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CSDN community experts to share: my Android development skills

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Abstract:On the afternoon of August 1, CSDN community experts share will first period in Beijing a passenger space held, invited to the scene Taobao R & D engineers Liao Huqiu, CSDN School of a popular lecturer Zhong Wenchang, well-known Bo main Fan Songyang, with distinctive geek style detailed mobile application development, common experience and technology development the happiness.

From the official Google launched the Android training, Android Developer blog to technological practice and experience of many Android developers share, not only for the novice provides very good tutorial, save a lot of time and energy, but also brings a wealth of tools and techniques.

August 1 army day afternoon, CSDN community experts share will first period in Beijing a passenger space held, invited to the scene Taobao R & D engineers Liao Huqiu, CSDN School of a popular lecturer Zhong Wenchang, well-known Bo main Fan Songyang, with distinctive geek style to participate in the activities of the experts and CSDN community small partners closer together, the common experience of technology growth happy.

First, CSDN Community Operation Director Zang Kang: opening speech, share the CSDN in those years, as well as CSDN community in 2015 development layout and planning. From the ask quiz, blog, client, geek headlines (sub community) to the new ink column. CSDN has been accompanied by a lot of people have gone through 15 years of years, from the student to work, from initial student rookie to professional veteran, always to help user growth for the core responsibilities, give community experts show more opportunities.

Mobile application development trendVideo address)

Subsequently, the intended Rui Beijing Xinchuang Technology Co., Ltd. CTO, also is Taiwan's first teaching from scratch on machine transplanted Android to the actual hardware platform of industry lecturer Zhong Wenchang Mr., to a painting full of imagination visually show for their views and ways of thinking of the development trend of mobile application.Zhong Wenchang believes that from the native app to micro letter on behalf of HTML5 development has gradually mature. It has a no need to install, low-cost marketing, cross platform, fast development and other advantages, but not all app for, it needs based on push, social, operation conditions.

But at the same time, HTML5 development also has the disadvantages such as offline, slow, hardware and so on. Zhong Wenchang combined with their entrepreneurial experience, to settle the account to pay the simple act of cases detailed HTML5 applications use the whole process, through support to scan two-dimensional code scanner will users and businesses connected fast payment, and through the cloud of consumer data for further processing. Zhong Wenchang said that the future of non card will become the mainstream, all will be reflected by the phone, including the current checkout, coupons, etc..

New world navigation guide.Video address)

Why is the new world? Fan Songyang said, as a programmer, feel unable to ascend to a higher realm or can not find the direction, it must be to abandon the past heavy burden. From Apple's own advantage, Python, Lua, PHP and other dynamic features of the language, Fan Songyang combined with hands-on experience gives VI, learn the other end of the technology, write blog, etc..

And in the actual development, the developer encountered rough how to do? Fan Songyang mentioned, this is the distinction between God and the rookie of the key elements, is a big challenge to the programmer on the project or program to explore. At the same time, the programmer must be responsible for their preparation of the module, to ensure that no one can understand more than you.

Up your build Speed (Video address) Engineer Liao Huqiu is in addition to the CSDN community experts, is also a GitHub expert. Studio Android development to the 1.3 version, the compiler is still making many Android developers do not feel tired. In order to solve this problem, Liao Huqiu sought toWork offline,Org.gradle.daemon = true,Org.gradle.parallel = true as wellSet VM heap size large for 2G solution.

But the actual effect of these methods is not satisfactory, cannot achieve acceleration in the real sense. Then, Liao Huqiu is thinking, in the process of building the application, why there will be the problem of slow Compiler? There are too many long running tasks, multiDexEnabled and depends on the three factors. Thus, suit the remedy to the case, summed up the four can really play the role of the solution:

  • Eliminate long run and unnecessary tasks.
  • Adjust project structure
  • Disable some modules in development mode
  • And Jill Jack

Activities at the scene, in addition to dry very technical presentations and so many gifts, such as Naruto pirates little yellow man Figurine, smart phones, CSDN custom T-shirts, computer bag, notebook, large mouse pad, more CSDN community experts meet will start a big cake, beauty coachProfessor at the scene of Tai ChiVideo address). Technology, gifts, delicacy, sports flying, technical exchanges party food and drink is really an endless enjoyment!

The scene:

High play eight one

Seriously listen to the small partners

Cut the cake

Practicing Tai Chi together

Community experts and small partners with a large group photo

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