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"Programmer" in 2014 12 monthly: 2014 CTO the most valuable TOP50

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Abstract:This period "programmer" to "the most value CTO 2014 Top50" as the theme, let more CTO, the team behind them, their technologies and products have more exposure opportunity, let a wider, more people realize that, China which is reliable company with reliable technology, reliable products and reliable team.

In recent years, the software algorithm, engulfing the world of human society is ruled by comparison are in fact can be heard without end.His approach emphasizes the fact that an increasing product, business model innovation and technology driven increasingly becomeThe most critical factor in the development and transformation of the company and the whole society. However, behind the technology and products, is the person, is theR & D team. CTO is the representative of the research and development team, of course. But both at home and abroad, CTO is known to all.Not much, more CTO as well as the key role of their R & D team is still unknown.

We start the 2014 most valuable CTO selection, is to allow more CTO, the team behind them, theyDo technology and products have more exposure opportunities, so that a wider range, more people realize that China is the onlyReally have a reliable technology, reliable products, reliable team of the company.

(1) 2014 TOP50 most valuable CTO

(2) from the call center to the evolution of the mobile Internet- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(3)To learn to face the darkness before dawn - Yang Yongqiang, as the network CTO interview

(4) can be stored as a super computer- CTO XtremIO Ren Yuxiang and the Israeli team's entrepreneurial story

(5) the self struggle of technology goddess- CTO MediaV Hu Ning interview

(6) to be a different "sharing" platform- way home network co founder and Melissa Yang CTO (Yang Mengtong) interview

(7) software innovation hardware experience-- an interview with CTO Kang Xiaoning

(8) development and technology drivenInterview with CTO Tang Zhengrong way cattle travel

(9) a DBA veteran in the hearts of the domestic database of dreams- South general senior vice president and CTO Wu new interview

(10) the establishment of a technical system to protect the company's business- CTO Luo Jian interview


(1) express foreign periodicals

(2) Web text selection

(3) information

(4) the world of things

(5)With the clock counter -- visit Ivan Sutherland Turing Award winner

(6) the father of C++ Stroustrup Bjarne interview


(1) at any time to recognize their own value-- an interview with Team Keen, the founder of the big bull frog

"I don't think it's a very important reason to do anything, and the three must be one: don't believe in yourself, don't believe in the team, don't believe in the future." Although Team Keen has been on the top of the world, Daniel frog is still calmly stressed that at any time we have to find a good location, to recognize their own value."

(2)Technology to manage what changes to achieve

From a study technique, to solve the technical problems of the technology to manage, formulate the development strategy of product technology, multi sectoral allocation of resources collaborative management, is by no means an easy job. This is not only to change the name of the job, the more is the transformation of character to do change the thinking? Vocational skills change? Or the rest of the preparation? This issue we invite a few CTO club members to talk about the "technology to manage the need to achieve the transformation" and the role of the conversion process of the challenges facing.


(1) on the game player emotional substitution from terrorist and thriller elements

Speaking of horror games, we may first think of the "biochemical crisis" and "zombie siege" such works, this paper has a unique perspective, starting from the Temple Escape ", followed by deconstruction of the four elements of horror game atmosphere, i.e. the sound effect of atmosphere, scene layout, the player experience, clinical environment imagination. Grasp of these four elements, you can let the horror game to maximize the acceptance of casual players.

(2) ten annual 2014 applications

2014 is about to be in the past, mobile applications in the number and creativity than last year, there are a lot of improvement. Mobile phones have become people's new organs, and a variety of new applications are increasingly accepted by people, really into people's lives. "Programmer" and pea pods design award, application of 2014, the emergence of new carried out and starting from the users, product design, easy to use and the degree of influence etc. dimensions, named the ten year application.

(3) Android input and output security analysis

Input and output is a key operating system user privacy security, mobile phone users and all interactions are carrying the output of the system input, if the system is compromised, then the privacy of user's data will be easily steal, causing great losses. This article will explain in detail the principle of the input and output system security is compromised, with examples to help users to improve security awareness.

(4)Low energy "intelligence"

cloud computing

(1) the application of real time computing based on Storm

With Kafka, Storm and Samza as the representative of real-time computing technology, provides another big data solution is different from MapReduce, and better solve the problem of massive data processing. This article will introduce the application and practical experience of the United States Mission in real time computing technology from the aspects of demand, architecture, application and optimization.

(2) service oriented Cache system- millet net Redis practice

(3) in the field of personalized small shrimp music recommendation practice


(1)The technical evolution route of the gateway level UGC system -- the evolution and experience summary of Sina News Comment System

Sina comment system for many years in this paper, the author was responsible for, this system not only serve the portal Sina's news operations, including signature, investigation and debate, voting products, has gone through the system from single to multi machine to the cluster, from simple to complex and then return to the simple process.

(2) who runs the IE processThe plug-in is not wishful wishful Amoy

Double eleven war, people are very hard, whether it is a shop or shopping. In addition to people, in fact, the computer is also very hard, whether it is hardware or software. Software which, the most difficult is the browser, then the heavy shopping pages, often at the same time to open dozens of. Do not know is not to be tired. After eleven pairs and then turn on the computer, I IE browser soon collapsed, upregulation of test is observed. The results shocked me, seemingly calm inside IE process seems to have just experienced a battle.

(3) message oriented middleware

Enterprise column

(1)Mailbox master: adhere to create infinite possibilities

(2) the realization and application of Baidu large scale cluster management system



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