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"Programmer" in 2003 9 monthly: encryption and decryption

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Abstract:Encryption and decryption is the problem that the programmer must face, how to protect their own labor results? In addition to sound laws, a certain means of encryption is necessary. But there is a spear on the shield, decryption technology is also in rapid development. The enemy can ever victorious, programmers need to fully understand the knowledge of encryption and decryption technology.

Hall of fame

  • Open source leader & top hacker Raymond Eric

Cover Digest


  • Armed digital programmer

All kinds of digital products to people's life and work has brought endless fun, for programmers this group, digital products with them how many associations?

Character & Report

(1) the world of things

  • Monthly report

(2) special planning

  • Japan software export dream

Japan's economic recession has brought about the growth of software outsourcing, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for China's software companies. How to face the huge development potential of the software export and various uncertainties, how to use this opportunity to a higher level of development, the craze for programmers to have any effect? A full range of analysis will give you the answer.

(3) dialogue

  • Middleware technology trends

Middleware technology has developed for a long time, and now to enter the field of more development. How to look at the development trend of middleware technology, we have invited the international enterprise IBM and BEA technology to promote the development of people and the domestic middleware vendors to discuss the technical director of the east.

(4) character interview

  • Software thinker Weinberg Gerald interview

Weinberg Gerald to their own evaluation is thinker". Indeed, compared with the practical handbook of technical books of every hue Mr. Weinberg an immense number of books, books ( "Program development psychology", "the introduction of systematic thinking", "your light on it? ...) All the shining light of wisdom, and therefore seem right.

In Mr. Weinberg's book version is about to come out, the author had the honor to interview Mr. Weinberg, and the software industry's most famous "thinker" has a close communication......

(5) report

  • Smartphone development

Microsoft is also a new field, the programmer is a new battlefield.

Java camp and Microsoft's battle has developed into the mobile phone platform, Microsoft as the industry's first development tool provider, began to provide a very good development environment for Smartphone software developers. This paper briefly introduces the basic knowledge of Smartphone software development.


(1) technical topics: encryption and decryption

  • Lead

Encryption and decryption is a problem that many programmers have to face, how to protect their own labor results? In addition to sound laws, a certain means of encryption is necessary. But there is a spear on the shield, decryption technology is also in rapid development. The enemy can ever victorious, programmers need to fully understand the various encryption decryption technology knowledge.

  • Software decryption technology
  • reverse engineering
  • How to guard against dynamic debugging
  • How to prevent the inverse algorithm
  • How to guard against violence
  • Some advice on software protection

(2) computer English

  • Dedicated to all the people who love programming and games - Miss graphics magician McNally Seumas

(3) the hacker & peak

  • Emacs GNU architecture review

GNU Emacs is a free software association's flagship product, is also the father of free software Richard Dr. Stallman's favourite work. Since the advent of more than ten years ago, under the efforts of people, will be GNU Emacs is built into a spectacular software system. The peak, is not only the main pusher and leader of Chinese free software business, or a real hacker. The interview begins with a technical discussion, which involves a lot of content. Whether it is from the technical or from the ideological, this conversation can give our readers a more profound thinking.

(4) famous columns

  • Using Builder Unmanaged and design patterns in the.NET management C# program code

When using.NET in DLL/COM+, you need to solve the problem of resource release, how to complete the release of resources in a safe and reliable way to see Li Weijiao how we do. JavaServer Faces basic architecture and basic programming

(5) Java

  • Dormant database (upper) Hibernate initial contact

Enterprise application development will generally use the database system, and the development of the database will use the SQL language. Maintaining a large number of SQL statements is a quite troublesome thing. Using Hibernate this excellent O/R mapping framework, will enable you to remove a lot of trouble.

(6) source analysis

  • Boost source analysis: generic function pointer class boost:: function of the cause and effect of life and death

(7) application of actual combat

  • Hook keyboard hook application - the keyboard Manager

(8) programming.

  • Warehouse -- 2003 07 solution

(9) specialist clinic


(1) the development of the story

  • PowerBuilder legend

As an excellent development tool, developers are more concerned about the characteristics of the tool itself, and the past, present and future of PowerBuilder, these legendary stories are not known. This paper, respectively, to the two CEO contribution to the development of PowerBuilder, as well as the development of the PowerBuilder product line two main line, vividly describes the development process of PowerBuilder.

(2) software engineering

  • The best practice of product architecture design based on J2EE

J2EE technology has become the most important platform for enterprise application system development, but J2EE itself provides more technology. So, how to choose the right technology to design the project or product structure? The author combined with the actual case, this is a wonderful technical analysis.

(3) software development and management of new horizons

  • Project management

Project management should start, project and project management node are head and tail, its importance is self-evident. However, such an important management work has been ignored by the traditional software engineering personnel. To avoid project failure, the first task is to do a good job in the project management, see Dr. Lin Rui's brilliant exposition.

(4) project management

  • Software product implementation experience

In this paper, the author combined with its rich experience in the implementation of software products, a profound analysis of the concept of the implementation of software products, the implementation of qualified personnel, the problems encountered in the implementation and countermeasures, the successful implementation of the ten principles.

(5) II Ling Bo.

  • Wonderful two fork tree

Service & Advertising

(1) Tool Reviews

  • Selection and use of testing tools

As the test is gradually being valued by the domestic software companies, how to choose and use the appropriate testing tools becomes a very important issue. This paper gives a detailed introduction to the dialogue box testing tools, black box testing tools and testing management tools, which can provide effective and practical guidance for readers.

(2) review

  • Carved jade Tiancheng -- Comment on "encryption and decryption" (Second Edition)
  • The Agile Software Development.

(3) the book.

  • - "Practical Java" Chinese abnormal version of Java language processing wonderful readings

(4) a good book recommendation

  • Programmers book list:.Net topics

The software development of the books is how to choose a good book is a superb collection of beautiful things, is not easy for the reader. Therefore, from the beginning of the period, the magazine will be selected for each issue a special and invited over industry experts, seek expert advice, for readers to provide selection guide. The first phase of the theme from the hottest.NET start bar!

(5) letters to the editor

(6) index & questionnaire

(7) training & Certification

(8) watch manufacturers

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