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CES 2015: pick a robot to take home?

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Abstract:Last year, 3D, CES printing and wearable devices are the hottest, and this year, some of the robots became the focus of activities, social media. For example, Snapdragon's Cargo Qualcomm, Robotbase personal robots, as well as realistic, but some scary simulation robot ChihiraAico.

In this year's CES, the hot spot is undoubtedly the introduction of smart watches or try to combine the smart wearable productsCar manufacturersAs well as a large and small use of different robots.

Cargo Snapdragon

Qualcomm on CES 2015 shows the latest development of a can fly to climb the robot Cargo Snapdragon. It integrates the Snapdragon processor, and hence the name.Snapdragon cargo snapdragon SOC provides low power solution, the multi-core processing, wireless communication, sensor integration, orientation and for the use of multiple robots application real-time input and output data on top of a platform.

At the same time, the robot has applied the Research Machin Qualcomm in the development of Vision SDK, in order to better detect the surrounding environment and terrain. Current Vision SDK Machin known features include:

  • Visual inertial measurement (VIO): in the unknown, the lack of characteristics of the environment while the use of inertial sensors and cameras to track the location of 3D and 3D.
  • Visual Vision-only Localization Simultaneous Mapping And (VSLAM): in a complex environment to track the location and direction of the space, and create a map from the image contour point. VSLAM is used for 3D image reconstruction.
  • The perception of depth camera (Depth From Stereocamera): to provide depth information for collision avoidance and 3D reconstruction.

In fact, this is not the first launch of the Qualcomm robot technology. At last year's Uniq conference, Research Qualcomm on the showZeroth QualcommBrain inspired computing technology, and also equipped with the Snapdragon robot products, Rove Snapdragon and Micro Rover Snapdragon.


The Toshiba launched robot has 43 pneumatic transmission devices, including 15 in the face, 24 in the shoulder, elbow and hand, the body there are 4. The pneumatic drive device is the key to make the robot move, which can be more smooth and natural, based on the simulation and the expression of human emotion.

The purpose of developing this robot is mainly in order to allow her to use a realistic facial expression and language expression, intimate communication with people. This concept is entirely due to the need for a more intelligent way of life. ChihiraAico can be used for the professional health care of the disabled or the elderly, and even more professional assistant direction.

Twitter some people use Creepy to describe the robot. In fact, similar to the robot in the last year we have seen, is Japan's Osaka University, Professor Ishiguro Hiroshi developmentGeminoid-F, although more close to human appearance, but the behavior is still far from our fantasy, Geminoid series and ChihiraAico is only the first step.

Ishiguro team developed the robot

Intelligence Personal Robot Artificial

Actually, at this stage, robot wants to become a life's assistant, even emotional comfort, not necessarily by giving it put on the "skin" of such complex, as long as it can achieve some practical function, with the same value.

"Intelligence Personal Robot Artificial" is RobotbaseKickstarterAll the chips on the robot project. Like Siri is your mobile assistant, the robot is more like a robot. It consists of a base with wheels, a retractable support, and a display with a 3D camera. According to the description, it is not only through the voice and the camera to receive the master's instructions, but also according to the indoor environment to complete some tasks, such as adjusting the brightness of intelligent lights, indoor temperature, etc.. With the help of the 3D camera, it will self built indoor map, move freely in the room, and also can through the camera for face recognition, become the Party of the photographer when necessary, or video call window.

Also worth mentioning is that the robot runs on the Tegra K1 Nvidia chip, and most of the computing work is done by the chipset, rather than in the cloud.

And the most similar, as well as Double Robotics launched Double robot. But the function of Double is much simpler. It supports remote control and video calls. In fact, there are many companies in the use of similar products, such as Microsoft, Mars, Splunk and Labs Xtreme, etc..

In addition to the above three robots and at this year's ces and many of the division of labor between the robots, such as Xinjiang, airlines, parrot, 3DRobotics etc. aircraft, Hom BOT, Grillbots, Ecovacs etc., sweep the floor and window cleaning robot. We still have a lot in the last year have heard of robotic company such as JIBO, CES, Wonder, WowWee, Workshop etc..

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