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"Programmer" in 2013 3 monthly: front end

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Abstract:From Google, Amazon, Taobao,, meituan, pea pods, Netease, Shanda's home and abroad more than a dozen a front-end developer, will share their first-hand experience, the front-end development technology of panorama shows today's most practical and promising, and their development in the field of deep thinking on the front.

"Programmer" cover story: front end

The cover story, from Google, Amazon, Taobao, Alipay, beauty group Network, pea pods, Netease, Shanda companies at home and abroad more than a dozen line front-end developers, will share their first hand experience, from JavaScript and its peers, flourishing library and framework, web and mobile terminal development and engineering of the web front-end specification of, panoramic display of today's most practical and the most promising front open Technology, and their development in the field of deep thinking on the front.

(1)Open source front frame

(2) the change of Web App and HTML5 brought to the front end of Web

(3) the value of front-end modular development

(4) engineer how to deal with the development of application in mobile Web Era

(5)TypeScript: better JavaScript

CoffeeScript (6): blue sky haze

(7) ClojureScript: the front end of the world Lisp

(8) according to the application design of the Web programming language Dart - "Dart programming language" author Chris Strom interview

(9) Node.js high real time application development

(10) the application of Backbone.js in large single page applications

(11) why Discourse uses Ember.js

(12) the KISSY front-end framework of modular high scalability

(13) fire and motion: practice YUI3 in the U.S.

(14) CSS preprocessor: Sass, LESS and Stylus practice


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) news

(4) new tools for new products

(5) the world of things

(6) women's Day Special: bloom world of female IT

Eucalyptus chief financial officer Wang Ning: ideal, go after

SAP global business officer Sun Xiaoqun: the master of your own destiny, life is full of sunshine

Twitter Senior Software Engineer Yue Yao: do what you love


(1)Decryption Facebook product development process

work In recent years, it is striking and innovative company, Facebook has been leading the wave of innovation, Internet companies, many of the launch of the products include Chinese companies, including social networking sites even imitate the original copy of the What Facebook is how to control the entire product development process to ensure its quality? Wang Huai Facebook first Chinese from R & D Manager, he wrote with his many years of experience to create " Facebook Facebook: experience the outbreak of the 5 years "one book, this article excerpts from the book.

(2)Strive to become an excellent engineer.

(3)How to realize the self organization management of the team

Self organization management team, is very helpful to the team to form a cohesive force, greatly enhance the work efficiency of the whole team. According to the original Ali ITU domestic team of agile practice experience, explains what is self management organization, why self organization and management, how to carry on the self organization management, and gives the team to implement the self organization and management effect.


(1) social application is no longer difficult to find

respond to The surge in the number of make a good application for the user to know becomes more and more difficult for, 70 million digital platform operators may be a happy event, but for developers has really become a nightmare. In this paper, the author of a large number of applications platform The application is difficult to find the problems, and put forward to improve the application of exposure using the theory of social elements. Then, using the social elements really than other operating methods more effective?

(2) performance analysis of story elements in the game user's immersion

(3) on the development of Android software security

and Activity, Service and Broadcast Compared to the receiver of the three kinds of components exposed, ContentProvider exposure and SSL communication man in the middle attack brought security consequences more serious. The former can make third square straight Then read or modify the management of data; the latter can obtain user account passwords and data privacy by man in the middle attack.

(4) Says Bonjour Android

cloud computing

(1) Just Works Google Jeff Dean: the power of scientists of Stanford University speech enlightenment

MapReduce, BigTable and other systems creator Jeff Dean at the Stanford University in January 19, 2013 speech through the system software and machine learning in two areas. The fluctuations and response time of the issue of the resource sharing in asynchronous distributed stochastic gradient This fall in two main contents of algorithm and its applications, Jeff Dean shows insight into GM, concise, Just Powerful charm of Works system. At the same time the speech shows in deep learning breakthrough especially exciting.

(2) the evaluation system of personalized recommendation system

(3) five features excellent expert analysis interpretation

(4) Alibaba cloud computing operation experience


(1) the next generation of Linux Btrfs file system (on)

Btrfs Linux kernel community's defenders say the file system for the next generation, alternative Ext2/3/4 file system, to address in recent years to meet the more and more expansion issues and security issues. As a second generation article A system, Btrfs has many new features not available in traditional file system. Then, it provides what new features? And how to achieve? This article will focus on these issues discussed.

(2) the network flow and the elimination of the baseball game

(3) margin He Sheng "mole" a "- a case of defective


(1) Mac OS X: the story behind the migration to Intel! (down)

Lntel Aware of their own mistakes and resolutely put an end to the development of the Itanium and rally R & D the Pentium chip and a series of subsequent products. The move to allow apple to cooperate with the hope to see, They lasted three years to complete the software and hardware of the underlying graft, and has used the simulator and a universal binary technology, and ultimately complete the migration of the "mighty".

(2) review

(3) GEEK

(4) humor

Enterprise column

Ctrip through Ctrip vice president of wireless division general manager Jiang Hao interview



(1) Ali cloud observation interview with ALI cloud President Wang Jian

Special topics

(1) how to achieve large file breakpoint download and upload in OSS

(2) test practice of large scale distributed systems

(3) cloud computing operation of "light" and "heavy"

(4) cloud recommended - big data era of personalized Internet service solutions

(5) information security in the cloud environment


(1) cloud platform migration path

(2) "double 11" business behind the carnival of cloud computing

(3) the traditional consumer electronics industry upgrade, from the cloud to cool open network architecture of the IT changes in the road

(4) synchronous disk hand Ali cloud: construction enterprise document management tool


(1) cloud platform developers, have a brilliant future -- Observation of 2012 Ali cloud Developers Conference

(2)Cloud computing code of the United States -- the first achievement Ali cloud developer contest Tour

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