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Programmers in March 2015 A:Spark new features, new combat

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Abstract:Over the past year, Spark from the source to the hot, show its become a common data platform potential. The cover story "spark new features, the new combat covers spark SQL, spark mllib, Tachyon, hive on spark a number of technical, showing the spark architecture iteration and performance tuning based on.

cover story

(1) Spark: review 2014, outlook 2015

(2)Spark SQL, amiable and easy of approach fully inclusive and equitable 1.3 overview

(3) the distributed memory file system in the Tachyon:Spark eco system

(4)Preliminary study on on Spark Hive

(5) Spark performance tuning

(6) from Hadoop to Spark -- the practice of ArchitectureThe mobile Internet big data platform architecture iterative TalkingData

(7)Implementation of ALS in MLlib Spark


(1): IEEE Spectrum express foreign periodicals

(2) foreign express: CACM

(3)Team: looking for value experience or aptitude

(4) we need to plan, but need to be evaluated?


(6) the sound of the industry

(7) CSDN ten information

(9) Web design trend in 2015 Top 5

(10)From 0 to 1, on the "monopoly" of the road

(11) the traditional relational database vendors Big Data turn

(12)World Strata+Hadoop 2015 knowledge

(13)GDC 2015: Science and Technology Commission, leading change!


(1)For computer vision gives the light of wisdom - klaeng dark pupil CTO Zhao Yong interview

(2) to survive the winter, fly -Those things about the technical team building


(1)"Understanding", to explore the sensitive zone of mobile community

(2) Mobile Games due to uncontrolled reward game trend


(1) ant payment service AQC continuous integration platform on

(2) C++11 template meta programming application

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