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"Programmer" magazine in 2014 10: Mobile 5 years

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Abstract:This issue's cover reports, we to move 5 years "to cut the entrance, detailing the development of the mobile Internet in the course of those impressive people, things, objects, a company, a phenomenon, Android, IOS, HTML5, talkbox, sing, millet...... Go back to the beginning, again to go this exciting journey.

Combing the mobile Internet five years of development, is a very ambitious project. Because of the development of human information industry came in 2010, like suddenly threw a handful of catalyst. In the past five years, you can see the Internet industry for decades the process of microcosm. It is in this five years, who believed growth in the solar system the vast spiral arm small as dust dreamer and genius began to wake up, under the effect of caffeine, the three points I do not know tired every morning to "change the world" due diligence.

This issue's cover reports, we will to move 5 years "to cut the entrance, detailing the development of the mobile Internet in the course of those impressive people, things, objects, a company, a phenomenon, Android, IOS, HTML5, talkbox, sing, millet...... Let us go back to the beginning, again to go this exciting journey.

(1) 5 years of big mobile mobile Internet development and review

(2) review the development of iOS system from SDK

(3)Move 5 years, the evolution of the Android ecosystem

(4)Mobile security for five years

(5) HTML5 in the back, you before the arrival of the era

(6)Inventory mobile Internet portal to fight

(7) 2010-2014:App Store who lost the game phenomenon

(8): five years of baptism, the mobile Internet industry created new changes - "sing" CEO Chen Hua interview

(9)The flat and sense of participation -- an interview with millet co-founder and vice president Li Wanqiang

(10) see entrepreneurship -- Reflection on the evolution of the IM TalkBox team instant communication tool after being micro channel subversion from TalkBox

(11)Mobile five years, changes in the eyes of entrepreneurs

(12) the release of iPhone brought to the world what


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) information

(4) - a tribute to mentor Mr. Xia Peisu, diligently unassuming Masters

(5) the world of things


(1) Gartner chief information officer Darko Herrick dialogue

(2)Do management: do unto you interview with Zhang Yijun, deputy general manager of China auto rental products and Technology Center

In September 19th, a few hours before Alibaba listed in New York, China auto rental is also listed in Hongkong. For the technical ability of China auto rental of this company, we are still relatively unfamiliar. Recently, the "programmer" interview with the China auto rental products and Technology Center Deputy General Manager Zhang Yijun and asked him to share technical team management experience, combined with China auto rental in the construction of information system in use of open source software, summarized for the enterprises to use open source software should avoid "trap".

(3) target planning and task decomposition

"Journey to the west" in the Tang Monk team experienced hardships, and finally obtained the Scriptures, clear objectives, reasonable division of labor for the team and ultimately to the success of the foundation. Tang's monk from the start, for the team set the scriptures of the target, in spite of all setbacks and tribulations, but never wavered. Pig, horse, monkey Pathfinder shaceng said, several disciples together shoulder the task of protecting tang. Although different personalities, all have shortcomings, but the target decomposition is reasonable and members of the division of labor, eventually made scriptures stand together through storm and stress.

The story of "journey to the west" extended to practical technology management team, but also as a reference, we invited five CTO club members to talk about "technical team goals and task decomposition to do" and share their team specific practice in the organizational goals and a target coordination and technical team of the objectives and tasks of the decomposition and team members of the division of labor.

(4) agile self organizing team -- a commentary on "what is the nature of the agile development teams"


(1) senior cottage

(2) Material Design: past, now and in the future

With the aggravation of the information explosion, people intends to design material appeared some does not adapt, looking instead for a more efficient design. The design on the one hand, the pursuit of the highest information dissemination rate, on the other hand can make full use of the possibilities of the digital interface, give users a new pleasure.

(3) Wokamon, the electronic pet walk in between hardware and software ""

To think of themselves as the electronic pet training benefits is, one is to quantify the amount of exercise, second is to use a funny way urged his stick to walk. This is the originality of Wokamon. Wokamon not only support on the phone "pet nurturance". Also supports data import of each big mainstream hardware devices, therefore, Wenjie said: Wokamon is a walk in between software and hardware products.

cloud computing

(1) the development and practice of Netease cloud network services

Openstack is much attention of open-source IAAs platform. Since 2010 project was established, has attracted from around the world more than 17000 developers, and attracted HP, red hat, Cisco, Intel, IBM and other well-known large companies have joined the camp, input forces to participate in community development. This paper describes the problems encountered by Netease the core module of OpenStack network construction in the process of service and coping skills.

(2) the analysis of cloud storage technology

Cloud storage system is divided into three categories: object cloud storage, cloud storage, file, block device, cloud storage, each for different business scenarios and need to according to the specific business needs reasonable use. This paper took cloud storage business scenarios to share its in system construction and technology selection in practical experience.


(1) Monitor's past life

Is introduced in this paper the operational semantics of Hoare monitor and mesa monitor high-level synchronization primitives, and analyzes the two monitor wait for the conditions of the standard code form, and finally introduces the realization of monitor in the Java language.

(2) the secret of the login interface, dual user mode debugging a case

A file name for the LogonUI.exe windows system directory and it is responsible for accepting a user name, password and other information of the login interface program. This process only run in the very special logon desktop, start because are not logged in, only to see its appearance, and once the login is successful, it will immediately exit, stealth not see. Therefore, the use of common debugging methods it is difficult to observe the internal logic of it. This paper will use the special "dual user mode debugging method to explore the mystery of the login process.

(3) the system developers should know about Ivy Bridge-EP CPU

Intel Ivy Bridge-EP Xeon processor since the second half of 2013 has been issued, in many large-scale deployment of data center. Is described in detail in this paper and system developers related Ivy Bridge-EP technical details of describes the structure of the cache subsystem, and how to use cache characteristics to achieve efficient programs.

Enterprise column

(1) the story behind the cloud shield

(2) the realization and application of Baidu real-time computing platform



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