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The seventh China Cloud Computing Conference Internet plus Forum: the upgrading of the manufacturing industry of global wisdom

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Abstract:On the afternoon of June 4th "Internet plus forum", from China ministry leaders, experts and scholars, Chinese manufacturing giant, the leading enterprise of global Internet, information technology and industrial automation, and related business representatives on the upgrading of the manufacturing industry of cross regional, industry in-depth exchanges and discussions.

[CSDN] 3-5, June 2015, as the most influential event in the field of cloud computing:The seventh China Cloud Computing ConferenceGrand opening at the National Convention center. Conference to promote the cloud computing innovation and development, cultivate the new format in the information industry "as the theme, inherited the former sixth successful experience, more than 100 domestic and foreign cloud computing core and experts in the field of wonderful speech, focusing on ecological system present situation and the trend of development, exchange of experience, further pushing technology innovation and application.

On the afternoon of June 4th at the "Internet plus forum", Wei Jun, deputy director of the Ministry of planning division, Institute of electronics, cloud computing Chinese vice chairman of the Committee of experts, China big data expert committee consultant, China Academy of Engineering Li Bohu, Germany Leipzig School of business innovation center director Claudia Lehmann, GE GE Software Group General Manager Yang Tao XCMG construction machinery Limited by Share Ltd, general manager Zhang Qiliang, the German Federal Foreign Trade and investment department senior manager Asha-Maria Sharma, IBM global business services IT strategic planning and China cloud Consulting Director Dong Haijun, China Mobile enterprise customer general manager products center Yu Chengzhi, general manager of Department of millet router Mu Tang, research of Industrial Engineering Machinery Research Institute of Industrial Economic Management Institute, Li Peng, Fukuda Chiko Service Corporation deputy general manager Li Xueming, the information center of Qingdao CIMC Reefer Containers Manufacturing Co. Ltd. director Geng Feng, Jingdong big data platform innovation department director Xing Zhifeng, Yuan International Polytron Technologies Inc general manager and technical director Ding Deyu, general manager of Wangqing president, 4 industrial association yingpute Information Technology Co. Ltd. to jump from the viewpoint of globalization, it Internet plus time the upgrading of the manufacturing industry of cross regional and cross industry in-depth exchanges and discussion.

Wei Jun, deputy director of the Ministry of Planning Division: from the Internet plus to create China

Wei Jun, deputy director of the Ministry of planning division "from Internet plus Chinese to create" shared speech theme. He said, "Internet plus" is actually on the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data as the representative of a new generation of new technology, integration and development in various fields of Internet technology and economic or social services, agriculture, medical and health summary.

The development of Internet technology, whether from the technical or business model brought a lot of new things, and will allow manufacturing the birth of the new business model and industry system through the combination of the Internet and the manufacturing sector, but compared to America's industrial Internet concept and German industrial 4.0, manufacturing sector in China is not strong enough, most in Germany the level of 2.0, we will use three years time let the Chinese manufacturing industry have entered into the world's leading industry.

The Chinese Institute of electronics, cloud computing and vice chairman of the Committee of experts, China big data expert advisory committee, Li Bohu, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: the wisdom of the cloud manufacturing (cloud manufacturing 2.0) -- a kind of wisdom of the Internet era manufacturing mode and means

Li Bohu, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, said the manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of the new technology revolution and the industrial revolution, specifically is a new generation of information and communication technology rapid development and the depth of the manufacturing industry fusion is causing manufacturing philosophy, manufacturing mode, means and technology system and the value chain of major change. China's manufacturing industry to achieve the great and strong, must promote the "five changes": follow the technology to technology beyond, traditional manufacturing to digital network of intelligent transformation, extensive type to mass effect, resource consumption, environmental pollution to green manufacturing.

Intelligence manufacturing is based on pan in the network, with four techniques to form of manufacturing resource, human resource, the hardness and the ability of a cloud service, makes the user terminal and the cloud manufacturing service platform can whenever and wherever possible to on-demand access to its manufacturing resources and capabilities. Zhi Huiyun is human centered, interconnected, personalized service, and socialization of the wisdom of new manufacturing mode and means, is the implementation of a manufacturing mode and means China manufacturing 2025 "and" Internet plus "action plan, its development route is" innovation driven integration "and" industrialization and informatization "depth.

