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Programmers June 2015 B: a guest world

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Abstract:From schools, institutions, entrepreneurs, and then to the international forefront of technology companies, Maker culture for nearly a year to get more attention. This issue, so that we will look further to the place, to see from the United States, Germany, Sweden, Peru and China's well-known Maker and entrepreneurs in different regions of the creation experience.

Cover report

(1) Jeffery Lyn: China a guest, come on!

(2)Stefania: let's look at the world.

(3) Strawbee+Quirkbot: the robot can also be built with a straw

(4)Canepa Vega Katia: an experiment about beauty

(5) Maker education neglected


(1) foreign express: CACM

(2) foreign express: CACM

(3) to know the technical debt (Debt Technical)

(4) how to measure the security of software?

(5) what is the mission of software developers?

(6) the sound of the industry

(7) the seventh China Cloud Computing Conference


(1) with the giant Android ecological onslaught

(2)How to correctly understand the service rate of message push service"

(3) SQL Spark in Tencent TDW application practice

Storage practice of the super fusion architecture of (4) branch cloud

(5) why should I choose Rust?

(6) multi language programming language Scala


(1)The reasons for the non money to let programmers job

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2015 China big data technology conference

In order to better help enterprises in-depth understanding of large data with the latest technology at home and abroad, master more industry data of practical experience, to further promote the big data technology innovation, industry application and talent cultivation, 10-12 December 2015, sponsored by the China Computer Federation (CCF), CO CCF large numbers according to the Expert Committee of the contractor, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of computing technology, and DNT branch in Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and CSDN 2015 China big data technology conference (big data technology conference 2015, BDTC 2015) will Yunnan new crown holiday hotel in Beijing held a grand.

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