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Programmer August 2015 A: front end frame

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Abstract:This issue with the front-end framework as the theme, in particular the current impact of several front-end development framework: AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Avalon, Library Mobile, please frame the author, in-depth practice of each framework behind the design principles, performance characteristics and should be used.

cover story

(1) AngularJS in 2015

(2)Vue.js: lightweight and efficient front-end component solutions

(3) Avalon: small and beautiful, lightweight front-end MVVM framework

(4) interpretation of React

(5)Not only for UI Construction: React Facebook complete parsing

(6) the design of the Library Mobile behind the story and the concept of


(1) foreign express: CACM

(2) how big data is to improve the public transport in London

(3) make sure that you do it in the right way.

(4) the reasons for the failure of the Venture Company

(5) the sound of the industry

(6) data and the crisis management of international organizations

(7) 2015 Chinese artificial intelligence Conference


(1) how do I design the heterogeneous parallel computing algorithm

(2) service practice in the telecommunications industry

(3)How to act like a wizard.


(1) the age of the programmers ceiling

"The expert review" -- the popular front frame shows, tell you how to choose?Text / Cheng Shaofei

2014 to 2015, with the rise of mobile Internet, and the front end of the frame start from the jQuery dominate the world situation, and gradually evolved into a flourishing situation. From the point of view of the functions and objectives of these frameworks, front end engineer's perspective has gradually from the "compatibility" and "better API" to "efficiency", "performance and separation logic", the latter two is needed to more large-scale software, which means the front end of the post duties began to change, the original front is only responsible for slicing, a page is made, and now a front end engineer more involved in programming.

MVC model was born in the 1970s, in front of the field, from the backbone, draw lessons from the framework of this model has begun to enter the field of developers, such as Xu Fei in the thematic display angularjs is the MVVM from Microsoft proposed inspiration in the framework of domestic engineer Stuart Jong us more made no secret of his preference for Microsoft framework, even the name of a Avalon is from Vista codename. Vue.js is MVVM frameworks for the best, is sponsored by the Chinese, now industry framework as the number of influential community of foreign technology in the framework, characteristics of it to lightweight, concise syntax and make full use of JavaScript, won the lot of the pursuit of minimalist developers love.

Also hope to provide more excellent UI framework, proposed Facebook react very late, but from behind, with Facebook's influence and react native, each of its news are very impact force, the MV * framework for its unique flux with general significance is very different, JSX grammar also makes its UI and code coupling is stronger. In fact, in all aspects of React can be described as "Treason", and I learned that, in all the same time trying to AngularJS and React team, almost unanimously finally chose the React, which is a reason for thinking.

In this issue cover report, we also shared the phone Taobao's front library Library Mobile, and the framework is different from the previous, it is a group of libraries, rather than a framework, Library Mobile is committed to solving the problem of mobile development, and the answer to the framework to solve the problem of architecture.

The front frame is now in the Warring States period, while the actual framework is chosen, or depends on the engineers to judge the business characteristics. Architecture is not right and wrong, only to learn more, in order to make a better decision.

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