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Programmers May 2015 A:OpenCloud 2015 highlights

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Abstract:Full of dry goods 2015 openstack technology conference, 2015 spark technology summit, 2015Container Technology Summit strength to win the recognition of all the audience. This period "programmer" special selected as part of a lecturer of exciting content to satisfy the readers more and more details can be subsequent CSDN reported concern.

Cover report

(1) the history, current situation and Prospect of container technology

(2) depth analysis of Docker and OpenStack systems integration

(3) distributed computing platform based on Mesos and Docker

(4)Automatic construction of container based on Docker in the application of the United States

(5) the application and practice optimization of Tencent in Spark

(6) Spark Intel application optimization and practical experience


(1): IEEE SPECTRUM express foreign periodicals

(2) foreign express: CACM

(3) the new mission of the Department of IT

(4) iPhone may be smarter than we are in the future.

(5) the sound of the industry

(6) the 6 most dangerous attack technology in 2015

(7) RSA 2015 in my eyes: change and confidence


(1) Jin Shanyun 2015 to over three"

(2) Linux application container: vs. Rkt Docker

(3) Google custom rack server

(4) Unity chief preacher: the design details of the VR game

(5)The practice of "Unity" in "eight 3D"

(6) Unity development of MMOARPG game solutions

(7)Cross platform 3D military action game challenges

(8) free mode: a public problem that exists for the basis of pay

(9) using Go to rewrite the large system


(1) how the old staff to become the new enlightenment teacher

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Recent activity


2015 China big data technology conference

In order to better help enterprises in-depth understanding of large data with the latest technology at home and abroad, master more industry data of practical experience, to further promote the big data technology innovation, industry application and talent cultivation, 10-12 December 2015, sponsored by the China Computer Federation (CCF), CO CCF large numbers according to the Expert Committee of the contractor, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of computing technology, and DNT branch in Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and CSDN 2015 China big data technology conference (big data technology conference 2015, BDTC 2015) will Yunnan new crown holiday hotel in Beijing held a grand.

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