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"Programmer" magazine in 2014 8: safety knowledge

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Abstract:The period from "developers should update the safety knowledge, various platforms of attacking and defending methods, misconceptions about safety and security research should how to do" several aspects, introduced the intelligent mobile platform, a new network, web application, and social engineering in the field of security experience summary.

Safety experience in the "safe" project, from "developers should update the safety knowledge, various platforms of attacking and defending methods, misconceptions about safety and security research should how to do" several aspects, introduced the intelligent mobile platform, a new network, web application, as well as social engineering summary, hope to ordinary developers, and entered the security field workers to provide the most needs to know about computer security experience and guidelines.

(1)Network security for ordinary developers

(2): challenges and opportunities in the new network security dilemma

(3) JSONP security attack and Defense Technology

(4) build intelligent mobile platform more secure

(5) the mobile payment security challenges and Countermeasures

(6) Android security research experience

(7) Android SMS Trojan decryption repeatedly why not to kill

(8) the great harm caused by small problems

(9) social engineering: research and case thinking human buffer overflow


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) information

(4)Program world

I/O Google 2014 special topics

(1)I/O Google 2014- Android rule the human life

(2) I/O return: Google connection to all

(3) Google I/O 2014 Android aspects

(4) DevTools Chrome: lead and development

(5) Google Cardboard: Great spoiler

(6) Material Design: flow in different between the screen texture


(1) how the technical team to do performance management

The technical team in the end there is no need to do the performance appraisal? How to establish the evaluation standard is more reasonable? Performance management well can greatly improve team efficiency, do not only unable to make a fair and reasonable assessment of the work, will also affect the team member's enthusiasm, even to the whole team bring negative effect. This column "technical team how to do performance management" this topic invited to four CTO club members to talk about their practice in performance management methods.

(2) how to manage the project stakeholders

Project management body of knowledge defines available "needs identification, determining the target, the trade-off relationship, meet expectations," the sixteen words to summarize. Project management although you don't need any advanced knowledge and particularly complex tools, are related to the "stakeholder" these three words are closely linked.

(3)To manage: manage your own boss.

Why do some people in the audience can chat and speak it off the reel, stammered at a loss? Even in the face of the crowd has not changed, but the "go" means the relationship between equality and intimacy is broken. And the boss of the road is similar, the boss on the superior position, like a totem, the more you can't and he have normal relations.


(1) design flow

(2) Boss and Mobile Games in the form of giant power set

Set the game toll gate boss there is always beyond ordinary ability and deformation, and behind the utmost exaggerates sensationalism is hidden some drivers. Giant boss in addition to naturally enhance the difficulty of the game can bring player clearance after the sense of achievement, to guide players to enter the next round more thrilling boss in the face of war.

(3)Face Meng burst red behind things you do not know- founder Guo column technology practice face adorable Readme

cloud computing

(1)A preliminary test: Spark GraphX in Taobao practice

Taobao generates hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers every day hundreds of billion acts constitute a plurality of giant network behavior, which is a good scene graph algorithms exhibit skill. Due to spark graphx has both good performance and abundant functions and operators, can in the massive data run freely all kinds of complicated graph algorithms, clean out treasure to begin to try to use it as a diagram distributed computing platform, the various algorithms to try and production application. This paper will combine the design principle and characteristics of GraphX, its share of application in taobao.

Spark SQL (2): big data processing engine based on memory

As the next generation technique of the shark, spark SQL performance has completely overtaken shark, and due to the same underlying mechanism, the user can achieve seamless migration, by the user's favor. This paper will deeply analyze Spark SQL architecture design and optimization strategy, and compared with similar products.

(3) Spark: MLlib matrix model

During July the spark and mllib when machine learning met distributed system, a paper exploring the spark framework and mllib adaptation and mllib machine learning algorithm of the vector parameter model and performance. This paper is respectively to the different treatment of the two classical algorithms in the recommendation system commonly interactive method of least square (ALS) and the topic model implicit Dirichlet distribution (LDA) and to analysis matrix as parameters to the parameters of the processing mode which brings to the algorithm mllib.


(1) technical radar: July 2014

ThoughtWorks radar will be classified as a variety of projects, technology tools, platform and language and framework. If a technology can appear in more than one quadrant, select the most appropriate look. These techniques have been further divided into four rings, to reflect the current state of. The four rings are used, test, evaluation, and suspension.

(2) reverse the world: let C++ into the Python

This paper introduces between C and python cross for polymorphic languages, a feasible scheme, and provide the cppython code generator automate packaging. The implementation of cppython depends on the open source project Cython and Clang, has been in the open source.

(3)My goal is to make people laugh, the father of the Perl Larry Wall interview

Larry wall call themselves linguists, but he is known is the design of Perl programming language, and to participate in and lead the open-source software movement. His formal work is the world's largest classified advertising website Craigslist stationed artist (artist in residence), where, he focused on the development of a new generation of Perl, Perl 6 will build it into a "real" programming language. In spring 2014, Larry wall, first visited China, accepted the "programmer" magazine interview, shared his programming life.

(4)Ng Andrew talk about Learning Deep

Andrew ng, deep learning field of the richest one of the famous scientist. He is also at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Director, online education platform coursera founder. In May 2014, he joined Baidu, responsible for Baidu brain project, and served as chief scientist at Baidu. Recently, he accepted the "programmer" interview.


(1) GEEK

(2) micro management: To sum up the practice of technical management of landing

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