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Red hat and HUAWEI are working with open source technologies to exploit the telecommunications market

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Abstract:Red Hat Inc will be a global partnership with HUAWEI to carry out OpenStack based cloud deployment. Through the expansion of bilateral cooperation, HUAWEI and red hat will focus on OpenStack network capabilities Virtualization (NFV) to accelerate collaboration to meet the new generation of communications service provider (CSPs) needs.

In today's world, the demand for Telecommunications Computing is the most demanding, but also the most used IT technology. Like at & T such a large telecommunications company, has its suppliers (technical) to put forward to make clear a requirement, they need for its huge network provide more flexible options, to meet the new service and low consumption requirements. Also solemnly announced that the use of open source software to control the deployment of computing devices to re deploy network.

Now, HUAWEI and red hat companies are working together to meet the demanding requirements of their.

Red hat and HUAWEI, which are computer server software and telecom equipment suppliers, are pushing to add a new open source technology, Stack Open, to the telecommunications network system. Stack Open is an open source cloud computing management platform project, you can manage a large number of servers. This cooperation will aim at the basic idea into the telecommunication network.

In the hardware, software and services, the telecommunications company is one of the world's largest consumers. AT&T, for example, recently released its plans to invest $18 billion in equipment on next year, which is nearly two times as much as Google's capital spending this year. Such a large budget means that the technology is the main market for IT suppliers.

If red hat and HUAWEI succeed, their alliance will pose a threat to companies like Cisco and Ericsson, because they are widely used in telecommunications. These companies provide proprietary technology, usually at a charge of time and it is difficult to change suppliers.

AT&T and his companions are Stack Open supporters, Stack Open background with red hat, Rackspace and other organizations. Red hat and Huawei cooperation, nil let open stack, the less easy to use new technology, more meet as the requirement of telecom network, after all, Huawei's strengths in.

Stack Open "is still supporting a variety of platforms," said Yeaton Tim, senior vice president of Red Hat Inc's infrastructure.

Cisco and other large telecom providers are also offering Stack Open options to telecom companies and other customers. Red Hat Inc and HUAWEI's cooperation with red hat earlier this year and Csico's a statement similar.

OpenStack is the latest example of the big reform brought about by the open source software, its code can be seen, modified, be shared by users. Open source software is very attractive for big companies because it has a lower cost, easier to configure than proprietary software. Industry experts say big companies will need more and more open source imagination, because they believe it will help them develop new services faster. EnglishWSJTranslator Misslio)

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