TCP / IP based knowledge and TCP buffer in Android settings were introduced, this period we will go through the specific case Android phones in the edge network download music failed to answer completely opened.

(5) to explore the Wi-Fi Display Android (under)

cloud computing

(1) the similarity index of the personalized recommendation algorithm

This paper tries to from the similarity index of origin about to in the recommendation system select appropriate similarity metrics provide some guiding principles and basis in detail several commonly used similarity on the basis of indicators of the characteristics of the.

(2) with NATS as the main line of the Foundry Cloud principle

(3) database services: PaaS indispensable dedicated service

PaaS can prosperity, to a large extent depend on the database services, message queuing services and caching services, such as peripheral services. In this paper, the main points of several selection of database services, on the one hand to help developers to choose their own service products, on the other hand also can help service providers to better build their own services.


(1) unknown Z-index

(2) wearing a display technology will subvert the electronics industry - Games Epic founder Sweeney Tim interview

Hundreds of games based on the Unreal company's Epic engine to build, this engine by Tim Sweeney and his team for the first time released in 1998. After 3 generations of development, Unreal engine has become the cornerstone of the current game industry. Tim Sweeney in an interview with the programmer, talked about his prospects for the future of technology, personal growth experience, as well as the hope to enter the field of game development recommendations.

(3) Euler path and Bruijn De sequence

(4) I do not know the TDR and 116 blue

(5) security and stability framework of HTTP platform

With the rise of the mobile Internet and the large-scale use of RESTful and Service HTTP, Web protocol has been widely used in the field of Web development and SOA because of its easy to use and cross platform characteristics. But the information covered by the information is mostly not encrypted, the information access threshold is reduced, but also for the security and stability of the application architecture has brought a challenge.


(1) the books on the shelves

(2) GEEK

(3) OS X Mac behind the story: to Intel migration! (in)

Apple secretly plans to give up the PowerPC chip, which makes up a secret team hopes to make each version of the OS Mac X can seamlessly run on the x86 Intel platform, at the same time, under the persuasion of Intel, HP in 1999 developed a Itanium processor, but there are two processors A fatal flaw, this was an opportunity to rival AMD.

(4) humor

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