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Interview with OneAPM founder He Xiaoyang: OneAPM in China propped up a piece of sky

Published in15:18 2014-12-25| Time reading| sourceCSDN| ZeroArticle comments| authorChen Ming

Abstract:OneAPM is not only the Chinese version of Relic New, it also has a more ambitious goal. So what's the story of OneAPM in China? OneAPM founder He Xiaoyang recently accepted the CSDN interview, for our detailed introduction of the APM situation, but also for us to point out the future direction of OneAPM.

He Xiaoyang, chairman of OneAPM, founder of Beijing blue ocean Paper Technology Co. ltd.. Before engaged in 11 years of basic software Tuning Performance, has worked for the famous Java middleware software company System BEA (after being acquired by Oracle), the basic software practice and development of domestic research, APM (application performance management) in the field of high visibility. 2008 founded the blue ocean paper OneAPM, now already in the fields of application of performance management in China occupies a market advantage, lay the application performance management status of the industry.

Ten years of chronic illness into health, performance.

CSDN: please briefly introduce you and your APM area

He Xiaoyang:I worked in the two middleware companies, respectively, East through science and technology and System BEA, System BEA was later Oracle to $8 billion 500 million acquisition, while the East through technology is now the only company listed on the basis of software companies. Many of our founding team of colleagues have been working in the field of basic software, including my partner Chen Xu, Huang Dong, Li Wei, etc.. Now our team about 120 people, about half of the people from the basic software department of foreign companies, the other half from the basic framework of the Internet Co R & D and operation and maintenance group, such as Ali, Baidu, Tencent, where to go, etc..

APM what is it? APM Chinese name is application performance management. From the traditional definition of speaking, APM belongs to the basic software ITOM (IT operation and maintenance management) in the field of core components, from now on the actual development, APM belongs to the field of real-time data analysis leader.

So, APM is considered a traditional software, on the other hand, APM as a pioneer of data visualization analysis, and mobile Internet, IOT, cloud computing, real time big data analysis of these areas have a very large cross, the field is currently very hot, Relic Appdynamics, New, AppNeta these foreign manufacturers in the capital market movements are very frequent, in 2014 the trend report of the Internet, with nearly 10 pages of content describes the Analytics Software this field, summed up in one sentence: SaaS APM in the United States is now the most fire, no one.

Relic IPO successful New in December 12th, and the first day of the stock rose 50%, close to $2 billion valuation; Appdynamics is more outstanding in the financial figures, revenue more than 200 million U.S. dollars this year. In the United States, there are companies such as Splunk, Compuware, Dell, Riverbed and other companies involved in this area, to carve up IBM, HP, CA, BMC increasingly lost market.

CSDN: I heard that you have been working in the field of basic software for 11 years, and especially focus on Tuning Performance, can you share with us the story behind it?

He Xiaoyang:I graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology in 04 years, to now work for 11 years, this is the 11 years to do this thing, is the foundation of the software Tuning Performance, and I will continue to do so. We may not have much understanding of the performance of software and infrastructure software, may not necessarily know, China's application system access and concurrency is the world's largest, IT infrastructure layer is the world's most complex, as an ordinary engineer, we used to sacrifice a healthy way to protect the normal operation of the system, such as the night shift, we are still working at night, because I and my colleagues at the time of the system may be China's telecommunications, banking, power, taxation and other systems, the relationship between the people and the people. Bank second days to open the door, if the system is very poor or business can not be done, he will ask you to open the door before tomorrow morning to find out, I often experience such a life, but also in various provinces, cities, and deal with such a problem.

As China's top software company's senior engineer, I am in the database, middleware and other areas can also help customers deal with a lot of problems. But the performance of the application is always a very difficult problem, it caused a lot of loss, to give us a lot of enterprise productivity caused some impact, but the application for me is a black box for operation and maintenance, completely invisible. So I have a wish in my heart: to have a software, a tool, or a service that allows applications and infrastructure software to be no longer a problem, or at least quickly locate the problem.