Lehmann Claudia, director of innovation center of Leipzig business school in Germany: current situation of German industry 4

Lehmann Claudia, director of innovation center of Leipzig business school in Germany, published the theme of "German industry 4". The first industrial revolution is the emergence of the steam locomotive, the second representative of the technology is electrified, the third is in 1960s, in a digital way to bring a great release of productivity. Now, industrial 4 is the combination of virtual space and physical space system, will bring greater productivity.

Currently, most of the factories in Germany are using strategic management, operations, processes, control, sales of the Pyramid architecture. Smart manufacturing facilities must be intelligent and network connection, there are a large number of data can be acquired, but establishes the system at the same time, must also be for data protection, and give full consideration to the society and workers and the balance of costs and potential risks.

GE general manager of General Electric software group Yang Tao: Industrial Internet under the construction of a new type of industry

Ge software group general manager Yang Tao said that the Internet industry on the global economy has brought about profound influence, about 46% of global production benefit in the Internet industry, 44% of the energy consumption due to the industrial application of the Internet changed the distribution delivery and consumption pattern. Internet industry must be on the equipment, advanced analysis, system platform, business processes, such as innovation, the cloud of defense strategy and to ensure the safety of the network connection device, the future will produce digital mechanical engineer, data scientists, user interface, an expert on new talent.

Industrial Internet and the Chinese industry how to carry out the depth of the combination? The first is a high degree of asset optimization, second is operational optimization, which happens to be the core of China's industrial manufacturing 2025 planning. So, what is the floor? First, we must have a comprehensive, forward-looking, and the combination of digital and machine, green low carbon manufacturing, the entire structure of the adjustment. It depends on the needs of the market to determine the customer, down over all the production line how to deploy. Next is the overall service innovation in the manufacturing industry, measuring a country's GDP quality, service consumption accounted for a very heavy proportion. The last point is whether there is a sustainable development of good technical innovation to do support.

XCMG construction machinery Limited by Share Ltd general manager Zhang Qiliang: intelligent manufacturing power Xugong climbed to the top of the world level

Xugong Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhang Qiliang in his speech said that from the initial stage of ice breaking, 98 years of rapid development, in 2008 the ascension of the whole, to 12 years two of the depth of the fusion, and jumped to the industry now, which is all enterprises in China are in the experience of the process, but the moment many enterprise level of the manufacturing sector are below 3.0, Xugong understanding industrial 1.0 is machinery manufacturing production, 2.0 is a standard assembly line production, 3.0 is highly digitized no or less production of humanized, 4.0 is the integration and innovation of physical information network and Internet services and manufacturing.

At present, all enterprises are likely to face a "Internet plus" intelligent manufacturing, but not blindly follow, must carry on the analysis, from the perspective of enterprise itself, is suitable for industry 4. Xugong to welding process of robot, CNC machine network as well as the total length of 8 km stacking chain system, the full realization of intelligent manufacturing, and explores the set contains the decision support for the intelligence, information of the process design, material transport automation, production flexible manufacturing and quality control process, production management visualization overall solution framework.

Sharma Asha-Maria, senior manager of the German Federal Foreign Trade and investment agency, the German government's role in industry 4

Sharma Asha-Maria, senior manager of the German Federal Foreign Trade and investment agency, introduced the role of the German government in industrial 4 in the speech. Manufacturing industry is the top priority of the German economy, accounting for over 30% of GDP, Germany more than 20% of the jobs from in the manufacturing industry, and it has more than 20 million manufacturing enterprises, these enterprises belong to the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, they need to find how to implement the method of industrial 4.0, before investment must think twice.

The German government has provided many projects to support the small and medium enterprises in Germany, to help them to further integrate the industrial 4. Typically, the German government invited the company to make their own recommendations, and then by the experts to determine, in the 10-15 project to select some of the winners in two to three years of time to provide support for them. In the 4 era of industry, we need to collect a large number of data and processing it, and including sensors, communication between the machines are very important part of the intelligent plant.

IBM global business services IT strategic planning and Chinese cloud Consulting Director Dong Haijun: Internet plus remodeling and enterprise value

IBM global business services IT strategic planning and China cloud Consulting Director Dong Haijun made the theme of "Internet plus and enterprise value remodeling" speech. Internet in a sense represents a kind of socialization, free opening and sharing, IP, it always private information to engage in together, exposure to always look at the network, and gradually evolved into a kind of improving the economic value, any person, firm or business together with produced different results.

