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"Programmer" in 2001 9 monthly: technical genius Anders

Published in17:00 2001-09-01| Time reading| source"Programmer"| ZeroArticle comments| authorProgrammers magazine

Abstract:Always believe that "programmers are the best career choice" of the technical genius Anders for software development has made tremendous contributions to the Dr.Dobb's program design excellence award. Bill Gate Microsoft developed one magic weapon "digging" tricks will he dug into Microsoft, and spoke highly of him.

Program world

(1) news comments

  • Form a fist advantage, the ten major software park
  • Java into focus, Sun and Microsoft heavy war
  • The hardware software step footsteps, the Great Recession?
  • The promise of new concept of sleep without any anxiety, VERITAS memory
  • Mail market hot, net free outstanding

(2) voices and views

(3) Digest

  • "CUJ"
  • "WDJ"
  • "DDJ"

Character & Report

(1) special planning

  • Blue boiling point - Pyramid under the blue collar software

(2) to overseas

  • European software, Ireland

(3) report

  • China CMM Market Research Report

(4) Hall of fame

  • Technical genius Anders


(1) software business

  • Sharing software of the ten major killer
  • Skills and techniques of user interface design

(2) CTO on the road

  • The tool of software project management -- function point analysis
  • From programmer to project team

(3) case analysis

  • Thinking of the past -- a deep analysis of a failed project

(4) Software Engineering Forum

  • The software company "new way" -- enterprise modeling


(1) technical topics: Database

  • Database trends
  • Automatic writing stored procedure -- the stored procedure of generating standard of distributed management object using Server SQL
  • Use views to meet the needs of users
  • Implementation of TopN query in Oracle
  • Using batch processing to achieve faster throughput efficiency -- while performing multiple tasks to obtain faster Server SQL processing speed
  • On the realization of automatic increment function of ID Oracle

(2) computer English

  • CRM profile

(3) solution

  • J2EE Apusic application server as the securities industry
  • Internet application solutions

(4) MSDN column

  • Create and control Services Windows
  • The direction of C# -- an interview with Hejlsberg Anders

(5) famous columns

  • Implementation of operator->* for smart pointers

(6) Livy column

  • .NET core advantage technology - Service Web

(7) Cai Xueyong column

  • Java development tools
  • Using Java to write mobile applications iDEN --Motorala article

(8) technical lecture

  • Simplified Exception-Safe code

(9) programming.

  • Seventh years to calculate the perimeter --2001 programming problem.

(10) online resources

  • Online programming resources - Java articles

(11) specialist clinic

  • VC specialist clinic
  • VB specialist clinic
  • Delphi specialist clinic
  • Builder C++ specialist clinic

Service & Advertising

(1) review

  • How to deeply explore the C++ object model

(2) a good book recommendation

  • "COM essence" wonderful.

(3) news activities

  • Developer's party

(4) recruitment through train

(5) letters to the editor

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