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"Programmer" in 2014 5 monthly: cloud computing, ideal and reality

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Abstract:This issue covers the depth of the financial, telecommunications, energy, radio and television, rail transportation and other industries cloud platform practice case. Where is the gap between the ideal and the reality of the cloud? Also please read together, together sentiment.

From the beginning of concern, to follow some people look like people watching worry, and then to the gradual landing in the past two years, steady progress, cloud computing has become a recognized development direction. What, then, there is a voice of the industry: Cloud Computing in the traditional industries have been successfully applied, in order to measure the real standard as a measure of cloud computing. So the traditional industry is how to treat and use the cloud computing it? Where is the application scenario? What practical problems have been solved? What is the specific application of practice?...... With this series of issues, this issue covers the depth of the financial, telecommunications, energy, radio and television, rail transportation and other industries cloud platform practice case. Where is the gap between the ideal and the reality of the cloud? Also please read together, together sentiment.

(1)I have experienced the "balance of treasure" of those stories

(2) the implementation experience of cloud computing in telecom industry -- Analysis of the core technology of cloud resource pool in Zhejiang Telecom

(3) radio and television industry to build a cloud based platform for practice - the fine solution of Beijing network radio and television cloud infrastructure support platform projects

(4) to explore the traditional software cloud - cloud platform cloud platform software to achieve the experience of sharing software

(5) Hong Kong and China gas core business cloud of the road

(6) Enterprise Cloud Computing in rail transport industry -- Construction of enterprise cloud platform of Guangzhou Metro


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) news

(4) the world of things

(5) from the open source, to the open source - OSTC2014 open source technology conference in mind

(6) from the Build2014 conference to see Microsoft's transformation of the road

(7) from wearable networking -- Intel information technology summit in 2014

(8) - 2014 China Xinghuoliaoyuan Spark Technology Summit highlights


(1)How to make the team work closely - Overflow Stack founder Atwood Jeff personal experience sharing

(2) how to participate in product design discussion?

About product design and development to achieve a variety of contradictions in the aspects of a lot of contradictions. In order to achieve a better demand, product managers how to convince the technical staff has been a lot of discussion, and how to participate in technical personnel to discuss the product design, but also worth pondering. This column is invited to 6 CTO club members, to share with you the thinking and experience in this regard.

(3) agile and SEMAT case practice


(1) the negative game experience for players to limit the negative

(2)IOS application security development: those things you don't know

IOS applications because of its direct operation on the phone, compared to the server running in the background, more likely to be attacked by hackers. The network security, local files and data security, the source code from the ANN the threeaspects, describes the challenges encountered by the IOS application in safety.

(3) stepped into the era of cross platform development

Cross platform development has a long history, but today, in particular, we have to pay attention to. Over the past year, the industry has emerged a large number of outstanding cross platform development tools, the use of these tools and features are not the same, so to the developer's tool selection has brought some trouble. In this paper, the specific analysis of the characteristics of the cross platform development tools, to provide practical reference tool selection.

(4) the user's shoes

(5) to answer, not the same as "brought" Doctrine -- "Da a" person in charge of Huang Yun interview

cloud computing

(1)The dark side of cloud storage: metadata support (next)

(2)How to efficiently use the service availability and data storage of EC2

As to provide flexible computing based services, services EC2 is very powerful and flexible and can be easily and other AWS services integration, but want to make good use of the EC2 service is not easy, the development team needs considering the multiple aspects of the service availability, performance, safety and cost. Over the past 4 years, the author's team has been using EC2 services, this paper is based on practical experience summed up some of the use of the proposed.

(3) large scale micro blog user interest pattern mining

(4) the safety problem of elastic calculation

Cloud computing services related to different and elastic computing services, file storage service, relational database services, the key / value database services abound. This article will briefly explain the security of flexible computing services, because elastic computing is the most widely used cloud services, but also the highest security risk of cloud services.


(1) Heartbleed vulnerabilities FAQ

Recently, the open source software OpenSSL released security bulletin, announced the existence of a serious loophole 1.0.1 OpenSSL version, the attacker can remotely read the 64KB data in the presence of the vulnerability version of the OpenSSL server memory. Opinions on the impact of this vulnerability, this article will try to make a comprehensive analysis and interpretation.

(2)Team Keen: this group of persistent people and those pure things

Some people have raised such a question: "what is the level of the national team of hackers?" The number one answer, as it is written, "is famous all over the security company, the nameless are in their own circle, and the anonymous are all in the national talent pool."." In this paper, the object of the interview is such a group of people who are silent and silent.

(3) the space between the wild, the authenticity of the pointer

In order to prevent the disaster caused by pointer, we have to give a bad pointer to the name: no point to point the pointer is called "null pointer", pointing to the wrong pointer is referred to as the "wild pointer" ". The question is, how to identify the authenticity of the pointer it? In this paper, we will discuss the way of the identification of the pointer with a true random crash failure.

(4) the impact of book reviews on the purchase order


(1) to pursue the next Thing Big - Robert LSI Ober, a fellow and chief architect of the interview

(2) 2013 Turing Award winner Leslie Lamport

(3) GEEK

(4) cartoon

Enterprise column

(1)Cocos2d-x into the campus, and youth peer

(2) computational advertising will become the foundation of digital business disciplines

(3) technology, to change more than just see - Netease mailbox technical director to the east of the interview

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