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[OpenCloud2015] highlights held three Summit on April 17th OpenStack grand debut concert

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Abstract:2015 openstack Technology Conference in Applied Ecology and describes the development trend of openstack, from a number of HP, Huawei, IBM, Jinshan Yun, millet and other agencies of 13 lecturers, respectively openstack different components, different projects, different application scenarios analysis, including integration and docker.

Sponsored by CSDN, CSDN expert advisory group to support the OpenCloud 2015 conference in Beijing National Convention Center successfully held. Full of dry goods 2015 openstack technology conference, 2015 spark technology summit, 2015Container Technology Summit strength to win the recognition of all the audience. CSDN cloud computing special combing live topic, together for more exciting content, lecturer, reader. OpenStack Technology ConferenceHighlights.The Spark summit highlightsandThe Container summit highlightsAll to send out. (Lecturer PDF in the final statistics, this week will be issued, please note that the @CSDN cloud computing micro channel notice)

Morning highlights:

09:00From CSDN host, CSDN expert advisory group to support the OpenCloud 2015 conference soon began, the summit set "2015 openstack technology conference, 2015 spark technology summit, 2015 container technology summit summit and multi field depth industry actual combat training, more than 40 from front-line experts will deliver a keynote speech, the meeting will cover the openstack, spark container, three big nowadays the most popular cloud computing data core technology, renowned at home and abroad the real cloud computing experts. Here are the dry cargo, products, technology, and service platform, and OpenCloud 2015, skilled people are here!

09:05OpenStackTechnology Conference officially began, the first stage is the host of today, enterprise records co founder Li Mingyu. First, he introduced the meeting of the speakers, as well as the development trend of the current OpenStack, he said the summit will be from the two parts of the ecological and applied to elaborate.

09:30OpenStack #OCC2015#Technology Conference officially began, the first speech is from HP senior technical experts Rajeev Pandey, he shared the openstack ecological environment, he said openstack as an open cloud platform, the perfect plug-in mechanism allows each manufacturer to openstack submitted their implementation, or integrate their services, in openstack almost every important components have several professional companies to provide related software or services. He thinks the openstack has been peak (peak ofInflated 'high expectations of the, is experiencing a bubble on the bottom of the valley (trough of disillusionment), but in the past three years, openstack in the world has more than 70 user groups and 12000 from 130 different countries members of the community, is becoming a de facto IAAs standards. And rapid development of openstack, thanks to easy implementation (simple to implement), highly scalable (massively scalable) and the characteristics of rich feature rich, and active and strong contribution to the community and the maturity of the ecosystem.

10:10#OCC2015#Huawei cloud operating system product department architect Zhang Yu, the Nova's responsibility and structure design idea, from thinking and the perspective to explore, including Nova the bare metal service pipe, the "hood" docker, this should not support VM HA and DRS/DPM, the not the responsible for scheduling and other. In his view, the nova is computing resource pool, a unified abstract system, is mainly responsible for calculating the life cycle management of resources, considering reliability and maintainability, similar to Linux "driver" and not "kernel" and control of surface and surface regardless of the business (such as VM performance), operation and maintenance. Other components can reuse the Nova bare metal ability, such as the Ironic currently only 20 thousand lines of code. Nova tube is the computing resources, virtualization, Docker is responsible for the application services, containers. Nova design features include: distributed, non center, stateless, asynchronous execution, plug-in, configurable and API RESTful.

10:35#OCC2015#HP cloud computing chief expert, architect, MVP Chen Ran introduced the current development of the Helion HP open source cloud computing, and how to land in china. He said HP Helion development platform of delivery mode is a platform as a service, built on the basis of open source cloudfoundry, in order to provide a very efficient and fast system for the majority of application developers, to help them independent in infrastructure to create and deploy, publish their applications. He concluded HP Helion core strategy: mixed it and for the appropriate application to choose appropriate platform; itaas, it departments transformation for enterprise cloud service providers; to developers as the core, enabling developers to rapidly develop natural cloud applications.

11:15#OCC2015#Cloud architect Gong Yongsheng today's topic is Neutron- cloud computing network virtualization". He said Neutron originated in the virtual machine network card, but Neutron not only need to virtual also need to interconnect. The purpose of the Neutron network is to divide the physical network more flexible for OpenStack cloud, and provide the network environment for each tenant in a multi tenant environment. Neutron part of traditional network management functionality is pushed to the tenant, tenants through it can create a own exclusive virtual network and subnet, create a router and so on, with the help of network virtual function, basic physical network can outward provide additional network services, such as tenants can create a belongs to own similar to the data center network, virtual network. In addition, Neutron provides API to achieve this goal. Neutron users can create their own network object if the concept map and the physical environment, the network object is equivalent to a huge switch can have an unlimited number of dynamic creation and destruction of the virtual port. Like deploying a physical network, you also need to do some basic planning and design when using Neutron to create a virtual network.

12:00IBM #OCC2015#Xi'an Cloud Computing Development Department of the architect Liu Guangya, the issue of "parsing OpenStack and Docker integration" the most challenging. Industry tend to think that OpenStack has a great impact to the Docker. But Liu Guangya believes that the two are complementary. Docker mainly for the PaaS platform, in order to apply to the center, so that the IaaS layer of computing resources to be more fully utilized, because the Docker is relatively virtual machine, the more light, the utilization of resources will be more fully. The OpenStack is mainly for the IaaS platform, resource centric, to provide a variety of resources for the upper PaaS, including computing, storage, network resources, etc.. In order to better achieve interoperability, with as a Service Magnum:Container.

