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"Programmer" magazine in 2014 4: we are Maker

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Abstract:The cover story to create customer "as the theme, to create customer is who", "a guest" culture, "a guest history", "hit off the technology", "a passenger business and other topics in-depth discussions, inviting domestic and international top a passenger and hardware developers, Quweicunzhen, reducing a passenger essence.

Who is the creative customer? A passenger is insisted that led to their own interests, to rely on their own hands and wisdom to realize the idea of people, they do not divide the national boundary, often to make something shocking "cool" as the goal, so it is called them "the physical world of hackers. Truly a passenger often on the world keep the pure exploration desire, and 3D printing, open source development board, all the raised platform, Hackerspace, let the group have the opportunity to lead the "third industrial revolution".

(1)Understanding record

(2)We are experiencing a real revolution -- 3D Robotics CEO, the U.S. "connection" magazine editor in chief Chris Anderson before the interview

(3)Want to change the world, change yourself -- an interview with Mitch Altman Hacker, the famous inventor

(4)Gen Ketianxia - "Make" and Maker Faire, founder of O'Reilly Media founder Dale Dougherty interview

(5) no doubt, everyone is off the record - 16 year old American record passenger Joey Hudy interview

(6) development board, open source and innovation

(7) the road to a record of fun

(8) the self cultivation of high school students

(9) the five years of entrepreneurial robotics -- an interview with RoboPeak founder Chen Shikai

(10)Embrace the creating thought, reconstruction of aircraft -- Parrot Asia Pacific CEO Elise Tchen interview

(11) the process of sugar nurse blood glucose meter


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) news

(4) the world of things


(1)Give people the technology management course: incentive and authorization

(2)Exploratory testing without decryption exploration, not testing!

(3)Department of technology management become powerful and intransigent.

(4)The Internet thinking can't talk -- Interview with CTO Tang Zhengrong tuniu

"The day" the Internet thinking "was so rotten street, said to the transformation of enterprises." Road ox net CTO Tang Zhengrong believes that living in the Internet age, the opportunities and challenges of online travel industry is reflected in the user, who can understand the "after 80", "90", who can seize the opportunity.

(5)Small technical team management tools

Operation and management team, how to realize the tracking of the content of the work, to achieve a reasonable good cooperation process is essential. For a small team, how to choose suitable for their own support team management tools? Redmine, worktile, trello, JIRA,, there are many similar team management tools, can achieve team transaction tracking, collaboration and efficient and fast processing to carry out a mission to discuss the basic functions. The discussion around the team management tool, talk about what you have used management tools.


(1)Do not fly the user experience"

(2) brush task: swinging in the boring and micro rewards

Again fresh different elements of the game are not uncontrolled repeated mining claim. However, the developers are constantly looking for the low cost production. In a relatively long period of experience, the game if you can't provide enough differences to support content, only to established the original content do reused for a plurality of times, this avoidance of further exploration of the lack of new resources.

(3) EverMemo: good design comes from thinking to break the routine

cloud computing

(1)The dark side of the cloud storage security metadata: (a)

(2) Summingbird:Twitter real-time message processing platform

Summingbird Sam Ritchie is one of the developers of C language creator Dennis Ritchie's nephew, former canoeist. 2011 years after the death of Dennis, Sam claiming from Dennis soul possessed, inherited the glorious tradition of Dennis, programming skills become increasingly sophisticated. It is from then on, Sam started to develop Summingbird. Now Summingbird has become real-time twitter message processing base, need every day from more than 200 million users of 500 million tweet streaming data.

(3) distributed systems support daily trillion news

In recent years, data such as the potential of the blowout in increase, every day there are more daily data need to enter the storage and computing platform, which makes large data system also need to provide more reliable and more real-time, more development, more high throughput data access capability, so the news transmission system increasingly attention. In this paper, the author deeply explain a large Internet company's platform data real-time message transmission system composition and architecture evolution.

(4) Tencent CKV distributed mass storage operation practice

Ckv (cloud keyValue) is independently developed by Tencent distributed storage system, service in the QQ space, net friend, photo albums, music and other core business, day visits a quantity to be more than trillion times. Operation practice of this article will be from four aspects of the deployment architecture, quality, efficiency and cost to about CKV.


January 2014: (1) radar technology tools, languages and frameworks

(2)Virtual reality eye -- Oculus and HMD key technology

(3)Robot and key technology analysis

Into the automobile production enterprises, all kinds of welding robot, robot assembly production line composed of accurate and efficient operation. In the supermarkets, can also see a superb collection of beautiful things of cleaning robots, robot toy etc.. The robot has come from science fiction and movie screen, into the lives of ordinary people.

(4) who prevented the system from falling asleep?

In the mobile computing era, do not use the computer how important it is to let the power saving sleep. But the notebook computer recent got "insomnia". Issued after the sleep command, the system seems to be stuck in a link, unable to sleep, still adhere to the work, until the batteries are depleted.


(1) GEEK

(2) cartoon

Enterprise column

(1)What Cocos2d-x 3 brings

(2)IBM: Hello, Internet.

(3) the history, current situation and future of computational advertising

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