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"Programmer" in 2014 7 monthly: to create a highly efficient team

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Abstract:Lack of team spirit and efficient collaboration team, at best, can only be regarded as a collection of mechanical, only work with concerted, targeted and efficient team, in order to give full scope to the talents, from each according to his ability. In this issue of the journal by CTO Club effort launched the "creating efficient team" cover story, to bring inspiration and harvest to the reader.

The ideal team is like a fast and efficient operation of the computer, not only to have the quality of the hardware as a baseThe foundation, but also with good software, so "flex" can bring high quality output. Lack of massTeam spirit and efficient coordination team is at best mechanical assembly, only pulling up and down,Standard efficient team clear, let team members according to the "million people let each person do his best, hold the bow, shootRecruit, recruit all in".

The cover of this issue is reported by the CTO effort to build a team of high hopesTo practice exploration and management of the story behind the wisdom to bring readers inspiration, inspiration and harvest.

(1) to create a highly efficient development team

(2) lean team and high efficiency

(3) station, great wisdom

(4) catalyst for the construction of self organizing teams"

(5) from the organization to the team

(6) knowledge management should focus on learning

(7) 5W rule: to create a highly efficient technical team essential weapon

(8) agile practice of moving team cross double iteration

(9) efficient software delivery on the cloud

(10)Collaborative tool kit for high efficiency technology team

(11) JIRA practice of high efficiency team collaboration


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) information

(4)China software developer survey 2014

(5) the world of things

WWDC 2014 special topics

(1)Developers feastIn 2014 - WWDC

(2)From Objective-C to Swift

(3)The fusion and unity: on OS X10.10 Yosemite

(4) iOS 8, meet more open apple

(5)WWDC 2014, apple "software" conference event


(1) the individual thinking publicity game industry environment hurricane

In some of the more successful projects, since that in the whole process has played an important role in the individual, its "halo" may play a counter productive role in the future of the project. So, what exactly should be given in return, in order to make them feel and their own efforts to match?

(2) product culture

(3) on the performance of Web Mobile in a changing angle

Compared to App Mobile, Web App Native has a higher flexibility, including low cost, short development cycle, fast iterative release speed, cross terminal capabilities and other advantages. Of course, the disadvantages are obvious, such as the most people criticized the performance bottleneck. Technology engineers often put a variety of quantitative indicators on the mouth, but ignored a very important group, that is, the user's subjective feelings of performance. So, for Web App Mobile, the key factors to determine the performance of what?

(4) motion capture: approaching virtual reality

For more than one hundred years, people have reasoned, studied, experimentally, explored, and tried every means to capture the movement of people. Today, people have been able to accurately restore the human action by optical capture way, but its high cost has been the general user. Is maneuvers inertial sensor system based on motion capture, it appears low threshold of motion capture system.

(5) design and selection of robot system from dynamic biped walking robot "summer solstice"

The realization of human biped walking, the human body on the stability of the control put forward higher requirements. In order to study the "joint flexibility" of bipedal walking a variety of properties of the effect, the author will to the kinematic model of the robot, "summer solstice" as an example, from the aspects of machines, circuit and program, PC and other, technical details of the selection of robot discussed.

cloud computing

(1) the development of enterprise computing market from the perspective of Micro Economics

Based on the historical market data of 2006-2013, this paper analyzes the relationship between supply and demand of enterprise computing resources market from the perspective of micro economics. Industry can design better pricing strategy based on the data provided in this paper, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding market and increasing revenue.

(2) Spark and MLlib: when the machine learning to meet the distributed system

May Matei then just want to smooth evaluation of mesos the "dragon sword" made a small dragon out, serendipitously, spark has begun to encroach on Hadoop territory, in batch and flow computing, machine learning, graph to compute the fields give play to the effect. This paper will focus on exploring the adaptation of Spark framework and MLlib, and the model and performance of the vector parameter of machine learning algorithm in MLlib.

(3) using Spark+MLlib to build user tag system

Understanding of user requirements is the key to the electronic commerce enterprise service. With the increasing amount of users and data, the traditional stand-alone algorithm is more and more difficult to meet the needs of the business, and Spark+MLlib based distributed machine learning algorithm can give us a lot of help. This paper mainly shares the implementation method and practical experience of using Spark+MLlib to build user tag system.


(1) the theory and implementation of Qsort algorithm

Qsort (Sort Quick, quick sort) is the most efficient common internal sorting algorithm, and it is one of the most used algorithms in practice. But the concept and product level implementation, there are (other algorithms are basically the same as different as heaven and hell). From the grasp of the concept of the Qsort algorithm, to understand the specific implementation details, can be regarded as a sign of distinction between novice and skilled programmers.

(2)How to track access to Microsoft's source code- open source development platform and strategy

Single step tracking is one of the most commonly used means of debugging, follow the steps to track down CPU, chased bug nest. But often encounter obstacles, the most common is to meet the system or library functions, does not belong to "own" code, do not chase after go in, often inaccessible. Encountered such a situation how to do? This article will teach you how to track the source code of the module to enter the Microsoft.NET runtime.



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