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"Programmer" in 2014 9 monthly: micro channel development

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Abstract:This issue cover special interview with the official micro channel team, please them from the rules of the platform, the ability to develop, data security, and how to stand out from the point of view of the developer. In addition also invited experts from the case, design, operation and technical aspects of the depth of interpretation, for the developer has brought a line of experience and gains and losses.

This issue cover special interview with the official micro channel team, please them from the rules of the platform, the ability to develop, data security, and later how to stand out from the development of recommendations. In addition, the invitation of the pros and cons of the experience of experts in different fields from third-party observer, vertical industry development and application of the classic case, product design and operating points and key generic technology depth interpretation, for developers to bring first eat "crab".

(1)Infiltration and value of micro channel ecosystem

(2) the opening of the micro channel and the developer of a win-win situation

(3) to China Merchants Bank as an example, the micro channel public accounts senior

(4) the number of micro channel public media makeup behind the sour, sweet, bitter, hot

(5) micro meteorology, big people's livelihood

(6)Development of high performance micro channel public platform

(7) micro channel payment development key technology analysis

(8) how to use micro channel design two certification


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) information

(4) the world of things


(1)AMD technology behind the strategic change - dialogue AMD chief technology officer Papermaster Mark

(2) the time management under the multi task

M.Weinberg Gerald, a famous expert in the field of software, has proposed a rule of thumb that is used to calculate the waste caused by switching items. According to estimates, when the work of a project to increase, it will affect the efficiency of the work, the loss of 20% of the time, and then add a task, nearly half of the time will be wasted on task switching. But it is undeniable that a number of work together to carry out a lot of technical teams are faced with the situation. This issue column invites CTO club members and industry experts to talk about "multi tasking time management".

(3) blade management system- Venture Company process improvement report

The scale of corporate entrepreneurship team although modest, but there are a number of assignments confusion and have no plans of tracking, Yanlu open but no actual effect, the process does not quantify the problem. Blade management system is the matrix management of enterprises and foreign popular further refined and simplified, the system can solve many weak matrix of employee loss rate, a sense of belonging difference and strong matrix enterprise project delivery risk is very high.

(4)What is the essence of agile-- Comments on the nature of the agile development -- the self organizing team

(5)Recruitment and retention of entrepreneurial team

For the Venture Company, recruitment is only the first step to get the talent, to recruit the right people is very important, but more important to retain people. Traditional recruitment website club recruit and school recruit two roads, the Venture Company also needs to explore other ways to recruit people and retain people.


(1) the five types of change in the game of free experience value added mode

Potential risk of the prevalence of F2P almost to the upstream and downstream of the games industry has brought a revolutionary change, if previous games dissemination limited to high prepayment, relatively expensive carrier equipment and spent a lot of money is not fun, F2P, gangbusters like cleaning the these obstacles.

(2) no wins

(3) analytic Swift function programming

The introduction of closures makes it possible to use functional programming in the Swift language. This paper will combine the characteristics of functional programming to introduce its application in language swift, and help developers familiar with swift provides a library function, Currie application functions and higher-order functions concept. To help developers write more concise, more modular code.

(4) Android explain the "false ID" vulnerability signature

July 2014, Bluebox security research team released a new signature vulnerability Android ID, in addition to the latest version 4.4, almost all Android devices have this vulnerability. Through the technical analysis of the details of the vulnerability, the vulnerability was discovered unexpectedly can make piracy, bypassing the "360 guards" mobile phone virus killing and paid bodyguard detection.

cloud computing

(1)Ecosystems and the future of Docker

Docker storm swept the world, the development of the ecological system as the core of lightweight container rapid development. The author combined with his own experience in the field of open source, combing the history of the Docker technology development, stratified analysis of the existing ecosystem, and look forward to the future of possible trends and breakthroughs. Docker ecological development by leaps and bounds, this paper is only piece of a jigsaw, initiate to cause more attention and discussion and thinking.

(2) Docker container resource management and control configuration combat

(3)Practice of Scaling Auto based on Docker

With the advantages of high performance and flexibility, the container technology brings new opportunities and challenges to the development of cloud computing. The emergence of Docker, accelerate the popularization of the container technology. , this paper will mainly introduce how to use the docker, to realize the private cloud auto scaling mechanism, and share iqiyi internal experience, discuss with readers docker practical application value.

(4) using Docker to open the way for continuous delivery

Docker is currently a very popular virtualization technology, it is lightweight and easy to use, low invasive system, very suitable for application deployment. This paper shows how to use Docker technology in the construction of continuous delivery process through real cases, to achieve a more flexible continuous integration and automated deployment.


(1)Ruby concurrency framework

Ruby has been brought to the outside world, "slow", "bad" impression. Many people have heard of Twitter in the early start to choose Ruby and Rails rapid construction site, but because they can not withstand the huge flow, migrated to the Scala story. What is the real situation? This article will show you a more comprehensive framework for Ruby concurrency.

(2)Full asynchronous frame in Vert.x JVM

Due to the end of the Node.js programmers have a hand in hand revolution, JVM appeared in the circle of a platform called Vert.x. It originated from the VMware Red Hat, after being dug, the author also participated in the improvement of Netty. This paper will analyze the key characteristics of Vert.x2 series.

(3) you should update the Java knowledge

(4)Look at the software Corps in the debugger -- and on the weight of the software

In order to seize the user's desktop, a lot of client software is the initiative to send the door, do not need to spend money to buy, do not need a grand invitation. You may be as long as a recognized, inadvertently settle down on the computer. To live down, some software occasionally dodo, discreet; but some high-profile strong, and kept busy, let you have to pay attention to it, in this paper, to talk about is this software.

Enterprise column

(1)LBS: bid farewell to the hype, return to the real - High German LBS open platform general manager Wei Kaiming interview

(2) from the cross platform to the 3D technology, Cocos2d-x evolution of the road

(3) Baidu's "intelligent" new type of intelligent factor decomposition



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