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Programmers April 2015 B: smart watches

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Abstract:In April 2015, Watch Apple officially on sale, a time smart watch has become a hot topic of discussion. This issue covers the four dimensions of smart watches products, applications, systems, market analysis, to explore the watch in China's landing, the system of customized practice, as well as the developer's potential opportunities.

Cover report

(1)Android watches in China so landing

(2)Apple Watch application development: from the perspective of "recycling" ink weather

(3) the congregation king Pebble Time

(4)Watch Apple application development: those who encounter pits

(5)Three perception and unsolved: an interview with HUAWEI innovation director Cai Xupeng puzzle smart Watch


(1) foreign express: WIRED

(2) foreign express: CACM

(3) the secret of Google recruiting excellent talents

(4) when the software test meets the Internet of things

(5) if I can go back to five years ago, I will tell myself these business reasons.

(6) interview before the C# compiler group chief engineer Lippert Eric

(7) modern extreme programming

(8) the sound of the industry

(9) CSDN ten information

(10) from the ecology to the actual combatReview and summary of the OpenCloud 2015 Conference


(1)How do I not spend a penny to harvest the 2 million 300 thousand app Downloads

(2) software architecture of Mosby Feed open source library

(3) Harbor: application automation system based on Docker Technology

(4) from Sort Search to Join

(5)Emerging technologies hit, Web development how to choose


(1)Approaching the division of Intel software technology ace -- system technology and optimization Department

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