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Programmers July 2015 A: Chinese SaaS ecological element cycle table"

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Abstract:Enterprise SaaS market has attracted many tech companies and start-ups attention. This special hope by drawing China SaaS ecological "periodic table", the visual display of China's SaaS ecological, compose China SaaS trend. At the same time, we also analyze the current hot topics in the field of SaaS from two angles of technology and users.

Cover report

(1) Chinese SaaS observation

(2)Team collaboration tools Worktile technology architecture secret

(3) based on the public cloud platform, to build a massive TB file backup protection system

(4)To the restaurant and secure cloud services: a CRM decryption technology

(5) mobile terminal enterprise IM system optimization

(6) focus on the user experience, dayHR cloud storage technology behind

(7) Yi Chong cloud customer service technology sharing and case practice

(five) the traditional enterprise SaaS application of the 8 errors

(9) pan OA, 2B-SaaS home


(1): IEEE SPECTRUM express foreign periodicals

(2) foreign express: CACM

(3): software development

(4) the definition of software defined storage

(5) the best quality of the structure from the combination of agile and waterfall methods

(6) the sound of the industry

(7) Swift 2: to become a common language, still has a long way to go

(8)Thoughts on Swift's open source

(9): beginning from the onslaught of Swift Swift 2 release and open source

(10) Summit Spark 2015, a San Francisco, to witness China's technological strength


(1)Jia Yangqing: I hope Caffe to become the field of deep learning Hadoop

(2) Server SQL new weapon OLTP In-Memory

(3) examples of Tachyon entry

(4)Windows 10: full platform warships and mobile ice breaking

(5) C++11 implementation of a lightweight AOP framework

(6) PHP7 and Swoole

(7) Arduino and Chinese developers to launch Geduino behind the story


(1) we owe an explanation to the user

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