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"Programmer" in 2014 3 monthly: programming language

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Abstract:The cover story of the rust, Julia, red and other most popular new programming language inventor will not only about their observations in the field of system programming, scientific computing, the essence of old ideas into new ideas of course, will also share their program design of deep thinking.

The language philosopher Wittgenstein once said: "the boundary of language is the boundary between me and the world". When you learn a new programming language, it is possible to experience the software world from this language. The cover story of the rust, Julia, red and other most popular new programming language inventor will not only about their observations in the field of system programming, scientific computing, the essence of old ideas into new ideas of course, will also share their program design of deep thinking. Supplemented by simple language tutorial, let you can in the shortest possible time to enjoy these programming languages, the elaborate design, and have the ability to start new exploration.

(1) the new system language Rust - Rust project technical person in charge Anderson Brian interview

(2)Rust language: Secure concurrency

(3)Let high performance scientific computing for everyone to use - the scientific computing language Julia invention team interview

(4) Julia language

(5) the power of the whole stack language: an interview with Red language designer Rakocevic Nenad

(6) Red language: the programming complexity to fight back

(7) Go language skills

(8) V8 engine optimization technology behind Node.js

(9) to a small minority of learning

(10) the macro programming of Lisp Common

(11) on the interlingua and virtual machine

(12) future tools and future language: an interview with CEO JetBrains


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) news

(4) women's Day: IT have you more exciting

(6)China software developer salary survey report 2013


(1)Manage the technical people: balance and concentration

(2)Experience in the development of the ecological environment of the front end

Front team is usually the core of specific products for the organization and work, how to develop the work objectives and work on the basis of the target is particularly important. Pea pods front-end team try to through the establishment of a complete front-end development environment to support the operation of the various product lines, allows the engineer to focus on specific products, with products as the center to develop work plans.

(3) agility and SEMAT: the perfect partner


(1) Internet thinking of lying gun

(2) the efficiency of restaurant Savior, the story behind iCHEF

YC founder Paul Graham said that "the most often make entrepreneurs mistake is to solve those problems with no reality whatever". Attention to the real store rigid demand is iCHEF in less than three months on the realization of the profit the secret, also confirmed the sentence words, never underestimate the influence of good products.


(1) the host game "ban" under the uncertain future market

Console game of the lifting of the ban, so many people feel happy to come too suddenly, but in fact, this is a carnival all people are not prepared. We have to ask: "ban" this spring, blowing the game market for a long time can diffuse haze?

(2)What should we learn from Vine

No complex editing effects, there is no popular user list, no star recommendation, this simple to the incredible application of Vine, once launched will lead the short video sharing boom. Behind the success of Vine, which is worth other short video developers to learn about it?

(3) the critical point in the design of mobile applications: the application of foreign countries in the early 2014.

Users in the use of this product, psychology are very delicate, a little bit more obstacles, for users means giving up, and reduce a bit of trouble, even if it's just mind less to turn a corner, perhaps users will continue to down, this state is the user experience in the "critical point." This article will take a year to the world's attention as an example of the application, to talk about how to cross this critical point".

(4) Intel Edison big secret

Edison is a platform for the development of Intel only SD card size. It not only has the ultra low power computing power, but also can connect with other devices. This lasted 4 years of research and development of a small SD card, the story behind it and the application of the scene attracted our attention.

cloud computing

(1)Build high availability and flexible KV storage system

As an important part of KV, NoSQL storage system has been more and more attention of the majority of developers. But the common kV storage system itself does not have automatic disaster recovery and online capacity expansion, which to the system operation caused a lot of trouble. To this end, this paper presents a method of constructing a KV storage system with high availability and automatic elasticity.

(2) the application practice of Streaming Spark in Ali

Streaming Spark is a real-time computing framework based on Spark, which provides the API and the memory based high speed execution engine, and the user can combine the streaming, batch and interactive query applications. This paper will introduce the principle and characteristics of Streaming Spark real time computing framework, the application scenarios and the application practice in Ali production environment.

(3)Tencent CKV massive distributed storage system -- the technical challenges behind the daily visits over a trillion times

Tencent CKV (KeyValue Cloud), Tencent independent research and development of high performance, low latency, persistent, distributed KV (key-value) storage services. Tencent micro channel platform, open platform, Tencent cloud, Tencent games and electronic business platform widely used, more than a trillion daily visits. This paper will comprehensively analyze the implementation of CKV and technical challenges.

(4) Baidu real time computing application practice

Real time calculation and its application in practice is a hot spot in the field of big data. This paper will mainly share the application of Baidu's two sets of real-time computing platform Dstream and Gemini in the actual production environment.


(1) January 2014 technical radar: technology and platforms

Trend of the radar technology to focus on include: production of early warning and recovery, privacy and data, JavaScript chariot to press forward with indomitable will, and the physical and digital with.

(2): SOSP classic louse Yetan platitude

The topic of this paper borrows from Mr. Zhu Ziqing's classic platitude ", this booklet attempts to 13 text briefly introduce the ancient Chinese classic. Similarly, system research span a very wide. This part also only superficial type introduced in addition to distributed technology outside some of the direction of the traditional research work, including compiling, virtualization, new hardware, security, user experience and.


(1) review

(2) GEEK

(3) cartoon

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