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Programmers May 2015 B:Java 20 anniversary

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Abstract:Java as one of the most popular programming technology, to bring far-reaching impact on the software industry, but also changed the lives of many people. Value Java twenty years, the current "programmers" invited Java field technical experts, well-known book authors from their point of view of Java technology changes and in various fields of technology.

Cover report

(1)Java - forever, twists and turns, low, rebirth!

(2)More and more "simple" Java

(3)Look at this cup of coffee

(4)Encoding as an architect

(5)Passion and perseverance let me to the end of the technology

(6)My Java! Over the hill

(7) my Java small time

(8)Java development and technical challenges

(9)Java 8 and Ignite Apache

(10)The historical changes of Java memory model

(11)Those years, Java programmers used the development tool

(12)Thinking about the research and development of Java framework

(13)Cloud on System Profiling Java and Debugging

(14)Sogou business platform Java Technology Practice

(15)The application of Java in the development of game server

(16)Java technology in the field of telecommunications software

(17)Some thoughts on Java framework Vert.x


(1) foreign express: CACM

(2) the sound of the industry

(3) the principle of procedural language

(4) the way to start a startup

(5) capital feast in technological change

(6) data of the new technology camp


(1)The success of the community is to embrace change

(2)Iterative misuse of game design: from semi - finished to conceptual revision

(3)How to choose the right front frame

(4) Docker Business Guide

(5) the practice of GC tuning in Spark application

(6) the micro service architecture of Android system architecture

(7) Master ECMAScript 6 asynchronous programming


(1) the problem of software development in the

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