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The seventh China Cloud Computing Conference in Beijing ended successfully

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Abstract:June 5, 2015, the seventh China Cloud Computing Conference at the National Convention center. Commitment to the successful experience of the previous six, more than 100 core experts at home and abroad in the field of cloud computing, focusing on the current situation and development trend of ecological systems, exchange of practical experience, to further promote the application of technological innovation.

3-5, June 2015, as the most influential event in the field of cloud computing -The seventh China Cloud Computing ConferenceHeld at the National Convention center.

Under the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of science and technology, Beijing Municipal People's government, of the China Association for science and technology guidance, the seventh China Cloud Computing conference hosted by the Chinese Institute of electronics, China Cloud Computing Technology Industry Association, committee of experts on Chinese data, Chinese Institute of electronics, cloud computing expert committee hosted, CSDN, ZDNet ZDNet, IDG news, itvalue Co. Conference to promote the cloud computing innovation and development, cultivate the new format in the information industry "as the theme, is the domestic and foreign government, industry, academia, research, such as multi share technology development trend, exchange practical experience, to further promote the cloud computing event in the technological innovation and industrial development. China Cloud Computing Technology and Industry Alliance chairman, the former Ministry of Posts and telecommunications, Ministry of Information Industry Minister Wu Jichuan, the Chinese Institute of Electronics chairman, Lou Qinjian, governor of Shaanxi Province, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Vice Minister of the Huai Jinpeng attended the meeting and delivered a speech. General Assembly President, Chinese Academy of engineering, Li Deyi, as the theme of the report, including the Li Wei academician, academician Zhang Po, academician Gao Wen, academician Li Bohu, including more than 30 experts in the field of cloud computing for the general assembly report. Xu Xiaolan, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Institute of electronics, Lin Runhua, presided over the June 3rd general meeting.

The successful experience of the six session of the general assembly, invited well-known experts at home and abroad to attend the meeting and make a speech. More than 100 domestic and foreign cloud computing experts in the field of the core of a wonderful speech, covering and application, the calculation of safety and automation operation and maintenance of the design and maintenance, massive data mining depth of best practice, machine learning help recommendation algorithm of the new exploration cable in such aspects as, allow participants to better discuss the cloud computing ecosystem present situation and the development trend, AC cloud computing experience, further promote the cloud computing technology innovation application on construction of IAAs, PAAS, SaaS platform.

The general assembly for the first timeThree days, from the government leaders, academicians and scholars, business leaders around the future trend of cloud computing and the current practice of the current situation of the application of a wonderful discussion and analysis. In addition, the general assembly set up the core technical architecture of cloud computing, cloud computing, big data platform construction and practice of core technologies and applications, cloud computing and IT infrastructure operation and maintenance of automation forum, cloud computing security and trusted computing, hybrid cloud application and practice, cloud computing and cloud storage core architecture and application of new technology, based on the distance medical practice and construction of cloud computing, big data applications of intelligent transportation, "Internet plus", "Internet plus ten" financial sub forum, Cloud Application of the latest technology and solutions are discussed. At the same time, the conference also organized the SaaS industry development, the second session of the international cloud computing standardization, the sixth cross strait cloud computing collaboration, IFIP cloud computing experts committee invited forum, technical training courses and a wealth of industry party, evening salons and other special events, to the participants provides multi dimensions and deep communication opportunities, work together to promote business and domestic cloud computing's innovation and development.

Cloud computing development space is more broad

Cloud computing is reached a certain stage of the inevitable result of electronic information technology development and the need of information society, is the modern social information surge calculation development of dynamic resource reuse technology, and the popularization of the broadband network and various interaction results. After 8 years of development, cloud computing has become an important model for people to use information processing, information storage, information exchange resources, but also an important platform for large data processing and depth mining.

