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Programmers March 2015 B: user experience to shape the future of the product

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Abstract:In recent years, the concept of the user experience has been fired hot, has spread to the traditional industries. The cover story will from the enterprise to the user experience "transformation" on the road encountered difficulties, invited from the Internet, traditional industry, the number of user experience specialists, share enterprise in the user experience to explore the field of practice and experience summary.

Cover report

(1) user experience and transformation

(2)Enhance the user experience: the core concept and methods of the necessary - Ctrip user experience

(3) the international practice of software interface

(4) to the user as the center, business success oriented -On the designers' subjective initiative and career development


(1) foreign express: WIRED

(2): IEEE Spectrum express foreign periodicals

(3)How to determine whether they are suitable for free career?

(4) Watch Apple 2 may be more worth looking forward to


(6) the sound of the industry

(7) CSDN ten information

(9) mobile application development in 2015 4 major trends

(10)Programmers' responses to Watch Apple

(11) big connection, the new big data Era


(1)Silicon Valley companies's business characteristics and talent recruitment of those things - Silicon Valley super interview, Coursera Software Engineer Dong Fei interview

(2) data science team to do business-- an interview with Liu Jiyang, the Chinese double CTO


(1) WatchKit Apple inquiry

(2) analysis of the structure of the three dominant features of F2P games

(3)IBeacons this year

cloud computing

(1) new SchemaRDD


(1) how to design a server programming framework from ACL

(2) from the literal discovery of functional programming

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