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The plight and opportunities of B:O2O programmers in February 2015

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Abstract:This issue covers a detailed analysis of the current status and future trends in the field of O2O.

cover story

(1) O2O economic vertical refinement, Mei home door-to-door beauty exploration

(2) e bag wash, can not bear to live up to this era

(3) slightly carpool, due to large business sentiment

Beaver: (4) no essential services more than we know


(1): IEEE Spectrum express foreign periodicals

(2) foreign express: Wired

(3) the cold thinking of science and technology

(4)Million Internet Capriccio

(5) to take seriously the application of online learning


(7) the sound of the industry

(8) CSDN ten information

(9) the trend of cloud computing in 2015

(10) data is an asset, it is capital


(1) on the Internet business wisdom

(2) agile thinkingMobile Internet and big data era of IT enterprise reform way


(1) awkward navigation

(2) Cocos, "one" to meet all of you

cloud computing

(1) using Redis to achieve Sentinel high availability cluster

(2) deep learning Sutskever Ilya review and practical recommendations


(1) C++11 template meta programming

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