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Programmers July 2015 B: a new type of database

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Abstract:The new database "as the theme, inviting domestic and international well-known enterprise database is responsible to share technology to combat the use, covering: Pinot will big data do real-time and democratization, Ali distributed database service DRDS, spark and Flink, RapidsDB technology Qidi, exciting content.

"Editorial" -- on the new database of feudal lords vying for the throne

In today's world is a world of information technology, daily life, whether it is life, work and study are not separated from the support of information systems, therefore, the importance of the database is beyond doubt. However with the advent of the era of big data and cloud computing, traditional database performance has been unable to meet the huge amounts of data, real-time transaction query demand, under the double pressure of the performance and cost of the database to find a breakthrough.

In view of this, a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Ali, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet companies have launched an exploration, independent research and development of new databases. For a time, a variety of new types of database used in the database bred and born, and dare to eat crabs each enterprise, but also a good harvest and accumulated a wealth of practical experience.

Therefore, the "programmer" electronic publication we planned a special new special database, invited some well-known enterprises at home and abroad is responsible for people to talk about these new database performance, and combat, a chat company is how to select / develop the database. It helps enterprises to solve what practical problems.

The layout of the journal can be broadly divided into: the review, enterprise actual combat, technology sharing, covering LinkedIN Pinot, Ali DRDS, Ali OCS, RapidsDB, MyCat, Flink and based on llvm memory technology sharing and interpretation of the next generation of massively parallel database architecture style, we from the user point of learning their philosophy of technology, development, learn from their success. These companies have done very successful, has a mature solution, not only are they, as well as more companies also do very well, we believe that in China, this piece of fertile soil, will breed more and better database application.

Cover report

(1) cloud + micro service + new hardware: the next generation of massively parallel database architecture style

(2)Pinot-LinkedIn how big data can be done in real time and Democratization

(3) the data consistency between OCS and DB in the distributed cache of Ali cloud

(4) on the tip of the great Shift of the universe out of:RapidsDB Technology

(5) Spark and Flink: comparison and analysis

(6) memory calculation based on LLVM

(7)Relational to document spanning

(8) MyCat: open source distributed database middleware

(9)Cloud era of distributed database: Ali distributed database services DRDS


(1): IEEE SPECTRUM express foreign periodicals

(2) foreign express: CACM

(3) demand is the key to the process of productivity

(4) upgrade your automatic test

(5) the sound of the industry

(6) Data Big and development tools


(1) domestic and foreign two kinds of negative R & D sound

(2) industrial Internet needs more methods


(1) optimistic programmers

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