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Microsoft Build conference has a sense: UAP Windows began to surprise people

Published in15:46 2015-05-11| Time reading| sourceCSDN| ZeroArticle comments| authorZhou Jiaan

Abstract:Has been known for a long time Microsoft's "sacrifice" approach is not very reasonable, and when exposed to UAP (general application), my attitude instantly transformed, unified platform despite difficulty is very great, but at least I have seen Microsoft's performance the -- UAP can greatly reduce the cost for multiple platforms and development should be used.

Starting from the C language, along the way, I have been holding the.NET development of the pure land. In many social platforms have seen a lot of learning about what programming language more promising debate, however, I am interested in the choice of the direction of learning, and never do not have the future. Zheng Guofan has a saying: "don't ask the harvest, but ask the hard work".

So, a lot of things, only deep in order to truly understand, rather than a few words can be resolved into a quarrel, no absolute perfection, there is no pure. I chose to go to the direction of.NET development completely out of personal preferences.

Mention of UAP, had to remind me of one thing: after the launch of Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 also subsequently released, but then there a "Jing heaven and earth, the spirits of news, Microsoft made it clear that Windows Phone 7. X cannot upgrade to 8.0. This event set off a no small waves, even I as a Windows developer also feel some confusion, why should Microsoft "sacrifice" out of 7.x? Although later I know it is because the kernel is different and can not be upgraded, but there are still doubts in the heart.

Until shortly before the release of the Microsoft Windows 10 SDK preview version, as well as the recent Build 2015 Conference on the show, I was completely eliminate the suspense in the heart. Past has been that Microsoft's "sacrifice" approach is not very reasonable, and when I come into contact with UAP (general application), my attitude instantly transformed, unified platform despite difficulty is very great, but at least I have seen Microsoft results the. UAP can greatly reduce the cost of developing applications for multiple platforms.

So-called universal application, popular point said is to develop an app, you can also run on a variety of equipment, PC, laptop, tablet PCs, mobile phones, Xbox and other, even between platform system is not exactly the same, but there is a common kernel, the same runtime library, for playing through the platform provides sufficient conditions.

Actually, when 8.1, Microsoft has in the attempt to unify applied, but at the time of application project or separately for two windows store and windows phone platform, and then through the a code sharing project to integrate some of the shared code. This "shared code" generic is just a shallow layer of common, practical is still a different platform running different applications. In the face of windows 10 UAP truly realize the universal platform. All platforms can run the same application projects, the original three projects to be merged as a, and do not need to consider what API in Windows Phone hasn't achieved, because the most common API are put together. Many API and 8.1 version of the API is similar, developers do not need to learn more knowledge on the migration can be developed.

UAP application of the API collection is described through a series of agreements, and in the SDK directory through a XML file to a unified configuration, including the scope of application of API and version number and other information. In the future, if the runtime is updated, you can modify the XML file directly, or you can add a new API set directly without changing the existing API set. But considering the individual function, may be platform specific strong, as we know, WP mobile phone has a back button, and the Windows plate is not the key, the back key processing API not all of the general platform, in this case, you can use at the appropriate time to expand SDK (Extension SDKs). General extension of SDK has two, one is specific to the PC desktop Desktop SDK, another is specific to the mobile phone platform Mobile SDK, only when the developers to use platform specific API only need to refer to the extension of API, and can determine some of the API code is available, after all is UAP can run on all platforms on the device, if running on a tablet computer, processing the back button API is not available, the application will not perform the relevant code, to avoid accidental error. (here is not UAP do in-depth description, just a simple description of the interested friends can refer to my another article:link).

Another bright spot is that you can with minimum cost will be other platform porting applications for windows UAP, such as IOS and Android, webapp, application, also includes windows platform of Win32 and past the. Net application. Many people worry about this attitude, but I do not think otherwise, one can strengthen the diversity of applications, not to mention the application of the transplant does not cover the superiority of native API. Two Visual Studio for cross platform support is also a cheerful. The objective of visual studio is recognized as one of the most powerful and no one of the development environment, have many developers want visual studio can support more programming language and platform development. In this way, developers can in their most familiar environment to create more value and application. With an open source. Net will increase many third party components, the majority of developers in daily development tasks can use more auxiliary tool, why not.

The entire Build conference, can be said to be a surprise. We cannot ask Microsoft in a short period of time will be able to learn. In the long run, Microsoft this from the natural monopoly to multi mode open strategy will reap the harvest is not a bandit, is also worthy of recognition. Enterprise strategy is not the local people in the eyes of the superiority and inferiority, is not due to spatial or temporal localization and slowly at the beginning of the other, important is to properly enough into the whole "ecosystem", and can obtain more resources to join. The Microsoft Corp "right and wrong", who can not tell, it is not necessary with these things, all reasonable.

Finally, to talk about Windows 10, the recent controversy over the Windows 10, I think, there is controversy on the achievements; on the contrary, if there is no achievement of the product, who will go to dispute. If you asked me how to treat these controversies, I can only with Professor Zeng Shiqiang's words to answer: "after a personal experience and see what will see very deeply, understanding is not the same as anyone else, will due to other different level, different feelings, and coping. Different people, each one. Each person's position is not the same, the feelings will not be the same".

Zhou Jiaan, programming enthusiasts, long-term focus on Windows,.NET development related technology research and promotion. The representative works include: "simple Windows 8.1 application development", "master C#5.0".

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