Data analysis shows that in 2015 the global cloud computing market is expected to reach 130 billion U.S. dollars, the annual growth rate of about 20%. At present domestic cloud computing market is not big enough, but in recent years in science and technology industry department in charge of the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, industry and Information Ministry to vigorously promote, cloud computing active in the field of science and technology innovation, industry development quickly, the application field of continuous expansion. Especially in early 2015, the State Council promulgated the "State Council on promoting innovation and development of cloud computing, cultivating new formats of information industry views," 5 documents, the development of large data cloud computing space will be more broad.

The development of cloud computing is the process of technology evolution and application. In the continuous efforts of academia and industry, large-scale parallel processing technology, distributed data storage technology, resource virtualization technology, resource scheduling management technology, trusted computing technology, intelligent cloud terminal cloud computing related core technology further development; commercial cloud computing technology and open source cloud computing technology to promote mutually in the competition; cloud computing standards of in technology, industry and application plays a more important role. According to the public cloud, private cloud and industry, formed a government cloud, cloud education, finance cloud, cloud industry, urban management cloud, medical health, cloud, cloud location services, cloud environment such as shapes and distinctive features of cloud computing services.

The construction of expert scholars discuss the ecological system

stayGeneral AssemblyTheme speech, the top experts and scholars at home and abroad to discuss the construction and development of cloud computing ecosystem, as well as to share the experience of landing.

Direct overseas experience. IBM System Department power systems global general manager M. Douglas Balog, Microsoft senior vice president, Greater China Chairman and chief executive officer Ralph Haupter, Intel's vice president of global data center business unit, cloud platform division general manager Jason P. Waxman, CSA cloud security alliance founder and CEO Jim Reavis, Teradata days Rui International cloud computing solving scheme expert Joao Crespo, Seagate technology advanced storage department chief Technology Officer James Hughes, Adgetec company CEO, best-selling author Mark Mueller-Eberstein such as well-known industry leaders brought international latest technology thought and practice experience.

Six academicians profound interpretation. Vice Minister of industry and information technology, academician of Academy of Sciences, Chinese chairman, Chinese big data expert committee China Institute of electronics, cloud computing expert committee chairman Huai Jin Peng, academician of Academy of Engineering Chinese China big data expert consultant, China Institute of Electronics cloud honorary chairman of the Committee of experts is Li Deyi, academician of Academy of Sciences China China big data expert consultant Li Wei, academician of the Academy of Sciences, China China big data expert consultant Zhang Bo, deputy director of China academician, Academy of engineering, the National Natural Science Foundation of China Chinese large number according to the vice chairman of the Committee of experts, Chinese Institute of electronics, cloud computing expert committee vice chairman Govan, academician of the Academy of engineering, China China big data expert advisory committee, deputy director of China Institute of electronics, cloud computing expert committee member Li "tiger six Academicians attended the meeting, and the domestic and foreign cloud computing big data technology and other aspects of the profound interpretation of the problem.

Practical experience to share. China Institute of electronics, cloud computing Committee, general manager of cloud computing company China Telecom Co Chellona Mobile Communications Corporation Cmcc Wu Xiangdong, the general manager of the company, Dai Zhong, member of the Committee of experts Chinese big data China general manager of China Unicom cloud company just enjoy the latest practice focus of telecom operators; vice chairman of the Committee of experts, Chinese big data cloud computing Chinese Institute of Electronics vice chairman of the Committee of experts, senior vice president of Baidu Inc, chairman of Baidu Technology Strategy Committee Wang Jin, vice president of Tencent Inc, Qiu Yuepeng, vice chairman of the Committee of experts, Chinese big data cloud computing Chinese Electronics Association vice chairman of the Committee of experts, chief technology officer of Alibaba group Wang Jian, vice president of the company, 360 Chief Privacy Officer Tan Xiaosheng, thunder chief technology officer Chen Lei revealed to each other Network companies to explore the latest; China electric power construction group deputy general manager Yao Qiang, China UnionPay Co., Ltd. executive vice president Chai Hongfeng shows the traditional enterprise landing practice; wave group president and chief technology officer, the wave of Software Group Chairman Wang Bohua, H3C cloud meter product line, Wu Jian, Qingyun qingcloud CEO Huang Yunsong, EasyStack co-founder &CEO Chen Xilun, Beijing three not shun technology development Co., Ltd., founder and CEO of ZhangYue public, Wang Wei, founder of Hangzhou DreamWorks Technology Co., Ltd. describes infrastructure and data service provider's core design philosophy and thought.

