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President of the China Institute of electronics, Lou Qinjian, governor of the people's Government of Shaanxi Province

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Abstract:In the seventh session of the General Assembly on the first day of China Cloud Computing Conference, the chairman of the China Institute of electronics, Lou Qinjian, governor of the people's Government of Shaanxi Province, made a welcome speech. He said, thanks to the vast market space and a strong talent pool, China's cloud computing is accelerating growth trend.

[CSDN] 3-5, June 2015, as the most influential event in the field of cloud computing:The seventh China Cloud Computing ConferenceGrand opening at the National Convention center. Conference to promote innovation and development of cloud computing, foster new formats of information industry as the theme, the successful experience of the previous six, more than 100 core experts in the field of cloud computing core expert speech, focusing on the current situation and development trend of ecological system, the exchange of practical experience, further push technology innovation application.

In the seventh session of the General Assembly on the first day of China Cloud Computing Conference, the chairman of the China Institute of electronics, Lou Qinjian, governor of the people's Government of Shaanxi Province, made a welcome speech. He said, thanks to the vast market space and a strong talent pool, China's cloud computing is accelerating growth trend. At the same time, he also put forward three proposals for the development of the cloud computing industry: first, create conditions, better service in the Internet + needs; second, innovative thinking, grasp the data sharing and technology open source and other breakthroughs; third, to build a full range of cloud computing security system. Finally, as the governor of Shaanxi, he also introduced the advantages of Shaanxi development of cloud computing.

President of the China electronic society, Shaanxi Provincial People's Government governor Lou Qinjian

The following is the speech record:

Wu Jichuan, Vice Minister of respect, Huai Jinpeng, vice minister Li Deyi, academician Ni Guangnan, academician Li Bohu, academician Dai Hao,

Dear experts, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning everyone!

On the occasion of the seventh China Cloud Computing Conference, on behalf of the Chinese Electronics Society, I would like to express my sincere welcome to all of you! At the same time, I also on behalf of the people's Government of Shaanxi Province, held a warm congratulations on the convening of the general assembly!

Through the continuous efforts of the community in recent years, China's rapid development of cloud computing, the initial establishment of the industrial chain, expanding the field of application, business model gradually mature, has become a new growth point of the information technology industry and support the economic and social development in the new era. Earlier this year, the State Council issued a document 5, to promote the development of cloud computing put forward a clear guidance, sketched out a broad space for the development of cloud computing, big data. This session of the General Assembly on promote cloud computing innovation and development, cultivate the new format in the information industry this theme, hope Jina wisdom of the parties, to carry out in-depth exchanges, the efforts for the cloud computing technology upgrade and industry development make a contribution.

Cloud computing as a new format, is the world's best countries to compete for the strategic heights, China has a strong competitive power in this regard. On the one hand, we are in the field of cloud computing and the world's basic synchronization, in recent years in terms of data processing, cloud computing servers and other aspects of innovation to achieve a breakthrough, although the overall technical level and the international leading level there is still a certain gap, but did not form a generational divide, there is hope to achieve catch-up beyond. On the other hand, due to the huge market space and excellent talent pool, we use a relatively short time to build a more complete cloud computing ecosystem, cloud computing data centers, public cloud services platform and other infrastructure continue to improve, cloud computing servers, cloud storage devices, cloud operating systems and other information technology software and hardware to flourish, cloud computing industry is showing a trend of accelerated growth. More important is, Premier Keqiang has repeatedly stressed that it is a "through the development of" Internet +, give full play to the Internet in the allocation of factors of production optimization and integration function of cloud computing, data and Internet innovation depth of integration in all areas of the economy and society, which is China's cloud Computing Development clearer directions are pointed out.

Today, all of which are well-known experts and entrepreneurs in the industry, has a very deep understanding of cloud computing and rich practical experience. Take this opportunity, I also talk about the development of the cloud computing industry a few understanding.

