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"Programmer" in 2013 4 monthly: China's cloud computing trend chart

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Abstract:"Programmer" in the April issue of the journal invited a number of front-line cloud computing experts, analysis of the current situation and trend of cloud computing in China, analysis of cloud computing difficulties of landing in China, clarify China Cloud Computing development ideas, direction and opportunity.

In the United States, AWS Amazon and RackSpace, etc. IaaS service has been very popular, and its support on the Engine Yard, heroku many PAAS platform together for more xaas service enterprises and other social, mobile Internet start-up companies continue to rise provides the soil to form a vibrant Ecosystem Compared with this, there is a big difference between China's cloud computing. The cover story invited a number of front-line cloud computing experts, panoramic view of the analysis of the status and trends of China Cloud Computing, analysis of the cloud computing difficulties of landing in China, to clarify the China Cloud Computing development ideas, direction and opportunity.

(1)China Cloud Computing trend chart

(2)Private cloud and public cloud is bound to coexist for a long time -- an interview with Li Ying, general manager of EMC China's excellent R & D group

(3) the current situation and trend of IaaS in China

(4) the difficulties of IaaS landing in China

(5) PaaS, use or not, this is a problem

(6)Across the sea tide at SaaS

(7) innovation and trends of foreign cloud computing

(8) security: Dinghaishenzhen cloud Era

(9) cloud computing business observation

(10) the evolution of SAE technology in Sina cloud computing

(11) and take cloud storage technology of CDN


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) news

(4) new tools for new products

(5) the world of things

(6) large data mining gold journey - the heady Kaggle competition

(7) in Barcelona - MWC of 2013

(8) Han Chun: Conference RSA 2013 and Silicon Valley

(9) cross domain feast: SXSW 2013


(1) business portfolio decision online shopping center for success: CTO bear Changqing interview

Twenty In the early 90 century, Xiong Changqing at the Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA computing center is responsible for the construction of army medical information network. When the troops, the Internet is only for scientific research to provide ancillary services, and he believes that the Internet in the field of commercial energy There are more places. Relatively general Internet Co, online shopping center in the face of more complex technical challenges. As CTO, Changqing bear on "programmer" magazine he shared the occupation, talent, technology and business Industry sentiment.

(2) a method of improving Kanban guided technology

(3)Page and his little innovation

(4) the element analysis of the waterfall flow module

Today, I think we have no stranger to the waterfall flow. With the popularity of the originator of Pinterest overnight, waterfalls flow layout is blossom everywhere. However, after the flooding of the waterfall flow mixed, there are people on this model feel confused. Classification and analysis of module elements concept, advantages, will flow from the module of the falls in these areas to explore.


(1) qingmeizhujiu words "three"

at Areas of the game, the "Three Kingdoms" is a very classic theme, in the era of material scarcity, a arcade "Knights of valour" give us brought many joy. Some people say that there are places where there are Chinese people. Along with the times Change that a section had a well known story, with a more active attitude to return to our sight. The major manufacturers have the name of "Three Kingdoms" banner to enter the market Mobile Games, but here the "battle" more Cruel. In so many competitors, what is the reason for game developers to develop the theme of the game is? The success of the three games is also relying on what way, the final host "Fenghou"?

(2) deconstruction of common fun elements in existing games

(3) innovation to make us different -- "Sogou number through" Product Manager Ren Bin interview

(4)OS Firefox fantasy drifting -- a comprehensive analysis of the new generation of Web Open mobile operating system

FireFox OS is a new member of the mobile operating system, which is based on Linux kernel and Gecko, the continuation of the Web version of the open source philosophy. The new operating system what originality in design? Whether it can be full The diversification of user needs in the mobile market? This article from the underlying architecture FireFox OS as the entrance, from the point of view of technology and lead the reader on a tour of FireFox OS.

(5) Android application performance optimization

cloud computing

(1) NTSE: MySQL storage engine for large-scale Internet application optimization

Due to the disadvantages existing in the InnoDB storage engine, make MySQL of availability, performance and management can not meet the needs of large scale Internet applications. In order to solve this problem, Netease NTSE independently developed the storage engine, and gradually applied to the variety of important products.

(2) the missing value of personalized recommendation system


(1) the foreground application performance optimization of Taobao

Web There is a direct correlation between the delay time and the conversion rate of the page. With the increase in the number of users, Taobao number of back-end servers growth soon, for enhancing the system throughput and reduce delay of a page, enhance the user browsing experience, improve Transaction conversion rate of consideration, Taobao in the field of performance optimization has done a lot to try. The from the application performance analysis, optimization of infrastructure, using self optimization and front-end performance optimization of the four aspects were summarized in this paper.

(2) embrace Gradle: the next generation of automation tools

Past Java world people talk about building, automation, Ant, Maven must be an essential vocabulary. Today, the name Gradle has attracted more attention, today we have come to know the next generation of automated tools.

A preliminary study on the application and development of (3) Motion Leap

(4) guess the hat game with Hamming code

Hamming code is a linear is widely used in telecommunication field debugging code, named after the inventor Richard Hamming name. The authentication code is inserted in the information flow of the transmission, which can detect and correct the error. This article will through a view, about its principle.

(5) the next generation Linux file system Btrfs (under)


(1) review

(2) GEEK

Mac OS X (3) behind the story: they changed your digital reading experience the birth of Lucida (on)

(4)Hadoop's father Cutting Doug

(5) humor

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