At first I thought that APM software is not very good product, so the first is just as a personal research. For me personally, I began to study a variety of books and papers for the actual work, in 2008 I put myself in the Tuning Performance years of work experience in a series of more than 2000 pages of electronic books, in 2009 built a forum and a series of QQ group, tell other people how to optimize the performance of basic software and applications, and now China to do basic software third party operation and maintenance of the company there are a lot of my students. In 2010 I began writing under our Java agent first line of code and in the actual work use it to do performance tuning, later in the story you may know, I put it into the software, make the OneAPM. Now OneAPM and become the Chinese only application management SaaS platform, so my 10 years has been doing the same things, which can be considered a decade of grinding sword.

What aspects of CSDN:APM are attracted to you? What do you think are the advantages of the current domestic APM compared to foreign APM? What are the problems?

He Xiaoyang:I am a full house of technology and science fiction fans, for the use of technology to achieve a seemingly impossible thing, this kind of thing most interested in the above has been talked about, I initially thought it was an impossible thing, but the fact that if there is enough technology, it is possible to achieve, so APM for me, is a natural interest.

APM can help developers and operation and maintenance personnel to solve a lot of problems, in fact, for the use of APM, the best practice is to run through the entire life cycle of the application. In the present age of the Internet, the pace of business needs more and more quickly, requiring the development of applications must be able to keep up with the rhythm of the business, which has a greater challenge for the quality of the application. We need fast and high quality development procedures, test procedures, release procedures, and to achieve continuous integration, a key release and seamless rollback, but these are far from home in the country, China's development is mostly based on the workshop development and outsourcing. China and the United States IT development stage is different, the development of different ways, the technology stack is not the same. If the user's pain point is the disease, APM is the medicine, then the disease is different, the medicine naturally different. We have some friends only to see what the American medicine, do not know the Chinese application development and application of the performance of what is the disease. My personal performance as the pain of ten years of experience in APM software, is not all.

From the technical point of view, OneAPM is a growing enterprise in the local, more understanding of the domestic market demand. For example, we know that the North American application server market, Tomcat plus JBoss market share of more than 70%, so whether it is Compuware or AppDynamics, Relic Java, New probes of the new features are tilted to these Server Application, while the Chinese market is WebSphere, WebLogic, domestic Tongweb three points, we support the open source application server at the same time, these commercial application servers also have good support. Such as EJB3, EJB2 and other technologies in foreign countries have little use, such as New, Relic AppDynamics, Appneta such emerging manufacturers do not support these frameworks, but a large number of domestic enterprise users are still using these frameworks, we naturally have to carry out a very good support for these frameworks.

In addition, for the Chinese market, foreign services and can not be well adapted to the local environment, whether it is before the software services or the current cloud services, localization and access speed is their most serious problem. From the needs of users, the domestic need for developers and business users to provide the same quality of service, which is the foreign enterprises can not be completed at the same time.

When it comes to the problem, I think more because we compared to foreign friends, because a few years ago, the field of enterprise class service environment is bad, go slow, for the support of emerging languages such as ruby, for the support of mobile terminal NDK, more than foreign manufacturers to slow down a lot.

Ten years later, OneAPM voyage

CSDN: it is called the Chinese version of the New Relic OneAPM, how do you see? Compared to the traditional OneAPM, APM and what are the advantages?

He Xiaoyang:In fact, this statement is not accurate, I hope OneAPM is not only China's Relic New, there are even more ambitious goals.

I hope OneAPM can grow up to Relic Appdynamics, New, Compuware these three companies aggregate, these three companies have their main direction of the industry, Relic New services to developers and small and medium enterprises; Compuware services in the world's top 500, 2000 large enterprises; Appdynamics services groups are mostly Internet field of relatively large enterprises. The reason is so, because the North American market competition is very fierce, they get users more difficult, the cost of a single customer is very high. And OneAPM can provide the same quality products and services to large enterprise users from individual developers. According to the different needs of user data, OneAPM can provide a local deployment based on privatization, but also can provide SaaS based cloud model deployment, or a mixture of both, part of the data in the local, part of the data in the cloud. This is the world's first APM companies can do without differential services. Our Chinese market is very large, we have not encountered real competitors in the market, we can quickly grow.

CSDN: in OneAPM's official website can be seen there are two versions: professional and enterprise edition. The objects they face are different. Some developers tend to be free of charge, what do you think of this?