Dozens of enterprises to share innovative technology and entrepreneurial practice

On "cloud computing architecture core technology, cloud computing platform for building and practice, data of core technologies and applications, cloud computing IT infrastructure and operation and maintenance of automation forum, cloud computing safety and trusted computing, cloud computing and cloud storage core architecture and Application Forum, from inside and outside the sea line it company Microsoft, IBM, Intel, China Unicom, China Telecom, Baidu, Alibaba, Sina, Sohu, and other elite engineers, from the reality of thorough analysis of cloud computing technology in the practice problems and solutions. Not only that, in response to the call of mass innovation, innovation and peoples' group, admaster, Qingyun, seven cows, ucloud, footprint, and shoot cloud, DaoCloud, spruce century network, larks, science and technology, security dog, Ivy cloud security, billion HENGCHUANG source focus innovation and new technology research and development, in terms of CDN, container, SDN, cloud security, dares to innovate, to achieve the two-way breakthrough of technology and market.

Cloud computing core technology architecture cast service infrastructure. Convergence of IBM, Intel, Baidu, Sina, Suning, footprints, Qingyun, seven cows, Daocloud, a lark, Beijing spruce century network technology more than 10 institutions of first-line expert research today, cloud computing the core technology in the field of architecture. In the afternoon of the 4 day of the forum, IBM Chinese wisdom cloud platform and OpenStack chief architect Yang Haiming shared "the implementation of IBM based on the OpenStack value and" Open Cloud Architecture in the enterprise; Intel data center platform and system of cooperation commercial product manager Pan Xiaoyong, Intel Center open source graphics technology virtualization senior Software Engineer Lv Zhiyuan and Intel cloud computing and Big Data Solutions Architect Hu Xiao together on the "Intel video cloud"; Baidu Open Cloud senior architect Yang Yi Baidu Open Cloud virtual network practice "explained; Sina cloud computing chief, SAE founder Cong Lei analyzed" cloud computing core operation system "; seven cattle cloud storage chief architect Li Daobing described the" development "of cloud storage power video surveillance industry trends; Qingyun QingCloud System engineer Yang Jintao shared the "Qingyun QingCloud storage practice". 5 in the afternoon forum, Suning openstack R & D center responsible for Zhang Xiaobin, enough to remember vice president and CTO sun Dongfeng, DaoCloud co-founder and CEO Chen Qiyan, spruce Beijing Century Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Qi Ya Xuan, lark technology founder and CEO left Yue on multiple areas of openstack, container, SDN, were deeply share.

Cloud computing platform construction and practice to build scalable resource scheduling. Microsoft (China) Limited company development tools and platform Division Technology Consulting Director Zhao Liwei's "road to Jane, born to be cloud - Computing Platform Based on Microsoft IBM cloud practice", China Development Center Cloud architects, IBM's senior technical expert Yang Bo "IBM Bluemix: enterprise application oriented hybrid and a new generation of digital innovation" the shift platform (Suzhou) Software Technology Co. Ltd. cloud development department deputy general manager Zhang Zhihong of the "China Mobile cloud computing development strategy and application", KeyTone Cloud carved through the cloud founder and chief executive Jiang Lin "OpenStack hybrid cloud landing challenges and Countermeasures" Chinese enterprises based on Patrignani Norberto, senior associate lecturer Turin Institute of science and technology "cloud computing service platform and international outlook" from different dimensions of display design international platform for Cloud Computing Trends and ideas. Intel data center cloud platform division whole cabinet architecture market technical manager Ruan Xingping Chinese and Intel Shanghai branch data software engineer Luo Zhongyue "Intel whole cabinet architecture for software defined Infrastructure Optimization of cloud infrastructure solutions, cloud computing technology China Telecom Co branch director Xiao Ming" China wide Telecom cloud computing in the field of innovation and practice "redefining Hangzhou and take cloud CTO Huang Huipan cloud acceleration, the founder of HYPER & CTO Wang Xu" Hyper: virtual Docker engine based on a constant source of Yi senior vice president Zhang Taile "computational acceleration scheme" PCIe SSD based cloud in the technical details more prominent practical treatment.

