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"Programmer" magazine in 2005 2: software clangour

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Abstract:The future of "programmer", February 2005 opened a special technology "RIA, followed, and change", invite riacn webmaster and we discuss what is a RIA and its development trend and RIA technology; in the "sonorous rose" column in the direct female programmer's inner world, revealing their work and emotional journey.

Character & Report

(1) Hall of fame

  • Geschke:Adobe Charles's shadow giant

We all know from Adobe company's propaganda Warnock John, and this article is about the same worth to know another co-founder.

(2) the world of things

(3) Digest cover & dynamic website

(4) CSDN wonderful review

(5) perception

  • The power and beauty of the code

Programmers use aesthetic point of view to look at the preparation of the code

(6) enterprise interview

  • HP fancy software education

Microsoft expert engineer of the five elements of success in Microsoft Greater China's global technology support center, revealing the development of expert level engineers.

(7) special planning

  • Software clangour

Watch female programmer's inner world, revealing their work and emotional journey, let us listen to their voices, concerned about the survival of their status. They will always belong to the software development of this fast changing, competitive industry in a beautiful scenery line.

(8) dialogue

  • Exclusive dialogue Firefox designer Ross Blake

One is Stanford University read sophomore student of 19 launched a challenge to Microsoft's IE Firefox browser development work, he is foreign media hot spots for the object of interest, this print exclusive interview with Blake, let us hear him live program unique feeling for it.

(9) software business

  • Passion for entrepreneurship is not a rush

A review of the entrepreneurial failure, two people come up with a brilliant commentary on the entrepreneurial process of gain and loss, so you get more experience.



(1) project management

  • How to build Bug management system

Out of the "workshop style" development, in addition to advanced Bug management system, but also need to have a good tool to support. This article will describe how to build their own Bug management system.

(2) software engineering

  • Ivar Jacobson: continue to cram RUP revisited

Two years ago, we interviewed Ivar, and he predicted the technology trends that can be performed by UML. To this day, his prediction has been achieved? Let's take a look at what he said about software and software development.

(3) theory of combat

  • With the need to change the RUP

The in the software process layer height, introduction to the theory of the process of development; then cited three cases, to demonstrate how to use these theories, help us in daily work and effectively to RUP implementation.

(4) tester

  • To the programmer to make up unit test this lesson

Does the programmer know how to carry out unit tests? Have they received training in unit testing knowledge? If not, we should make up the lesson for them.

(5) interactive design

  • Visual development of user interface (bottom)

In the previous article, we have identified the developers into the root of the software interface development of mire, interface code and the control logic code tightly coupled. As long as we break this coupling, we can get out of the trouble.

(6) non programmers

  • Error of UP improvement

This is the article in the series of "up in the implementation of some common problems over about process improvement should pay attention to the problems.


(1) technical topics

  • Thematic review: RIA inheritance and change
  • RIA Technology Overview

RIA this term since Macromedia company, has not had a clearer concept. This issue we especially invited RIACN website station to discuss with us, what is RIA, its development trend and the future of RIA technology.

  • RIA workshop

From experts in the field of technology to the concept of RIA and uncompromising, the editorial department the invited related programmers, vendors and users, online chat RIA concept. At the same time, the current mainstream RIA technology for in-depth study.

  • Cognitive RIA and Flex Macromedia

As the initiator of the term RIA, Macromedia company has been to spare no effort to promote the technology, but also to flex the push. Can it give us just a change in the user experience? Let's get to know the technical architecture of Flex through Macromedia's engineers.

  • Smoke and mirrors: who should learn Flex?

As a user, how should we look at the manufacturer's publicity and technology itself? Listen to the author himself for the evaluation of Flex.

  • Rich Client Platform Eclipse brief introduction

Eclipse is not only an integrated development environment, but also an outstanding Java client development platform. It provides a variety of controls and a powerful plug-in mechanism, so that the development of Java client is more simple. In the face of the RIA application, they are also easy.

  • Client Smart is ahead.

With tainted glasses see Microsoft technology, in my opinion is not a wise thing. Although Client Smart technology has been branded a clear Microsoft confirms, but please still concerned.

  • RIA's speculation

After a heated discussion of the editorial department of "programmer", we will share with readers the views of RIA.

(2) famous columns

  • Uncover the mystery of the news cycle

Once in the Win32 platform fighting programmers must remember, in order to clarify the concept of "news cycle", through how many sleepless nights. Although now in the process of writing the application code, we no longer need it, but a deep understanding of the Windows platform internal message transfer mechanism is still necessary......

  • The vehicle in front of the cover, view - open source project experience

Successful open source projects have a common success, and the failure of the open source project, however, each has its own failures. As a mature J2EE application framework, if you want to become a successful open source project, which should have the quality? Listen to the writer for you.

(3) the new thinking of programming

  • "Save" software is more stable - introduce a new software architecture

This paper presents a very enlightening in the running of a program structure, a complete monomer program partitioning for several running in the child process independent address space, and to a regulatory process scheduling, thus greatly improving the robustness of the whole program. Based on the successful practical experience, the principle of this paper is of universal applicability, which is of great reference value.

(4) database

  • Full text retrieval in Server2000 SQL

From the beginning of the design of a forum, we have to endlessly and frequent interaction. In the face of massive data, how to find what I need? Full text search provides a convenient way to easily make the required data easy. Want to know the full text retrieval behind Server2000 SQL? Please look at this article.

(5) front view

  • To investigate the XSLT and XML programming framework for a pure expansion

XML has become a highly anticipated standard from the beginning, and the development of XML oriented has become the focus of attention of programmers. XSLT as one of the main language of the development of XML applications, through its own expansion, in order to make up for some of its own shortcomings. Through it, the author of this paper and we also discussed a pure XML lightweight framework.

  • From the configuration file

Configuration files are always missing when developing and deploying applications. Especially in the application of the system flexibility is very high requirements, the requirements of the configuration file is also more complex. This article will start with the configuration file, and also the dynamic language Groovy combined into practice, for your application to extend the life cycle.

(6) system development

  • Discussion on how to implement concurrency without locking mechanism"

Moore's law in the application of the rapid development of today is no longer applicable, 3G problems are gradually becoming a bottleneck in the development of hardware technology. And the application of software technology development demand is ignoring hardware difficulties, concurrent become the theoretical approach to software to solve their own problems. However, in the face of the complex lock mechanism, how do we deal with?

(7) safety

  • Role based access control (RBAC)

Security has been in existence since the computer came out. From the familiar Public keyword, we often can see the access control is the most direct solution to the problem. However, based on the role of access control, but through a different point of view, to provide solutions for security issues.

Product & Application

(1) product & Application

  • JSP standard design pattern

(2) Tool Reviews

Use Want to build your Delphi project WAnt is the Delphi version of Ant, this article explains how to use WAnt to build the Delphi project on a daily basis.

(3) the new book

The Eclipse family Contributing to Eclipse law excerpts from high perspicacity.

(4) review

  • C++ programming you also

ACCU chairman Glassborow C++ tailored for beginners Francis entry classic.

  • New book

(5) technical commentary

  • Technical standard for business and political murder

JDO2.0 JCP failed to pass a vote, except that JCP is not a rubber stamp, but also prove what?

(6) Maglog

  • Technology, trade, industry, technology -- the development path of software enterprise
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