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China Telecom Azure Windows cloud application store will provide services to Chinese Enterprises

Published in17:23 2015-06-15| Time reading| sourceCSDN| ZeroArticle comments| authorZhu Pengbo

Abstract:First for the windows azure public cloud platform of large commercial cloud app store release, Microsoft to join China Telecom, between the enterprise cloud application developers and users to build a win-win platform, started to provide services for business customers in China.

June 12, 2015, China Telecom Shanghai branch jointly issued with Microsoft China Telecom Windows Azure cloud app store". It is expected that the July 15, will be for business customers in China to provide services, users can browse, search, subscription, purchase according to different business scenarios and it needs the development of SaaS (software as a service) or based on the platform as a service (PAAS) solution, namely buy namely use the rapid deployment of.

The first will have 21 azure Cloud Applications shelves, including: Beyondsoft Beyondsoft - development test cloud, cloud adapter (Allmobilize) - Cross screen cloud, wal line information technology (Walltech) - wal line logistics cloud platform.

On the one hand, software developers (ISV) can be here to show and sell in Window Azure on the development and operation of online applications and services. On the other hand, enterprise customers can according to their actual needs, in the cloud application store to choose and subscribe by the developer to provide applications and services, and convenient and fast to use.

China Telecom is fully responsible for Windows Azure cloud app store software developers (ISV) recruited, shelves in the application, qualification examination, sales channels, customer contracts and daily service operation and with Microsoft to join together to carry out marketing activities, marketing activities etc.. China Telecom has physical channels, direct marketing channels, electronic channels and channels of cooperation system, enterprise customer service experience and strong customer resources, as well as mature platform operating service capabilities.

Both sides by virtue of Windows Azure technology and platform operators, China Telecom high-quality of the underlying network resources, and the industry applications in the field of information technology over the years accumulated practical experience, from the aspect of enterprise marketing mode, service mode, management mode and data analysis to promote Internet innovation.

China Telecom Corporation Limited company deputy general manager Chen Zhongyue said "through joint cooperation with Microsoft, to jointly build a cloud 'app store', for enterprise customers to provide tailored to build, the Internet cloud platform. Future, through practice and exploration of the regional market in Shanghai, we will build a SaaS service partner recruitment system and SaaS service marketing system, will eventually to the cloud application store of resources to promote national and enterprise customers to bring first-class cloud computing value-added services. "

Microsoft global senior vice president, Greater China Chairman and chief executive officer He Lefu (Haupter Ralph), said: China Telecom Windows Azure cloud application store release, is an important milestone in the development of Microsoft's cloud in China, as Windows Azure's most important application trading platform, software developers will be here to find a bigger market and profitable opportunities, companies can also be one stop to buy high-quality Cloud Application services. Cloud application store on-line, will further improve the ecological system of azure, by encouraging local development and the introduction of international advanced solutions, azure will be chosen on the rich applications in the cloud, leading the development of the domestic market public cloud. "

Azure Windows is currently the only Chinese in the international public cloud services, we look back:

  • Azure2014 Windows in March of the official business, as of now in China business growth of 3.5 times, the number of customers more than 50000.
  • Azure Marketplace cloud app store is released worldwide in October 2014.
  • In April this year, Microsoft released the cloud Tango program, hoping to help 1000 domestic partners to complete the business transformation from software developers (ISV) to the cloud service provider (CSV) within a year.
  • In April, Microsoft in Windows Azure and Office 365 platform on the introduction of cloud solutions, the media is regarded as Microsoft and Century Internet cloud application store to try.

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