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Abstract:OpsWorks AWS is an application management service that facilitates the deployment and operation of different forms and sizes of applications. The OpsWorks AWS includes a time - or load based application for automated extensions, and the dynamic configuration changes with the environment.

OpsWorks AWS is an application management service that facilitates the deployment and operation of different forms and sizes of applications. You can define the application's architecture and the specification of each component (including software packages, software configuration, storage, etc.). From common techniques such as the application server and the database of the template, or to build the completion of any of the tasks can be written script. AWS OpsWorks includes a time - or load based application for automated extensions, as well as the dynamic configuration of the environment.

OpsWorks AWS features and advantages

Support for any application

OpsWorks AWS supports a wide variety of architectures, ranging from simple Web application to highly complex custom applications, and any software with a script installation. Because OpsWorks AWS supports recipes Chef and Bash scripts, you can use the configuration, such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch. You can use a layer to define and visualize your application. You can control each aspect of your application configuration to match your needs, processes, and tools. You can expand and adapt to the built-in layer or create your own.

As code configuration

OpsWorks AWS lets you configure your entire environment in such a way that you can maintain the format and version of the application source code as you treat the application source code. You can copy the software configuration on the new instance, and apply changes to all instances of the running, thus ensuring the consistency of the configuration. Just click the button, you can deploy your application from the source repository such as Git and Subversion to one or hundreds of instances.

Automatically according to the actual size of the operation

OpsWorks AWS provides dynamic configuration and business processes that allow you to efficiently manage your application in a lifetime, including support for automatic instance extensions and self-healing. Every new instance of the line can be automatically set up according to the rules, and change the configuration with the system event. For example, you can change the configuration of the Web application firewall on the new Web server, without manual operation.

Resource Organization

OpsWorks AWS allows you to model and visualize your application using stack, layer, and application. The OpsWorks control panel shows the status of your stack in all AWS regions. OpsWorks AWS uses a stack and layer name to label your resources, not only to find out, but also to support logical grouping of monitoring, cost allocation, and permissions. You can grant the IAM AWS user access to the specified stack, which is easy to manage multiple user environments.

Supports any server type

OpsWorks AWS can help you on any type of server to automatically complete a variety of tasks, such as code deployment, software configuration, package installation and database settings, supported by the server type, including existing EC2 instance or your own data center server. You can use an application management service to deploy and operate a hybrid architecture application.

Managed multi tier web application

OpsWorks allows you to use layer to model and visualize it, and layer also defines how to configure a set of resources for centralized management. You can also define the software configuration for each layer, including the installation script and the initial task. When an instance is added to the layer, all the configuration steps will apply to you. OpsWorks has developed a variety of practices, but at the same time is very flexible, so that you can customize the environment of any aspect. OpsWorks AWS supports any software that can be installed through the script. Since OpsWorks uses the Chef framework, you can take your own recipe or make use of hundreds of community based configurations.

Support continuous integration

OpsWorks supports various DevOps principles, such as continuous integration. Everything in your environment can be automated. You can not only specify how to deploy your code, you can also use the Chef recipe to configure your server's software, configure API AWS to call resources. This supports from your source repository to your build server, integration testing, production pipeline.

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