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"Programmer" in 2013 12 monthly: review and Prospect

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Abstract:Hustle and bustle lively 2013 to the end of the year, harvest in practice experience in precipitation here, new technologies and business opportunities here brewing. This year, you have what harvest and sentiment? What are the expectations for next year? The cover story, inviting famous industry in various fields, and we review together 2013, outlook 2014.
Unconsciously, hustle and bustle lively 2013 to the end of the year, harvest in practice experience in precipitation here, new technologies and business opportunities here brewing. This year, you have what harvest and sentiment? What are the expectations for next year? The cover story, inviting famous industry in various fields, and all together, a comprehensive review of 2013, outlook 2014.

(1) in 2013, Cloud Computing: let entrepreneurship more focused

(five) 2 experience of the big data technology in 2013

(3) the development and thinking of the front end technology in 2013

(4) mobile Web technology development in 2013.

(5) the current situation and direction of mobile Internet platform in 2013

(6)2013 mobile game industry eight trends

(7) 2013, the rise and development of a guest

(8)On the technical management team talk rubbish

(9) in 2014, the traditional way of enterprise software where?

(10) four: anti virus technology development

(11) the history of computer malicious code and the development of IT industry


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) news

(4) new tools for new products

(5) the world of things

(6)Universal mobile, reshaping the world -- MDCC2013 mobile developers conference sidelights

(7) Summit OpenStack for the first time out of the United States - 2013 Summit OpenStack Hongkong conference participants feel

Ruby (8): bright ruby -- restrained behind China 2013 RubyConf

(8)C++ language and the development of the software industry -- an interview with the author of "Primer C++" by B.Lippman Stanley


(1) the basic propositions and general principles of management

Proper management ideas and methods will greatly improve the productivity of enterprises. Thus, on the mission of the organization, the relationship between the individual and the organization, the organization's development direction of how to establish and other topics of discussion, has been highly favored by all levels of enterprise managers.

(2) data architecture in the top design

"Top design" is the two years appear new words in IT industry, different from other emerging technical terms, it is from the field of Engineering rise directly to the social life in high - rise building in IT industry, causing the enthusiastic attention of many IT practitioners. This paper not only explains the top-level design concept, more detailed analysis of the focus of the top-level design and in which is the basic idea of data structure.

(3)Remote work, are you ready?

Recall the beginning of the year, Yahoo! Announced the cancellation of the remote operating mode, a public outcry, remote work is suitable for Internet team for a time in the circle of it arouses heated discussion, but obviously people of remote work is full of longing.


(1) Web application software interaction: Tradition and innovation

Traditional client software, especially the Windows era of enterprise software, page style and human-computer interaction is almost all called Windows and development tools of the standard components. With the development of Web2.0 and AJAX, enterprise application has gradually formed a set of widely accepted UI and interactive mode. This article will be worth to draw lessons from examples and analysis, for "small and beautiful" software to provide design guidelines.

(2) can not do


(1) the current media marketing strategy of hand travel industry

(2) hardware business, do not forget the beginning of the heart

(3)UDK allows small teams to challenge iOS

UDK is a free version of the unreal engine. Compared to the unreal engine, the UDK in addition to cannot modify the underlying C + + code, and other features are preserved, and also with the world's most advanced game development technology keep synchronous update. This paper will combine a sci-fi shooter games "die", talk about how to use UDK to create stunning IOS.

(3) Hello, face recognition!

Face recognition technology is one of the most popular research problems in the field of computer vision. It has a very broad application prospects in the field of security, access control and monitoring. After more than half a century of development, face recognition technology has formed a relatively mature technology framework line, is also facing some challenges, in the future, with the rise of the smart glasses, intelligent home, networking, I believe more and more to the "eye" of a pair of machine.

cloud computing

(1) directed advertising algorithm is small and beautiful innovation

Application of (2) TokuDB in the production environment of Netease

TokuDB is a high performance, support transaction processing MySQL storage engine, in function and InnoDB have a lot of similarities. Test report from the official point of view, it is higher than the performance of InnoDB two orders of magnitude. This article will explain in detail the application of TokuDB in the production environment of Netease, and give its function characteristics and the practical problems that can be solved.

(3)NameNode ladder and the road across the room

(4) about monitoring, I think of


(1)Gray code and its application

There are four switch and a button on the console and each switch can be to pull on and off in a, button in bold writing open. Only when the four switch on / off state in a right combination only. Press the button to open the chamber of Secrets of the door. What you need to do is clear: We flipped the switch, try a variety of combinations of on / off, and then press the button, until the door opened so far. What are you going to do in order to escape the chamber of secrets at the fastest speed?

(2) you should choose Rails 4?

Almost every year the RailsConf conference will announce something, RailsConf 2013 is nothing more than the news is that Rails 4 into the Candidate Release 1. A few months later, 4.0.1 Rails was released in November 1st, and you started using Rails 4 to do the project?

(3) see the Google toolbar away war IE

Memory control in (4) Node.js

The use of memory in Node.js is usually limited by JavaScript. This will cause the Node.js can not directly manipulate large memory objects, for example, even if there is a physical memory 32GB, can not be a 2GB file into memory for string analysis. Thus, in the case of a single Node.js process, the computer's memory resources can not be fully utilized.


(1) review

(2) GEEK

(3) cartoon

Enterprise column

(1) Tencent cloud Club six tour ended power developers break App line

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