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"Programmer" in 2014 6 monthly: mobile development tools

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Abstract:Mobile development tools like Thoreau in the hands of the axe handle, it can't bring people detached insight to the mobile world, but can give you a tranquil courage let you to the towering pine. The cover story of this issue is to come into the "mobile development tools" - animation framework, performance monitoring, real-time information communication, etc..

Mobile development tools like Thoreau in the hands of the handle ax, it can not bring people to move the world of the transcendentWu, but can give you a tranquil courage to let you touch the sky towards the piece of white pine. Cover reportWe're going to talk about the story of "mobile development tools" - animation framework, performance monitoring, real-time information communicationLetter, mAPM, iOS development, push. I don't want to use them to change the world, I just want to get back that lostThe dove.

(1)Times Interactive prototype artifact Origami file

(2)POP Facebook, the way to master the operation

(3) New on RelicWhat does APM Mobile bring to us?

(4) the real time network service technology from PubNub

(5) the iOS development tools that are easy to use

(6) UI iOS automated testing tool for these years

(7)Mobile application developers face the ten major security risks

(8) push: App in the hands of the kite line


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) news

(4) the world of things

(5) 2014 China Cloud Computing trend- the Sixth China Cloud Computing Conference observation


(1)Project management capabilities to enhance the four elements

Enterprises in the active response to the rapid development of its business activities, there are two management will play a keyFunction, one is the strategic management, and the other is the project management. Strategic management based on the enterprise's long-termAnd macro, consider the core competitiveness of enterprises, and the project management is to achieve enterprise strategyAnd to support the rapid and healthy development of the main means and an important guarantee for the enterprise.

(2) Competence: technology extensive to manage the change of fine type

Based on metabolic change the changeable economic environment and great competition pressure, domestic enterprises need from the extensive technological change to the management type fine and competence development of theory and practice is placed in the enterprise management face insurmountable divide.

(3) exploratory testing: make code more "cool""

(4) how the technical team to retain talent

Finally develop the technical backbone, team backbone, will inevitably be outside "at", were dug to leave the pain many bosses all have the understanding. This column is invited to 5 CTO club members to talk about the pain of "talent development" and their technical team in the use of people in these years.


(1)Hack micro channel, not the same as the security perspective

Security and privacy already is a commonplace topic, micro channel as a leader in the im tool take the information exchange of hundreds of millions of users. Therefore, the protection of micro channel content is particularly important. This article from the micro channel to increase the "close friend" function point of view, describes how to Hack micro channel, and to create a real security products in line with the needs of users.

(2)KIT ANTVT, do not do China's Oculus- KIT ANTVT, do not do China's Oculus

(3)To the developer's point of view of the game experience mentality

Developers back to their own development of the game experience, mostly based on the search for the fun of the game, but the game is repeated to confirm whether the smooth. Previously considered aspects of the game will be in the process of the game has been presented in the mind, a sense of responsibility to force developers to experience the edge, while the initial idea of comparison.

(4) I'm sorry

cloud computing

(1) the implementation of a real time search engine system based on Lucene

Ali's business has a rigid demand for search services, which will have a high demand for the stability and efficiency of the search engine system response capability. According to Ali's business characteristics, analysis of the challenges faced by the search engine system, and compared with industry real-time solution, is given to meet the needs of each business line real-time search engine system implementation details.

(2) the application of Presto in the United States Group

Facebook is Hive in a few years ago, designed for Hadoop a data warehouse tools. But as more and more data, the hive is difficult to meet the demand for interactive query, and than the hive faster tool and can not operate Facebook's massive data warehouse, so Facebook R & D the interactive query engine presto, and that its performance to 10 times better than the hive. This paper shares the application of this weapon in the U.S. mission.

(3) how to efficiently use the EC2 service security and cost control

(4) analytic SSD principle and application practice

With the reduction of the cost and the maturity of the technology, SSD has become the inevitable choice in some application scenarios. How to better choose SSD products and the corresponding application has become the topic of close attention. Based on years of practical experience, the author shares his views on these topics.

Application analysis of (5) B tree in database index

This paper introduces the classic application of data structure in the classic tree tree (b) structure in the index database, which involves several database this support slightly different, in order to completely describe the realization principle. The author believes that it is more beneficial to our decision to make clear the actual needs and to understand the principles of the alternatives as thoroughly as possible.


(1)PostScript language in Zhuji

(2) the decryption of the memory barrier

The memory barrier is a low-level primitive, with different implementation details under different computer architectures. This paper mainly in the x86-64 processor, through the Linux and its kernel code to analyze and use the memory barrier.

(3) challenge of personalized recommendation system for electricity suppliers

In recent years, personalized recommendation technology in the Internet some vertical field made many breakthrough development, especially domestic electric business from watching a few years ago, and now the larger business companies have begun to increase investment in research and development of products, but in general, from mature and distance. This article starting from the practice of 1 stores, elaborated on the electricity suppliers in the field of personalized recommendations in the presence of the challenge.

(4) a rare kernel state death cycle

It is generally believed that only people who have just learned to program can make such mistakes. But with the complexity of the software and hardware, professional players often self". This issue is to introduce such a real case.



Enterprise column

(1) Gao De, do not just map- Zhang Hailong, deputy general manager of the Department of high mobile products

(2) to see how Baidu gets a big data era "ticket"

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