First, create conditions to better serve the needs of the Internet +. First, to accelerate the speed of the network. This is the "Internet +" better and faster development of the material foundation. Operators to accelerate the construction of high-speed broadband and wireless networks, to promote speed down the government to speed up the construction of all fiber network and the fourth generation mobile communications network, and actively implement the optical fiber to the home and broadband rural projects, while strengthening broadband access services and tariff regulation, so that high speed flow, high quality and cheap broadband network services business innovation and colorful life. Two is to create a good environment for the innovation of the Internet + business model. The biggest feature of the Internet era is the product of rapid reproduction, short life cycle, the requirements of technology upgrades than ever before, the government has put forward higher requirements for the service. To this end, we must vigorously promote the triple play, accelerate the development of public service cloud, to further improve infrastructure cloud, cloud development and deployment platform, cloud services capabilities, better docking venture capital investment, detonated creative. Especially to carefully to build a financial financing, law, property rights, information network and other services in one of the public service platform, for public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples create good conditions. Three is to be good at looking for opportunities from the market demand, expanding space. Cloud computing is a kind of information service, which is originated from the economic development and people's lives. Related enterprises should pay more attention to the market trend through forward-looking thinking reasonably, keen to find the market demand, feedback and innovation, both to adapt to the market, to meet the existing needs, but also to lead the demand for innovation, quality services to promote demand.

Second, innovative thinking to do a good job of data sharing and technical innovation and other aspects of the breakthrough. Data sharing, technology open source is an important prerequisite for the development of cloud computing and big data. In this regard, we still have a long way to go, such as system of compartmentalization in technology of "information isolated island" phenomenon, innovation achievement exchange poor is not conducive to progress and diffusion of technology and so on. Data sharing will promote the application of Internet thinking, convenient application experience will lead to changes in the way of service, drops of a taxi and waving that stopped in the conflict to help people to facilitate travel, will gradually reach a new balance. The government should set an example, in accordance with the requirements of the State Council document No. 5, in public safety, disease prevention, disaster prevention, transportation and other areas of logistics and other areas as soon as possible to achieve departmental data sharing. Information exchange will promote the change of management mode, the rural health insurance and urban health care reform in the information fusion not only meet the needs of people for medical convenience, but also reduce the cost of medical management. Technology open source will create a standing on the shoulders of giants, interdisciplinary and will lead to unexpected results of innovation, cross industry learning will go beyond the fixed mindset, the abrupt change of the step response will be even more exciting. Discrete information explosion will from set theory of new resolve, condensed into the level of a clear blue sky and white clouds, and fuzzy information discrepancy will by the intelligent transfer perception, Chengsi together and that the clouds. Attaching great importance to the innovation theory of basic technology will achieve new transcendence.

Third, a full range of cloud computing security system. Information security is cloud computing, big data development can not avoid the subject, in the Cloud Computing Conference two years ago, I put forward to give a high degree of attention. Facing the new situation of globalization and networking, we should not only grasp the technology upgrade, improve the ability of passive defense, but also grasp the system construction, and further regulate the internet order. Here, I focus on how to enhance security capabilities from the institutional level. One should speed up the process of information security legislation. Actively promote the development of cloud computing, big data related to the development of laws and regulations and data, data protection and other aspects of the system measures to increase the abuse of data, violations of personal privacy and other acts of discipline. Two to strengthen the construction of network information security system. Promote the establishment of a national, enterprise level network security awareness and monitoring platform to strengthen the convergence of network security information sharing and association analysis, in a timely manner to identify major risks of network security. If we can strengthen the One principle runs through it all. network infrastructure security management, there are plans and measures to fully believe that, like "Alipay fear excavator" this kind of thing would never repeat. Three to implement the national information security level protection system. Establish cloud computing, information security certification and security assessment system in large data environment, to carry out grading and evaluation and other work, to strengthen security risk analysis, timely and effective disposal of the threat of information security emergencies.

As the governor of Shaanxi, I would like to take this opportunity to promote the development of the cloud computing industry in Shaanxi doing publicity. At the fifth session of the two years ago, I have introduced the advantages of Shaanxi development of cloud computing. Today, Shaanxi clear the integration of data resources, innovative business model, to promote the development of industrial agglomeration, the development of ideas, and put forward to 2017 to build a national large data processing and service industry base, the industry scale of more than 100 billion yuan of the target. Here the opportunity infinite, infinite potential, sincerely hope that domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to carry out strategic cooperation in Shaanxi, we will do our best to provide you with the best development environment and the maximum degree of support.

At last, I wish the conference a complete success!

Thank you all!

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