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"Cloud computing innovation and practice" Sharon: those "pit" of cloud computing"

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Abstract:May 21, Fangguang capital and CTO Club United held "cloud computing" innovation and practice salon, invited ucloud CEO Ji Xin Hua, Qingyun CEO Huang Yunsong, LinkedIn business analysis, director of Zhang Ximeng, common on cloud computing and data field at home and abroad development status and cloud computing in practice the "pit".

May 21, in the Sixth China Cloud Computing Conference was held on the occasion, Fangguang capital and CTO Club jointly held the "cloud computing" innovation and practice salon, invited to ucloud CEO Ji Xin Hua, Qingyun CEO Huang Yunsong, LinkedIn business analysis, director of Zhang Ximeng, together with you to explore cloud computing, data in the field of innovation and practice. CSDN, founder and Chairman Jiang Tao also arrived to communicate with guests together, the event by CSDN and "programmer" editor in chief Liu Jiang presided over the meeting.

Ji Xinhua: Cloud Computing in hand, the world I have?

CEO UCloud Ji XinhuaShare theme for"The latest development of cloud computing at home and abroad". Ji Xin Hua said, shortly before he had because the company recruit people the opportunity, go North America walk in a circle, were calculated for the sector as a whole has done in-depth understanding of, by visits of that period of time, he used a word to sum up their feelings, cloud computing is the because the application and beautiful ". Cloud computing itself does not create any, hidden behind is it can promote the application of rapid development, can produce high value, such as the Amazon platform has successfully hatched many successful enterprises, many of these enterprises are the future source of innovation.

CEO UCloud Ji Xinhua

The development of cloud computing in the United States is much faster than in China, but there are still a lot of space. "Last year the U.S. cloud computing market reached 8 billion U.S. dollars, this figure is not small, but the U.S. market is still in its infancy, the future of the market there is a lot of space." Ji Xinhua added.

In contrast to the current situation of domestic and foreign development of cloud computing and market conditions, Ji Xinhua summed up the development of the four channels of cloud computing and the development trend of the u.s..

Cloud computing to develop four channels-

  • Cloud computing is a channel for hardware;
  • Cloud computing will become a software channel, cloud computing vendors may become a software development enterprise;
  • Cloud computing will become a variety of software and services channels;
  • Cloud computing will be the channel of data, to become a centralized platform for large data.

Trends in the development of cloud computing in the United States

  1. Traditional enterprise market has just begun;
  2. Private cloud market is increasing;
  3. Software, services are increasingly relying on cloud computing;
  4. Hardware and software companies are yearn the cloud computing direction, the competition will be increasingly fierce, seems to be "the cloud is calculated in the hand, I have in the world".
  5. All of the U.S. cloud computing companies are going to China, but China's barriers are high, they are thinking of ways to cooperate with Chinese companies.

Qingyun CEO Huang Yunsong: avoid those "fall into the pit of cloud computing"

Second share guests areQingyun CEO Huang Yunsong, he brought the theme to share"Cloud computing". An opening he began to talk about their views on cloud computing that when found a new thing began to emerge when, do not easily with traditional things try to suppress it, should see it continues to roll forward, and through other technical, legal, and even social and moral constraints, and gradually become a complete system.

Qingyun CEO Huang Yunsong

"Why is it important to cloud computing? It's not just a concept, it's not just a concept, and it's not a business model that we've discussed before. Cloud computing really want to do is to improve the IT industry." Huang Yunsong said.

Cloud computing of those pits:

The legend of the 1 big companies.Huang Yunsong with his past in some big companies work experience, for example, pointed out many companies think they can make cloud computing, until the last really, and the boss's decision is "something good, we decided to burn it into hardware, packaged to sell out." Good things that come out into an excuse to sell more hardware. This is why some of the current IT company in the direction of cloud computing is still uncertain, still in the swing. Cloud computing should end was a unified world, we do not superstitious big company legend.

2 The Legend of the business model."To find the crux of the industry, Value why not make money? Model No! Don't be infatuated with the so-called business model, only by using technology to reduce costs." Huang Yunsong thinks so.

3 technical pits.Why do so many people willing to devote much time to their hard open source? Not for the money, it is impossible to benefit, "we as engineers, these purely driven by interest, and why companies are willing to invest in this, it is because it was a tool for business." Huang Yunsong, for example.

4.Team must not be large.Want to manage the team of 1000 people? It simply isn't possible, Huang Yunsong said when their management more than 80 people team, working 12 hours a day, every day processing mail number more than 200 letters, a lot of time are in meetings, emails, number of such team is already very busy, want to? Then the root canal does not come!

Five  Customer service.Huang Yunsong said Google is actually no service team, the so-called IT device in the end what is it? Real IT devices should not be seen. IT system is actually like the extension of the nervous system, the best service should be invisible.

Six  Squandering charming eyes".Huang Yunsong used this sentence to describe the current technical fields are endless variety of fancy concept. He thinks the new thing is likely to be able to operate normally, but dare to use in the enterprise service aspect? The so-called fancy words, it is good to see the, even if it is currently done through, still not on the production line, if there is a problem, that for enterprise customers to bring losses will greatly, their companies need to bear the risk is not small.

Huang Yunsong that must hold technical development goals, so as to avoid fall into many "pit", to 2017 should be a dividing line, the technical indicators of the gradually settle down industry have been shuffling almost, can be called the era of IT2.0.

LinkedIn business analysis department director Zhang Ximeng: precise information to create additional value

LinkedIn business analysis department director Zhang XimengIn LinkedIn has nearly 5 years of work experience, currently in charge of LinkedIn business analysis.

LinkedIn business analysis department director Zhang Ximeng

On the data analysis of the products. Zhang Ximeng introduced said LinkedIn now some consensus: first, development of the whole process is not over a week, everything, in addition to large software) a week must result; the second, when users, response time to less than two seconds, whether he wants to contact what kind of report or data record, response time much faster; third, easy and simple to use. Ever do a lot of analysis, we have a plot of it, mathematics plot, always a lot like the formula put up, is the standard deviation, radical evolution, but really do business people do not understand, did not one wants to see those things, so to do this business must be to fool can understand; fourth, to achieve economies of scale.

Zhang Ximeng share said, through the data itself, you can find a phenomenon is that the shortest path is often not the most optimal path, people's social relationship is to move forward".

"In the field of data analysis, and most people think is a matter of the data, the 'data', 'storage' this to emphasize the concept of 'big' endless. In fact, the real core data analysis is' analysis', is to predict the future by now, the child is father of the man. And the data analysis itself needs the person has the very strong forecast and the decision-making ability, the accurate information will create the additional value." Zhang Ximeng concluded.

After the end of the event is more than 10 in the evening, a lot of the participants in the meeting continues to do free exchanges, and share guests on the relevant topics to do further study.

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