In 2008, IBM put forward the concept of "wisdom of the earth", this concept includes the Internet, including the Internet of things, also put forward the wisdom. Only things coupled with the Internet, intelligent, can truly become a new era. So, "Internet plus" plus the industry 4, big data, intelligent, traditional practices for IBM can change many existing production and life, this is what we mean by individual, enterprise and industry remodeling. New technology revolution has re planning the path for the development of enterprises and traditional enterprises must through the integration of new technologies to reshape the enterprise value, enterprise future customer driven, open Internet, agile and iterative, but whether it is production or technology, timing is the key.

China Mobile enterprise customer division general manager of the company product center Yu Chengzhi: Internet plus and the wisdom of the city

Yu Chengzhi, general manager of China Mobile enterprise customer branch product center, said the wisdom of the city is to take full use of Internet of things, cloud computing, big data technology and the combination of information technology and urbanization. From the three levels, the first is the maintenance of stability, including the safe city, digital urban management, the second is the people's livelihood, and then is to promote growth. Now from the past traffic management evolved to traffic management era, 4G network will become the "Internet plus" catalyst, SMS, voice revenue fell sharply, then the operators how to transition?

In his speech, Yu Chengzhi introduced the practice of mobile "Internet plus" and the wisdom of health, education, safe city combination. Take education, first of all from the product line oriented teaching introduction of a set of education information, resource and application community as one of the open education platform, construction based on knowledge as the core of the teaching resource library, to achieve high-quality educational resources sharing. In the traffic, the Mobile launched 4G car networking products, based on its own platform for the insurance company, the car rental industry, the group provides services. Its car networking big data applications can describe the user's preferences, driving behavior and vehicle procedures for analysis.

Millet router business department general manager Tang Mu: millet teamed manufacturing to do something?

Millet router business department general manager Tang Mu issued a theme for the production of millet together to do something?" Speech. Millet from five years ago began the practice of "Internet plus" strategy, and has been trying to transform the Internet, and even manufacturing. Manufacturing will complain that the Internet industry demand is not clear, change too fast, and the Internet Co will complain that the manufacturing industry did not make a faster response. To enter the stage of Internet, various characteristics of a user are great changes, changes in the main is greed anger delusion and lazy, this is human development history are supposed to arrive, so there is no need for excessive blame, but must make a change, the traditional approach is not suitable for now.

Thinking of the Internet, pay attention to the "small run, rapid iteration, but hardware products is very difficult to fast iterative, then think of a way to implemented in software, to ensure that next year can be made functional products has improved, which will let the enterprise have greatly improved. Millet's core concept is to do the ultimate product, subvert the value chain, and users to make friends. Smart home will become the Internet a tuyere, but must be introspective just, ascending dimension, prices, the cost of installation and so on six big problems. Lei Jun cited, millet do the idea of smart home is to do a lot of friends, open, non exclusive and non exclusive.

Roundtable discussion: Internet plus era, smarter and more intelligent products factory.

Finally, the roundtable discussion session study by industrial engineering machinery industry economic management institute director Li Peng presided over the Department of information technology, Fukuda Chi, deputy general manager of Service Corporation Li Xueming, the information center of Qingdao CIMC Reefer Containers Manufacturing Co. Ltd. director Geng Feng, Jingdong big data platform innovation department director Xing Zhifeng, yuan International Polytron Technologies Inc general manager and chief technology officer Ding Deyu. The general manager, President of industry association 4 yingpute Information Technology Co. Ltd. Wang Qingyue around the "more intelligent factory Internet plus" era, more intelligent products "" in-depth discussion.

Li first ask: China's manufacturing industry in the beginning of reform and opening to the outside world more is relying on the advantage of labor costs and the cost of manufacturing, development to the present vigorously on intelligent manufacturing is caused in the international division of labor in the original advantages no longer exist? In this regard, Geng Feng said that in the past, Chinese manufacturing industry to many brilliant and overdraft demographic dividend has a great relationship, but this advantage in the wake of the financial crisis gradually missing, especially in coastal enterprises, now hard labor and labor shortage is very obvious, future is a matter of intelligent manufacturing is now seeking 3.0 digital manufacturing, the requirement is very high, after long-term practice of production and work of engineers in the future will have greater value. Ding Deyu mentioned, along with the development of the intelligent manufacturing, labour costs in the proportion of the total product cost decreased, the manufacturing enterprises in China need to face up to this reality, and do a good job in the service of the transformation and upgrading, countries also need to in the training of personnel, increase the transformation.

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