The afternoon highlights:

13:40UnitedStack founder &CEO Cheng Hui in a speech entitled OpenStack technology and market overview, a profound interpretation of the problem of any computer can be introduced into a middle layer to solve the point of view. In his view, the hardware /IDC and business systems, is the cloud platform, such as OpenStack, VMware, Azure, AWS, etc.. In 2010 before the public cloud is AWS, azure, Ali cloud, cloud Tencent, to single handedly in independent research and development, reconstruction platform and need to at least spend hundreds of millions of dollars. And after 2010, Jin Shanyun, Baidu cloud, telecom, China Unicom, the small and medium public cloud using OpenStack in a very short time (most of the six months) will be able to build a cloud platform, equivalent to save hundreds of millions of R & D costs. Cheng Hui believes: OpenStack provides a very good way of thinking, build a cloud on the correct path. But for most companies want to build cloud services through OpenStack DIY, the challenge is also great. Such as system integration and integration, continuous integration and delivery, without interruption upgrade, SLA guarantee, data center network architecture design, etc.. This requires such as UintedStack open source cloud computing technology and platform to help Service Corporation.

14:30Wendlandt VMware is Director of Product Management Dan, in his view, OpenStack can provide more APIs and tools for developers. And Vmware can make the calculation, network, storage and management resources to be more effective use of. As an open, dynamic system of enterprise level platform, VMware can help OpenStack more innovative. From 2012 officially became Foundation OpenStack gold membership, as of now, Vmware has 6 bit contributor, 20 Developers, 313 Commits, 39224 Lines-of-Code, 2456 Reviewed Patches. What is interesting is that VMware's own OpenStack cloud contains: servers 6K+, VMs 1K+, networks 250+. And in the Nova, Neutron, Cinder/Glance and other components, VMware has more architecture level support.

15:05Red Riding Hood openstack, senior architect, Jin Tao Li in openstack based on atomic host of continuous integration "speech, first said: red hat openstack and other than that a more open, because the code was 100% is open. In his view, how can the continuous supply and integration of the latest Openstack infrastructure and platform deployment and maintenance applications?" Is a big challenge, the need to continue to update and deploy the Openstack infrastructure and test applications, and then can be deployed in a unit to produce.

15:35EasyStack CoFounder & CTO, OpenStack & KVM Contributor Liu Guohui to explain the "OpenStack hybrid cloud, Enterprise Cloud new trend", he thinks, OpenStack and hybrid cloud is the future trend of OpenStack hybrid cloud should be mixed to support multi scene, unified network technology GUI, unified resource management GUI, and so on, of course there are challenges. For example, VPN SPOF virtual network routing, network delay, the three layer of the north to the bottleneck, that is to carry out a tradeoff between complexity and performance and manageability, in addition to mirror portability, hardware compatibility, solutions need some criteria: security priority, reuse of existing components, non intrusive, and elastic on demand, policy driven, support a variety of hardware devices, and supports heterogeneous remote cloud environment.

16:20Intel Open Source Software Center China Cloud Computing Development Manager, said Wang Qing, using open source software to deploy enterprise application has many advantages but openstack is the most complex of the open source software and its application to the enterprise private cloud also exist great challenges, including stability can not be guaranteed, configuration complexity, operation and maintenance of the high demand, project development very fast, free and no one is responsible, pain points such as the pain of the neutron, document the absence or old, online update and high availability, dashboard, soil Diaozha... So the solution needs to consider six aspects: business and market, and Pets Cattle, deployment, operation and maintenance of the best practices, monitoring, stability and reliability, etc..

17:10#OCC2015# defense of computer science researcher Yu Song Tan brought the theme is "Tianhe II openstack practice and experience", mainly including openstack in Tianhe No.2 on the deployment and optimization, the use of appropriate distribution and contribution to the community and so on. He said that the goal is to meet the Milky way two is to meet the high performance computing, high throughput rate of information services and massive data processing and other areas of complex application needs. When it comes to openstack and optimization deployment he said now do the following content, internal components by multiple services, including API interface, database, AMQP message queue; components and internal components through AMQP message queue interaction; component by calling API; part of the service directly interact with the database and so on.

17:35Jin Shanyun partner Song Wei theme is the use of Openstack in the public cloud". As a larger domestic OpenStack users, Jinshan cloud with Openstack to build a unified cloud services platform, cloud hosting services, RDS, cloud storage, load balance, CDN, cloud security. Jin Shanyun contains more than 20 data centers at home and abroad, and even the use of Openstack to achieve the synchronization of the submarine cable. Its use: Trove, Neutron, Nova, Keystone, Glance, Cinder and other modules. And on the basis of these, the Mountain Cloud do lots of new jobs, such as RDS, to realize the contains high availability framework, performance faster, more secure, flexible, perfect monitoring, Docker/Container etc. optimization trove component based on. In addition, there are Message, Queue Nova and other optimization.

18:05 last lecturer, millet OpenStack project leader Pan Xiaodong to share the practice of OpenStack in the private cloud. First explain the various components of the trial process to the pit and accumulation of experience. For example, the operating system: CentOS RDO, add computing nodes is a pit, the existing compatibility problems and solving method is to establish their own sources, manually add computing nodes; network: VLAN, network nodes, stable and efficient virtual network, pit is the stability of neutron, often broken, resulting in OpenVswtich unable to configure the network strategy; storage blocks: network interrupt 30s will cause the file system Readonly, leading to user for shared storage lose confidence; object storage: swift performance is poor, as CDN source server is easily killed, did not request is swift itself will account for a nuclear. Then he shared the migration of virtual machine maintenance plan, including live migration and migration disk, live migration by precopy algorithm of circular memory copy to the destination machine, stop for a short time, but the need for shared memory.

2015 OpenStack technology conference to share the 13 lecturers all over, full of work, the whole point of no urine. Look forward to tomorrow's Container and Spark's share!

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