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"Programmer" magazine in 2014 11: peak electricity supplier system architecture design

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Abstract:Double 11 approaching, "programmer" to "electricity peak system architecture design" as the theme, inviting the Jingdong, Dangdang, millet, No. 1 shop, Haier mall, the only product, mushroom street, wheat bags business enterprise, and the business school, the tone of the network services company, share the optimal technique for electricity peak system architecture design practice.

Since November 11, 2009, Taobao Mall (now known as the lynx) opened the prelude to the shopping carnival, the major electricity supplier promotion tide as one falls. This is not only the competition of price war electricity supplier, is the technical contest. How to design the electric peak system to better meet the needs of users flocked to visit, how in the massive data processing in real-time detection of effective information and transformation for opportunities to become a number of commercial enterprises pay close attention to the problem.

2014 double 11 approaching values, "programmer" magazine to "electricity peak system architecture design" as the theme, inviting the Jingdong, Dangdang, millet, No. 1 shop, Haier mall, the only product, mushroom street, wheat bags and other well-known business enterprise and the business school, the tone of the network related services company, share the optimal technique for electricity peak system architecture design practice. Let the reader feel, a shopping spree for the technology behind the carnival.

(1)Fast steady dazzle: three words peak electricity supplier system architecture

(2)With the practice of traditional enterprise system peak electricity supplier

(3) classification system and massive information dynamic publishing practice

(4)Jingdong peak system design

(5)"Rice noodles Festival" the story behind the development and practice of network system -- panic buying millet

(6)The best practice of Haier electricity supplier peak system architecture design

(7)Architecture evolution of the only product peak system

(8)Shop No. 1 electricity suppliers peak and flow calculation

(9)How to create practical stability -- available mushroom street 99.99% in large-scale promotional activities in the double 11

(10)A single shoe process flexible architecture - wheat bags peak architecture practice

(11)Electricity suppliers peak monitoring experience


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) information

(4) the world of things


(1) "love love" dreamerBeijing -- YAHOO global R & D center founder and President Zhang Chen interview

(2) the different stages of development companies, technical team managers should take what kind of role?

Company develops through various stages, such as start-up stage, development stage, stable or an extended period of time, perhaps in the development of most of the time is the bottleneck... For the different stages of development, the company responsible for the technical people should take what kind of role? What burden should it carry? Focus on what aspects of the focus?

We invite CTO club members to solve the above problems to share.

(3) a "tall" architectChua's architecture design methodology -- early experience

(4) to explore the process of improving the best practice

Process improvement as an important part of the construction project management system and enhance its trajectory, generally experience summary experience, perfect process assets, establish a process specification, defining the system method, the pursuit of continuous improvement. A good project operating system, can promote the good process improvement.

(5) out of the comfort zone, in order to have a growth


(1) the paradox of insufficient consumer guide and game content supply

In the F2P game prevalent today, how to show the lack of content in the game, let the game look filling? How the game content value is not enough, consumer driven game player? This is a common problem developers face. This paper from four aspects of design and common examples of game design are analyzed.

(2)70 after 90 products into the road uncle Tian Hangzhi talked about "touch" and his entrepreneurial story

(3) the future path of artificial intelligence products from the perspective of WheatgrassMicrosoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Academy, senior director Li Di interview

(4) in order to experience

(5) Gradle: more intelligent Android system

Although Google in 2013 released Android studio integrated development environment, but due to the different structure of the project, causing many developers move to Android studio is not suitable, want to quickly adapt to Android studio we must first understand the Gradle. This paper will start with the characteristics of Gradle, progressive talk and use Gradle in the development of the skills.

cloud computing

(1) the practice of universal computing platform based on Docker

Is introduced in this paper iqiyi how docker and other open source software based on to construct a user oriented general cloud computing platform, provide a unified operation interface, job scheduling, and execution to the user.

(2) Netease Docker deployment operation and maintenance practice

As an open source application container engine, Docker has attracted extensive attention and application deployment. Netease company from last year began to research docker and into the line of the deployed application. This paper will share their experience in the process of operation and maintenance docker deployment.


(1) the history, the present and the future of the Association

Computer science is an applied science, almost all concepts are in order to understand or solve practical problems and. The Association (Coroutine) there is no exception. The concept of the association, the earliest can be traced back to solve technical problems in COBOL language compiler.

(2) the mystery of suicide in Android applications-- case study of FORTIFY_SOURCE mechanism

(3) message oriented middleware

Firstly from the concept and the application scene of message oriented middleware general description, then on several typical message oriented middleware from the principle to realize the analysis and elaboration and further details of the message middleware based on JMS specification.

(4) Cocoa application optimization technology

Always be careful with optimization. This paper introduces the changes are micro optimization, they will make a short code faster, but the loss of some readability. Before using these methods, please confirm that the code has already been run on profiler, and the location of the bottleneck.

Enterprise column

(1)AnySDK: local package fast access channel solutions - AnySDK for an interview with Chen Feng

(2) Alibaba security technology knowledge contest



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