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Programmers April 2015 A: information accessibility

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Abstract:Currently domestic information accessible in the slow progress, though we are pleased to see, to bat as the representative of Internet companies is gradually attach importance to information accessibility, but information accessibility concept is far not popularized. We planned a special report in this issue's cover, in order to promote the information accessibility as a modest.

Information no obstacle is translated from accessibility, the general idea is: Internet products can be elderly, visually impaired, hearing-impaired, reading writing disabilities and other users use smooth, also can be more efficient and more convenient by all users.

cover story

(1) information accessibility: trends in the development of the Internet

(2) information accessibility: it is true that there is no obstacle to integration.CEO Cao Bao Yi interactive interview

(3) the accessibility of information technology pass

(4) BAT and IBM information accessibility overview


(1): IEEE Spectrum express foreign periodicals

(2) foreign express: CACM

(3) code school will be a shortcut to the programmer's growth?

(4) nature IT

(5) the sound of the industry

(6) CSDN ten information

(7) the future of the network

(8) big data trading market

(9) - open source without bordersThrough OSTC2015 open source technology conference

(10) W3C in the Web no obstacle on the efforts


(1)Facebook's vision and the future of virtual reality

(2)Android event bus also how to play?

(3)Cloud services opportunities for mobile payments outbreak year

(4)Secret 12306 technical transformation - the traditional framework of cloud migration to the memory data platform


(1)Biology and computer weaving unique life - HipHop Facebook author, Ali researcher Zhao Haiping interview

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