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"Programmer" in 2005 6 monthly magazine: Chinese software geography

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Abstract:In the global software industry 50 years of history of the software industry in China has 20 years of history, and independent software statistics of only 7 years, the software industry as a whole is still in a much-needed improvement in the process. In the process of development of Chinese software industry appeared some typical Chinese characteristics, software and is one of the significant phenomenon.


(OneHall of fame

  • Father of Brandenburg:MP3 Karlheinz

Millions of people use MP3 earn pockets bulging, countless people of MP3 hate teeth itch, but inventor of MP3 technology, the experts in a German research institutions is peace of mind and look at all this.

  • Program world

  • Cover Digest & dynamic website
  • Wonderful review site

(TwoSpecial planning

  • Chinese buried software

In the 50 year history of the global software industry, the software industry in China has 20 years of history, and independent software statistics of only 7 years, the software industry as a whole is still in a much-needed improvement, at present, we find that, in the course of development of China's software industry appeared some typical Chinese characteristics. Geography is one of a significant phenomenon.


  • After joining Microsoft Asia Academy of Engineering

Microsoft Asia Academy of engineering was established, the recruitment has become the focus of attention. Now, let's go and look at the new employees who enter the Microsoft Asian Engineering Institute.

  • HP software research and development center of the great leap forward
One established only three years of software technology center staff has nearly a thousand people, but also in a short period of 24 months passed the CMM5 certification. The trend of global software outsourcing has prompted the development of HP's global software service center (China) beyond the imagination.

(4) report

  • Primeton: silver bullet of revolution

Brooks said: there is no silver bullet. Huang Liuqing said: can not have no silver bullet.

  • ECO guide.NET development towards model driven Era

This print interviewed Borland chief engineer JohnKaster, and to ECO (CenterpriseCoreObuects, enterprise core object) technology made brilliant exposition.

(5) industry

  • Mobile ISV Survey Report
  • Apple X MacOS, a successful example of technology reconstruction

(6) sound & Humor

Tube theory

(1) CTO on the road


Small software companies are startups, how to gather their own R & D team to play the biggest energy, determine the company can continue to survive. And R & D management is an important part of this.

(2) management topics

  • Software, quality, management: Frontier Theory and best practice
  • QA, is it true that it has added value to the business? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CSDN channel management invited to many in the field of quality management executives and senior experts, quality management and business objectives, quality system and organization structure, quality management and quality culture, QA responsibilities, quality and process improvement, quality and tools of many topics were discussed.

  • The establishment of QA organization: a dynamic perspective

Only after the organizational structure, job responsibilities, staff members are set up and integrated in order to give full play to the value of QA, to ensure continuous improvement through the process to drive the continuous improvement of product quality.

  • A typical quality system structure

For product managers, QA is an assistant, through they can see the product development more objective situation; for project managers and project team members, QA is a teacher, help the project team to do a better job of project.

  • QA brings to the enterprise value added -- Topsec QA experience

Lack of QA such a guidance and oversight mechanisms, making a plan for a product delivery time is difficult to accurately predict, is often delayed; project management and productivity data have not been effective record and accumulation; personal experience and skills are not effective promotion and transformation for the wealth of the enterprise; the experience of the success of the project can not be reuse.

  • My QA career path

Software industry is toward the scale of the direction of development, large-scale software development need to rely on the same standards, norms. Who will ensure that standards and norms are uniformly implemented? QA staff.

  • The cornerstone of software enterprise quality assurance -- QA, QC's benign cooperation

SQA and SQC although the main work is to ensure the quality of the software, but the focus is not the same. SQA through the control process to ensure the quality of software products, and SQC is through the control of each stage of the "results" to ensure the quality of software products.

(3) the development of the story

  • From the ashes of Firebird

InterBase familiar in the early years, now already out of sight, is what reason let this Phoenix again fame, and again disappeared, have a look behind the story.

(4) software engineering

  • Requirements engineer

Regardless of the programmer or project manager, any one of the software team would like to get more accurate customer requirements. However, what kind of quality needs to be a qualified engineer? Look at this!

  • System engineering sandwich

Business model between the establishment and the needs of the total inextricably linked, this special invitation from Telelogic experts to tell you about the system modeling for the benefits brought about by the system.


(OneTechnical topics

  • Analysis of the development of online games to break the technical closure

This period special techniques, all by domestic top online game development team leader or key personnel armour battle, to first-line development experience as the background, a comprehensive exposition of network game development planning, development process, server architecture, technology, quality management, the successful experience and failure lessons. If you are a network game practitioners, can not miss this period. If you are not a network game practitioners, but also allows you to fully understand the process of online game development, to share their successful experience.

  • The first myth is how to plan?
  • Tianjiao 2 how to develop?
  • Analysis of the framework of the Online server in the sword
  • Network game synchronization strategy
  • An example of a server supporting RunGate
  • Who reduced the quality of the game development? For finding fault game development quality!
  • Experience of successful development and failure
  • and protection of network game
  • Experience and experience in game development and training

(TwoFamous column

  • CLI array and enumeration

In this paper, we discuss the two types of hosting types, including the declaration, the use method and the type of CLI, in which the former is a reference type, the latter is a value type. Two types in the common type system (CTS), there is a corresponding basis type (type underlying), respectively, System.Array and System.Enum. What improvements have been made to the array and enumeration in the managed environment compared to the type in the local? The author will give you one by one.

  • Generic base class and factory for ADO.NET 2

Learn JDBC to learn ADO. Net 1. X will feel that there is a place very strange. That is why the design of JDBC is interface-based, and ADO. Net 1. X, but instead let you direct the use of provider-specific implementation class. The author will analyze the reasons for your design.

(3) system development

  • A complete design of a model framework

In the face of increasingly complex enterprise applications, to establish perfect and to extend the framework can effectively accelerate the system development, reduce the cost of the dinner, and in this framework in automatic resource recycling management status of the garbage collector is has been proved can effectively reduce coding errors in the process of critical infrastructure. In this paper, the author begins with a specific example to introduce all aspects of the garbage collector design.

  • Implementation of cross language development under the.NET platform

The arrival of.NET allows cross language to develop the dream into reality. Whether you use C#, VB.NET, Delphi.NET or J#, the program code will eventually be transformed into interlingua, and then in the virtual machine execution. In this paper, the author will start from a practical project, give some experience and suggestions of cross language development.

(4) front view

  • Eclipse plug-in architecture

Due to the great success of Eclipse, it has become a model of the plug-in architecture, and widely known. Eclipse led to the popularization of the concept of plug-in, with the continuous expansion of the plug-in function, the application of the plug-in is also more and more widely, the development of the plug is also gradually prosperous up. This article will take Eclipse as a case to introduce the Eclipse plug-in architecture.


(OneTools comments

  • Lazy toys -- code generation tool

One of the advantages of programmers are lazy, and some special services for the lazy. They are making all sorts of help programmers to decrease the number of working tools, CodeSmith is the most typical of a lazy toys.

(TwoThe Four Books and the Five Classics)

  • ASP.NET book recommendation

ASP. Net is a set of software architecture represents, when you face those irrelevant links between the details and the whole, perhaps a few good books can bring you inspiration sparks.

(ThreeBook review)

  • Grasp the change of demand

Unit testing such a practical work, in fact, it is difficult to find the answer from the book, but when you do not begin to face the work of the time, this book will give you some inspiration.

  • development technology books monthly observation
  • New book


  • Query: from the perspective of component oriented software reuse
(5) Huang Liuqing column

  • Analysis of component oriented application architecture

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