He Xiaoyang:From the point of view of product functions, professional and enterprise version of the function is the same, code level tracking, SQL analysis, user experience management is not less, from a technical point of view, the enterprise version will support the use of large enterprises special traditional technology stack, such as EJB, Tuxedo, CICS, Tibco, etc.. From a service point of view, we do not have the service version of the distinction, but the developer according to their own data needs different, choose different deployment methods, but will enjoy the same excellent service.

As for some developers for free, I first to cite an example, relic AirBnb they play every day in a small partner is AirBnb, New is a short rental companies, they are established in 2008, they set up only a few engineers, but today AirBnb market capitalization of more than $ten billion, he did with relic New a growing, he used relic New products to solve many problems, he now bought relic New all products across the board.

Our customers today may be as large as we are, even smaller than we are, and not even established, but I hope to grow with them, to five years after they have the size of the market value of $ten billion, we have the same size, which is our expectations. We want the smallest developer to use our products, whether he has the ability to pay, this is not important, I hope to provide him with this ability. I know a lot of entrepreneurial enterprises in the number of users has just come up because the performance led to the user experience is low, and even the dissolution of the team, I hope this kind of thing do not happen again. In earlier this year when an entrepreneur wrote a book called "small entrepreneurial defeat", which was written in the 21 entrepreneurial failure examples, there are at least four because application performance knocked out, I think this is really is not worth too much, because performance to his own company, industry business model failed. This is a very regrettable thing, we hope to help such a small partner.

CSDN: when it comes to the user this piece, you have to mention the user experience, OneAPM official website referred to the real user experience monitoring, then what is the specific means? And through what to achieve it?

He Xiaoyang:Real user experience, referred to as RUM (User Monitoring Real). RUM will measure each real user's page loading time, the average response time, geographical location, browser type and version, providing an effective one-stop performance assessment, the end user satisfaction for a comprehensive understanding of the rapid determination of application bottlenecks.

RUM is completely different from other simulation monitoring services. All of the data collected by the OneAPM are real - time data from the actual users of the site, rather than from a robot or a user simulator. Use real time data information of real users, you can quickly locate the problem of poor user experience, and in the customer complaints before repair.

The realization of the words, in simple terms, Google Analytics OneAPM will be the same as the collection of real user data. After installing OneAPM, a short JavaScript code is automatically inserted into the front end code, which starts the request from the end user, and sends the data to the OneAPM server after the page is loaded.

CSDN: it is reported that the recent B OneAPM round of financing, you can simply share with us about it?

He Xiaoyang:Before we finish the B round of financing, I think the Chinese enterprise service market has been less prosperous, China's B2C field was born a lot of great companies, companies, also produced a lot of new business models. But in the field of enterprise services, I think it has been an American or a European world, we know that in China's enterprise market we use the products and software are from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP products such enterprises. Recently, this time, we have witnessed a new direction in the software services industry, is the localization. The government has begun to promote almost all of the administrative organs, state owned units, and even government enterprises to use our own independent research and development of products. Under such a background, in fact, like APM should in this field is to act as a pioneer or act as DaTouZhen role. In itself in terms of APM is the basis of software a very important products, now we got B round of financing, we have the strength to also have the opportunity in the field of market and new relic, Compuware such enterprise international showdown, we also have the confidence to make their products made in the most suitable for Chinese products.

CSDN: what do you think OneAPM has attracted investors? What is the plan for this fund at present?

He Xiaoyang:Refer to our B round of investment side view:

Becoming capital partner Richard believes that behind the many software and applications, the need for a service support is the work of all performance management, and APM played a decisive role. When it comes to why investment Richard, OneAPM said there are three reasons. First, OneAPM product features and international first-line manufacturers close, with foreign friends competing standards; second, OneAPM can be deployed locally, but also through the deployment of SaaS model, do not work in the education market; third, from the investment perspective, the team background, ability and team vision, perspective and other aspects will also consider, we consider to build a $1 billion team, and therefore must have the international perspective. In addition, from the OneAPM product development roadmap can be seen, this team has a unique development ideas and long-term strategic vision, which is the key reason I fancy OneAPM."
As A's OneAPM, B two rounds of investment in China, vice president Xiong Fei believes that in the latitude and longitude China investment A round, OneAPM only local deployment, there is no part of the SaaS, some commercial users after the trial feedback is very good, based on the product and team recognition, latitude and longitude China conducted a A round of investment. In the last half of the year, SaaS's OneAPM business is on the line, and users are growing very fast. In addition, in terms of revenue this year, compared with last year, there were three to five times the growth, and the product is constantly updated. So I think this is a very worthwhile investment company."