Cloud computing IT infrastructure and automation of operation and maintenance of the development of high availability of services. Innovation Center Wang Feng, senior director of Microsoft Asia Pacific Technology Co., Ltd. China Cloud Computing, IBM Greater China Cloud Computing Service Technical Director Wang pan, baidu data center chief architect Zhang Binghua, Ali group technical security department of cloud computing operation senior technical experts Ke min, China Unicom Cloud Data Co., Ltd. maintenance and service department general manager Kang Nan, beautiful round net senior technical experts, SRE team responsible for Hong Dan, architecture ucloud and solving scheme Yang Jun, vice president will take you swim in the cloud era of large-scale operations practice.

Cloud computing security and trusted computing to build data security firewall. Big data China Committee, deputy director of the Committee of experts of national computer network Emergency Response Coordination Center Yun Xiaochun CSA, chairman for Greater China, HUAWEI's chief security expert Li Yuhang, 360 cloud division director Zhang Xiaobing, the Microsoft Corp of trustworthy computing security technology policy director Chen Kai, the China Telecom Co of cloud computing branch deputy general manager Zheng Shaobin Department of Beijing petroleum products. Richfit Information Technology Co., Ltd. senior technical director of information security CEO security dog Huang Sheng, Chen Fen, Aoto Oon, Zhang Fu Chinese founder of &CEO security, big data expert committee, China Institute of electronics, cloud computing Committee, Intel R & D center China enterprise data center chief software architect Li Yan, doctoral tutor Professor Zhang Huanguo, Wuhan University School of computer not for participants to send a Smoke of battle.

Large data core technology and the application of massive data processing support. China Committee of experts on large data, deputy director of the committee, vice president of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Guo Jun, Liu of dean of Microsoft Asia Academy of engineering earthquake, China Telecom Co., Ltd. cloud computing company deputy general manager Wang Xinggang, baidu big data development director highlighted, big data expert committee of China will, member of the Chinese Institute of Electronics cloud computing expert committee, yoyo Beijing Tianyu Technology Co., Ltd general manager Yao Hongyu, Sohu Big Data Center Technical Manager Li Tao, admaster Technology Vice President Lu billion Lei seven technical experts work together to bring a feast of big data applications.

Cloud computing and cloud storage core architecture and Application Forum decryption software definition. PMC company data center and server products division president Pete Hazen, Sina Senior Operation Manager Liu Mingsheng, dawn Product Center Manager Liu Xiaoliang, "big store" series of books the author support, PMC data center storage architects Zhangdong, wave group of the Internet Industry Department SmartRack manager Qu Gang, baidu Open Cloud Development Manager Li Xu and billion HENGCHUANG source flash system responsible for Dong Hwa University in-depth sharing cloud data center key technology, test automation, data hierarchical storage, software defined flash system experience.

The practice of industry aggregation "Internet plus application"

The general assembly also set up a remote medical practice and construction of new technology, hybrid cloud application and Practice (Telecom special), based on cloud computing applications for large data intelligent transportation industry, "Internet plus" and "Internet plus five" financial industry practice forum, invited IBM, VMware, China telecommunication, China Mobile, millet, Xugong Group ants, gold clothing, Yixin big data innovation center, Tongji University, GE drops fast, general electric and other institutions together with the in-depth study of the most realistic life of cloud computing application case.

Hybrid cloud application and Practice (Telecom) forum.China Telecom Co., Ltd. cloud computing branch xushou Feng, deputy general manager, China Telecom Co., Ltd. cloud computing technical director of the company Guang Xiaoming, VMware Greater China region mixed cloud business director Yin Shumin, CCW Information Deputy General Manager Cao Yujie, experts and honored guests a, discusses the hybrid Cloud Architecture in privacy protection and data availability guarantee to play the role, and hybrid Cloud Architecture in the field of telecommunications of best practices.

