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Programmers January 2015 B:2014-2015 summary and outlook, characters

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Abstract:Following the first half and we together from the perspective of industry review 2014, 2015 outlook. The cover story will by Jingdong, fast taxi, Yahoo and other Internet company CTO share its views on the individual, team management and technology trends.

Cover report

(1)CTO to 30% understand the product, 30% understand management, 40% technology - fast taxi co founder and vice president of technology news interview

(2)UPYUN these years: a journey of "just right" -- an interview with CTO UPYUN Huang Huipan

(3) to create a matching environment for the growth of talents:YAHOO Beijing global R & D center founder and President Zhang Chen interview

(4) to be a pioneer in the combination of tourism and social integration:Bread travel CTO Xue Liang interview

(5) opportunities exist in the traditional industry to embrace the Internet -Fun to enjoy off the CTO Liu Chen interview

(6) the trend of the Internet, which is "vertical integration and open integration"APICloud co-founder and CTO Zou to interview


(1) foreign express: CACM

(2) foreign express: Wired

(3)Why aren't you Steve Jobs

(4) wearable device manufacturers, this is the product we want this year


(6) the sound of the industry

(7) CSDN ten information

(8)Four solutions for business technology in 2015

(9)I see things see only a small part.

(10)2015 years of great order and Chaos: Data Security


(1) the way to optimize the performance of mobile phone Taobao

(2) mobile phone game: the reality behind the shadow of the hurricane

(3) into the virtual reality, the pursuit of the meaning of the "brain hole family" -An interview with Fu Yingna CEO Hatu

cloud computing

      Architecture analysis of SDN combined with Neutron


Secret Baidu next generation distributed file system AFS

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