For this funding, we will focus on these directions, the first is the study of the probe, in the short term to strengthen the research of the probe, including the current Java probe. China's IT architecture is characterized by its use of technology across the decades, the United States will use the same period of technology, China's use of technology across the 90's 80's and even now, we want to support the use of the unique framework of China, which is part of our investment in R & D.

Again, we will invest a lot of the world's competitors do not do the emerging language, such as Go, Erlang, these languages are the specific concurrency of the language, in the United States may not so many people, the amount of concurrency is not so much, so the popularity rate of these languages is not so high. But in China, these languages in the electricity supplier, the big platform transactions will be widely used, we are the world's first support Go, Erlang language vendors, this is our research on the probe.

Secondly, we will support a streaming data platform and back-end database, which is our second building.

Finally, we want to allow more users to know us, this is a very simple purpose, we have to invest in the market and marketing side more power, we have the technology and the market these two goals.

CSDN:OneAPM what are the core of the unique technology?

He Xiaoyang:Recently there is a talk about the book very fire, it is estimated that many small partners have seen, this book is "to one zero", the book talked about a few points of view, the existence of a great business depends on the monopoly, and some secrets are the key to the monopoly, companies need to continue to discover the secret and in order to carry out business. We have the largest APM in China's secrets, including technology, market, sales. Here I can not tell the secret, only to say that some common sense.

SaaS way of a APM company, its core has two points, one is a probe, one is the background, the probe needs to be stable and efficient, the background needs to be able to deal with massive concurrency. We have a lot of advantages in these two areas, if in accordance with the time, we are more than the other player in this area about two years or so. I can't say too much about this.

The future trend of the OneAPM Road

CSDN: software definition is a major trend in the future, how do you view this trend? What are the effects on OneAPM?

He Xiaoyang:Software is re defining our world, a trend that is beyond doubt. In the near future, it may be two or three years, the software will be connected to everything, including all the people, objects and services in this world. Say science fiction, there may be a smart, like "Matrix".

I think OneAPM is going to do, is to allow software to define the future of this identified things, faster, earlier, better happen. Software defines the future, we understand the software. Only when we know everything that happens in the software, we can make a better decision. In 2015, OneAPM will be able to help any developer to know the following facts:

  • Which users are in the landing state, which is in the offline state?
  • What users did not use the service in one day, one week, or a month?
  • User a is not only used the whole service function of the 10%?
  • User B is the use of our core functions?
  • User C is often used in the use of certain features of the wrong operation?
  • Users are not using your product after the iteration of the new features added?
  • Key user a way of contact?
  • User B key stakeholders just spent 10 seconds waiting for the page to load, and his contact way?
  • The site is not most of the time is loaded slowly? What is the reason?

I think OneAPM opens a door, so that everyone can see what happens behind the software. In this sense, we now have three spatial dimensions in the world, and software and software analysis are the fourth spatial dimensions of the world. In the four-dimensional space, there is no shelter.

OneAPM CSDN:'s future development direction?

He Xiaoyang:For future development, we hope to be able to do two things over the next three years, the first is the application of performance management, network performance management and ITOA three products into a solution to become the world's only real time analysis of the IT field enterprise, including the analysis of application data, network data, user logs and technical architecture, and can perform automatic prediction and early warning, to do fault directly determine the ability to provide users with business performance analysis. APM not only serves the development, operation and security teams, but also directly serves the business team:

(picture from network)

Second is the cloud platform, in the hope that the SaaS model service 100 thousand companies.

In a more long-term future, we propose a slogan: "APM Monitoring, Everything One". In the software defined behind the world, every mobile App, Internet of things sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile devices, application services inside, there are Agent OneAPM in the run.