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Day Ceph Salon: a summary of the co founders of the Ceph China Community

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Abstract:CEPH Chinese community QQ group, CEPH Chinese community co-founder Geng Airlines "CEPH day" Technology Salon summary, lists the activities mainly discuss the topic, and in certain topics published some personal views, finally of CEPH Chinese community construction and CEPH Chinese community goals and planning were discussed.

[editor's note]In June 6th, the "Day Ceph" Technology Salon was held in Beijing, attracting about 200 Ceph enthusiasts to participate. CEPH Chinese community QQ group, CEPH Chinese community co-founder Geng Airlines participated in the salon and write this paper, lists the activities mainly discuss the topic, and in certain topics published some personal views, finally of CEPH Chinese community construction and CEPH Chinese community goals and planning were discussed.

First of all, thanks to the Intel and red hat co hosted the "Day Ceph" event, which is the first in the country around the Ceph theme of the technical salon activities.

"Day Ceph" technology Sharon day, the scene is very hot, the number of people outside the venue is expected to exceed the organizers of the event. In the preparatory stage, the organizers on the plan through the CSDN online registration, is expected to recruit 100 Ceph engineers, as well as engaged in Ceph related areas of business representatives to participate. But the salon on the day, about 200 people to enter the venue, is All seats are occupied. Later, the participants simply standing in the back, we can see that the "Day Ceph" technology Sharon activities of the high. Because the technical salon is held in Beijing, there are a lot of other cities in the country, engineers and business representatives failed to visit the site. Visible domestic concerns about Ceph related to the number of engineers and companies are quite a number of.

What did Day Ceph say

The author may be summarized as follows:

1.Intel big data technology center global general manager Ma Ziya's opening remarks.

2.Ceph community director McGarry Patrick, currently working in red hat, is talking about the community Ceph version, Future and so on.

3 from Intel Software Engineer Chen Xiaoxi, talking about the current situation of Newstore and the contrast with the filestore and so on.

4. From Kirin Kirin cloud & Community Wang Li, speaking is Tianhe II deployment, domestic Linux desktop (Ubuntu kylin) as well as their openstack and CEPH code contributions, design ideas and submit code (CACHE Tiering temperature detection, CEPH off-line recovery tools, etc.). Needle for the session, personal feel Kirin community to the CEPH and contribution of the openstack community is very large, the CEPH off-line recovery tool good, subject to a lot of people's expectations, also hope that we actively for the project submitted code, make it more perfect.

5 Wang Hao is talking about how Ceph is deployed in the Docker Container above, as well as how to use FS Docker in CEPH and OpenStack (Manila) above the use and so on.

6 from UnitedStack's Meng Shengzhi, talking about how to let Windows use Ceph, as well as their contribution to the current state of the project Ceph-Dokan code and future plans. Ceph-Dokan project is developed under the windows, and so Windows can also use Ceph.

. from Intel's software engineers Xue Chendi, speaking is CeTune their own research and development of, a tool that can automatically deploy and optimize the CEPH can help CEPH novice faster deployment and use of CEPH, but regret is they are currently developing two months, not open source, it is said will be open source. This is everyone looking forward to, in addition to their ability to develop a tool that can directly optimize the existing Ceph environment. The problem of a lot of people, is the CEPH environment has been set up, but do not know how to optimize the hardware to achieve the best performance, because the CEPH itself build performance is poor, need to pass different parameters and the optimization to adjust the performance, so that the SDS software defined storage CEPH is a challenge. Hope Ceph more and more simple, user-friendly, easy to maintain.

Here are some of deploy's CeTune, configuration, and benchmark:

8. Haiyun Jiexun research director Wu Dexin and storage R & D engineers Wu Yuting, speaking is Awcloud in openstack community and CEPH community code contributions and how to optimize the CEPH, backup CEPH etc..

Here are their three steps to optimize the Ceph, the first step is to start from the crushmap side, the second step is to adjust the parameters from the Ceph configuration file, the third step is through the OSD pref Ceph to view the relatively low T will be the OSD out, etc..

9. In a perfect world, the chief technical expert Zhang Xiaoyi, speaking is they use CEPH encountered and solutions, I think is very good, mainly from the user's point of view a comprehensive analysis of the them in the use of CEPH process in continuous optimization, evolving process, from the user's point of view to Tucao CEPH current in the landing process difficult.

