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Programmers January 2015 A:2014-2015 summary and outlook, the industry

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Abstract:With the new year's bell in 2015, the hustle and bustle of 2014 already in the past, but also to the time we do inventory. As a programmer turned to the electronic version of the first phase, the current cover story and everyone together, from the perspective of the industry to review 2014, looking 2015.

Cover report

(1)Spark this year, from open source to hot

(2) cloud storage 2014

(3) 2014: the changing elements of the mobile game

(4) review of the mobile phone industry in 2014

(5) O2O in 2014: the entrance for the burn Wars

(6) 2014 things event


(1) foreign express: CACM

(2): IEEE Spectrum express foreign periodicals

(3)Five reasons for the failure of the IT project

(4) how to determine whether a startup is successful or not

(5) open source encryption technology must be more robust


(7) the sound of the industry

(8) CSDN ten information

(9) Internet of things led: the three major technological trends in 2015


(1) transformation in the forward

(2)Without evolution, the demise of the ten practice of enterprise management in the Internet Age


(1)From the technology to the core management secret geekGo out to ask CTO Lei Xin interview

(2) on the big screen interaction, our understanding is also very naive

cloud computing

(1) Sohu Evelyn bandwidth automation operation practice

(2)Real proposition and false proposition in big data


(1) see 4 lines of code from rvalue references

(2) variable length sampling algorithmAn efficient algorithm for uniform sampling in inclined data sets

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Recent activity


2015 China big data technology conference

In order to better help enterprises in-depth understanding of large data with the latest technology at home and abroad, master more industry data of practical experience, to further promote the big data technology innovation, industry application and talent cultivation, 10-12 December 2015, sponsored by the China Computer Federation (CCF), CO CCF large numbers according to the Expert Committee of the contractor, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of computing technology, and DNT branch in Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and CSDN 2015 China big data technology conference (big data technology conference 2015, BDTC 2015) will Yunnan new crown holiday hotel in Beijing held a grand.

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