Remote medical construction and practice forum based on new technology.Academician of the Academy of engineering, Chinese vice chairman of the Committee of experts, China big data cloud computing Chinese Electronic Institute Vice Chairman of the Committee of experts Li Lanjuan, Beijing public health information center director Zhang Wenzhong, Hangzhou Zhuojian Mdt InfoTech Ltd Wei Jianfeng, China Mobile government and enterprise customers assistant general manager Deng Xiaoning medical industry Innovation Center, the liberation of the General Hospital of the Second Artillery director, senior engineer Lu Jingtai, director of the national health plan, planning of remote medical management training center deputy director of the office of the information center, Lu Qingjun hospital, PLA General Hospital Medical Information Institute honorary director Zhao Junping, the National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen marketing department vice minister Liu Yupeng, manager of the R & D department, China Unicom China cloud data limited Chinese electronic learn a senior member of Chen Qingjin, Lin Xin almond To promote information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. founder and CEO Zhang Yusheng shared cloud computing and mobile Internet brings to the medical field and actual case show to explore the results of various agencies.

"Internet plus" Forum. Wei Jun, deputy director of the Ministry of planning division, China academician, Academy of Engineering Chinese big data expert consultant, China Institute of electronics, cloud computing expert committee vice chairman Li Bohu, the German Leipzig School of business innovation cooperation center director Claudia Lehmann, general manager of Ge GE Greater China region Yang Tao, the German Federal Foreign Trade and investment department senior manager Asha-Maria Sharma Xugong Group, Minister of the Ministry of construction machinery Limited by Share Ltd information management Zhang Qiliang, IBM global business services IT strategic planning and China cloud Consulting Director Dong Haijun, China Mobile enterprise customer general manager products center Yu Chengzhi, general manager of Department of millet router Mu Tang participants from a global perspective, in-depth exchanges and discussions of the cross regional and cross industry, compose the upgrading of the manufacturing industry of global wisdom".

"Internet plus" Financial Forum. Thousands of Internet Financial Secretary, co-founder of Wen Xuechen, ant gold service financial cloud Solutions Manager Wang Lei, big data expert committee of China, member of the Chinese Institute of Electronics cloud computing expert committee, 91 financial information services (Beijing) Co., Ltd., founder and CEO of Xu zewei, Yixin data Innovation Center Director of research and development Gu Wendong, Ying Chan group president, net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei, Beijing law firm Allen & overy senior partner Wangxin Rui, the experts together, on Internet financial innovation, product form, traditional financial companies embrace mobile Internet "lightweight" transformation and the technology behind the exploration are discussed.

Cloud computing big data intelligent transportation Forum. Academician of the Academy of engineering, China China big data expert consultant of cloud computing, China Electronics Association honorary director of expert committee member Li Deyi, China big data expert committee, Chinese Institute of electronics, cloud computing expert committee, Shanghai Beidou satellite navigation platform Co., Ltd. deputy general manager, chief engineer Zhu Feng, drops fast commercial realization of division general manager Zhu Lei, vice president of technology, Tongji University professor Yang Dongyuan, chief engineer, Shenzhen city comprehensive traffic command center director, Shenzhen city traffic control and Simulation of Engineering Center of Engineering Professor Guan Zhichao, Beijing Guojiao ICT technology development company treasure ship network 2 product director Du Zhongping and several other experts around a car networking, smart travel, transportation field massive data collection, management, analysis of the latest practice and traffic cloud computing data center And application service platform to build, geographic information services applications (LBS) and other topics from different angles to make depth analysis.

As China's cloud computing area of the most valuable IT event, after the six precipitation,China Cloud Computing ConferenceHas become China's most influential, the largest, the largest number of participants in the field of cloud computing technology event.The seventh China Cloud Computing ConferenceIn a more forward-looking vision, to share the technical trends and practical experience of domestic and international cloud computing big data, and promote the development of cloud computing big data and progress, I believe that the development of the industry has an important impact.

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