The main problems they encountered:Two R720xd DELL, each 12 4T hard disk, 96G memory, million Internet, Ceph copy number is 2, the backup speed is very good, 240MB/s, but the backup recovery rate is very slow, 30M/s. At the start of the time is to use RAID6 to 12 hard disk into 1 OSD, and later became independent of OSD, still can not solve the problem of performance.

The final solution: to increase the Ceph server on the block device read_ahead_kb and KVM virtual machine in the read_ahead_kb, the optimized system backup speed is 450M/s, the backup recovery rate reached 600M/s. In this process also tried to open the rbd_cache, but the fact that it is invalid, because rbd_cache is still on the read and write more frequent operation, in such a scenario is invalid. So the parameter tuning is based on actual situation and the actual application scene.

10.Intel Software Engineer Zhou Yuan, talking about how Data OpenStack and Big and Ceph to combine the use of.

11.SanDisk engineers, speaking of their needles for Ceph specifically out of a device called IF500, this device on the Flash in the Ceph card to do a lot of optimization.

Round table discussion

And finally the roundtable panel discussion, guests included: Patrick McGarry (red hat), Zhangjiang (Intel), Li (Haiyun Jiexun), Wang Daobang has to fly with Ji, Wang Xin (safety science and Technology), Zhang Xiaoyi (perfect world), Xu Wei (Tsinghua University), Meng Shengzhi UnitedStack and Wang Li (Kirin) community. Because of the time relationship, the main two problems are discussed:

1 do What you think is current problem of Ceph?

2 can How we accelerate the development of Ceph in China?

Needle for the first topic, experts that performance or in the first place, because it is impossible for us to use a lot of tall on the equipment and spend a lot of money to engage in CEPH distributed storage, and that, as the direct use of traditional hardware devices cost-effective.

The second topic, the author thinks that often in China held similar CEPH day such technology salon, popularization and promotion of development of CEPH in China, of course, in the promotion and, at the same time should also consider the CEPH community code submitted. A lot of people say that the Chinese people have always been less and less in return for the open source community. I think Meng Shengzhi said right, this is an ecosystem, we can not only get a return on the light, otherwise the project may die, that everyone will Over Game.

For example, a village, the life of the villagers rely on a river. Often in the river fishing, fish, and even sold fish, if long just so, the whole ecological chain will certainly be broken; on the contrary, if often organize the villagers also buy some fry released into the river surface, the ecosystem can well maintain. It is also true that the code is submitted to the open source community.

Although a lot of people are beginners, but can be found through the use of the constant bug, submitted bug, for a long time to contact and learn, and slowly will be familiar with the community process, and slowly learn to submit some code. Today by CEPH day see everybody expects China to organize CEPH and get some CEPH optimization and CEPH Chinese community, the CEPH developers organizations in China, together for the CEPH community submitted code, to show our Chinese it Internet open source spirit, I think it is good.

Ceph the future development of the Chinese community

Before the author combined ChinaNetCenter cloud computing is responsible for people Guo Xiaochun and Guo Huaxing (@Star China Star FreeBSD), Chen Zhiwei (@ page paper), sun and other several friends, on May 18, formally launched the CEPH Chinese community (, the latter may also be on the line some questions and answers system, etc..

In view of the current domestic Ceph storage technology without community technology complete, but because of language barriers caused a lot of personnel of Ceph do not thoroughly understand, we are going through the "Ceph China community", to provide a platform for technology exchange, let the engineers to discuss Ceph technology, sharing technology, and the organization of Ceph senior personnel to carry out technical salon, we have Federation of Intel, Redhat, UnitedStack, Ceph, Haiyun JNC ecosystem company together in the domestic promotion of Ceph technology, Ceph threshold decreases, so that beginners are more quickly master the Ceph, will also expand the Ceph Chinese community members, to promote all domestic Ceph Developers together for the Ceph community code submitted.

Of course, our progress can not be separated from everyone's efforts, so, welcome everyone to join the Ceph Chinese community to work together to create a common Ceph china,Make some contribution to the development of Ceph in China, and enhance the ability of self in many aspects by participating in the project development of the community. (commissioning editor / Zhou Jianding)

Author: Geng hang, Ceph Chinese community QQ group main group, Ceph co-founder Chinese community. Micro blog:@ Geng Airlines -Devin.

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