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Programmer February 2015 A

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Abstract:Stephen Wolfram, best known for his development comes from the famous scientific computing software Mathematica. The cover story, on the one hand summarizes the the God of life and behind the story, on the other hand and speak to him directly, showing the his work and observation of technology.

cover story

(1) "new" scientist Wolfram Stephen


(1): IEEE Spectrum express foreign periodicals

(2) foreign express: CACM

(3) in 2015, the data integration in the cloud

(4) IT managers should have sympathy for his team


(6) the sound of the industry

(7) CSDN ten information

(8) IT in the future: what will happen in 2015?

(9) Windows 10 can not shake the existing pattern

(10) cultural differences in data analysis and data


(1) the early experience of agile Transformation -- a case study of the development of self testing practice

(2)The results and value is the greatest driving force -- after the journey, written in poor years


(1)Revolution is now! -- Summary of CES 2015

(2)App bound to Store application of zombies - no quality no capital

(3)Bicycle, just right "smart""

cloud computing

(1) the era of big data software architecture paradigmReactive architecture and Akka practice 

(2) flying elephants: Hadoop from offline to online

(3) the use of Docker to construct automatic elastic cloud platform operation


(1) the beauty of the magical generalization of C++11 variable template parameters

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