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E bag wash Cen Yonghong: 20 times more than expected under the pressure of the structure, how to change?

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Abstract:Internet + wave, as a star in the field of laundry O2O start-up companies, has just received $100 million B round of financing of e bags from 0 start to build the architecture is how to successfully deal with the challenges posed by multiple business summit? CSDN cloud computing on issues related to an interview with e bag wash technology partner Cen Yonghong.

Internet + wave, the family of O2O services to become one of the typical business innovation scene.

Go "dry cleaning shop parking, send laundry handover time tedious, store hours can not meet the customer to take delivery time" pain points and the establishment of Thanksgiving, on November 28, 2013 the grip"E bag wash"Through a simple, easy to use design, carefully planned a variety of marketing activities, just over a year's time,Has successfully accumulated nearly 5 million users, the daily order of 100 thousand, covering 16 cities, is expected by the end of the year will cover more than 50 citiesGood grades. As a star in the field of laundry O2O start-up companies, e bags from 0 started to build the structure is how to successfully deal with the challenges brought about by a number of business challenges? With such a problem, in the second phase of the Tencent cloud will be the living room, CSDN cloud computing interview with e bag wash technology partner Cen Yonghong. [Video interview: $100 million B round of financing e bag wash technology practice

When it comes to the peak pressure, e bag wash technology partner Cen Yonghong pain and laughing"

Jumping development brings great pressure to the system

Backed by has 25 years experience in traditional washing Rongchang, "e bag wash the start position is washing o2o," through the mobile terminal booking, door-to-door to take delivery of the other private laundry service for washing becomes easy and interesting. "

Cen Yonghong introduced to: e bag wash the first test the water to test the choice of Beijing campus and part of the District, the response is very good. And then began to large-scale expansion, for half a year after the win over Beijing. After 1 year, successfully covering Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen and other cities in four; in the first half of this year, has been extended to 16 cities, is expected in the second half, will open 50 cities across the country. In April this year, the date of the order has exceeded 100 thousand, the cumulative over 5 million of users. Expected to reach 200 thousand in the year, next year and strive to break through 1 million single."

It can be said that e bag washing has been on the development of the high-speed road fast forward. This has brought enormous pressure on its system. In Cen Yonghong view: e bag washing business growth has never been a particularly stable situation, almost all iterations, jumping, every month is based on the previous month. If you use the traditional IT architecture to support, it is clear in product design, research and development speed, operation and maintenance aspects will be very difficult. So e bag wash on the choice to build a public cloud platform, the use of Tencent cloud flexible resources and intimate technical services to meet the needs of speed."

Close to the cloud computing, but also related to Cen Yonghong's work experience. From the initial website portal development to SaaS development of enterprise, and then to buy the operation and risk investment o2o responsible person. Finally, because spotted o2o business prospects for the project and become e bag wash four partners of, is mainly responsible for Cen Yonghong technology of cloud computing advantage is very clear: elastic expansion, rapid response, flexible, safe and cost advantage.

While with e bag wash almost at the same time the emergence of washing O2O aspects of the start-up companies have a lot of. How to gain the advantage, the occupation of the initiative, Cen Yonghong think there are two aspects:

  • Online and offline capabilities are equally important.The importance and general Internet line acquiring and promotion of different people. Line, Rongchang has 25 years of accumulated laundry resources; online, e bag wash a number of partners from the group buying industry, for 020 online promotion, service control, the national marketing, has a deep understanding. Online and offline resources to achieve better integration.
  • Quickly build a flexible architecture according to the rapidly changing business needs.From 4 cities to 16 cities, and then to the expansion of the 50 cities; from laundry to wash shoes, curtains, luxury goods, such as the rapid emergence of classified business; from a single activity to a variety of activities in parallel...... E bag wash architectureTencent cloudOn the system should be able to quickly respond to the needs of new business.

Cloud architecture changes from 3 to 1

Cen Yonghong will e bag wash architecture change is divided into three stages:

  • The 1 stage of starting.The first half of 2014, relatively simple business model, system development is relatively simple, is one of the basic modules of the system, there is a problem directly by upgrading the hardware to complete, which is common in the cloud computing, 2 sets of Tencent cloud hosting can be completed.
  • 2 stages of development.2014 second half of the year, because of the increase in the coverage of the city, the optimization and adjustment of business began to appear frequently. At this time a single system unable to meet the demand, and according to the division of business line and need to need a lot of independent deployment of the new system. If you use the traditional model, you need to find a new room, to move into the cabinet, the management of operation and maintenance. But the use of public cloud, a operation and maintenance personnel will be able to complete these things. Especially after the Spring Festival, because planning a micro channel envelopes and other activities, orders jumped 20 times, although Tencent cloud hosting increased by 3-4 times, but personnel only need to increase one, greatly saving the cost, power the e bag wash the development.
  • The 3 stage of exploration.In 2015, with the expansion of regional and business lines, as well as the new business plan, system architecture needs to be unified. Public services package, such as red envelopes, coupons, etc., if you need to increase the temporary activities, only the service can be expanded separately. The overall program deployment and operation and maintenance management are more clear and direct. And the new development of the business level brings people, roles, process changes, is still in accordance with the level of expansion. This can have a more comprehensive assessment of the system carrying capacity.
Talking about the choice of Tencent cloud, Cen Yonghong, said: CSDN Cloud Computing: also had access to other public cloud service providers, but in the end we chose theTencent cloud. On the one hand is because e wash bags and Tencent contact earlier, the two sides for the understanding of the enterprise culture, the development of the company are more fit; on the other hand because Tencent Tencent business support, such as micro channel technology accumulation is deep, the scale of the industry and reputation are very good. And in the subsequent use of the process, when the new demand for e bags are put forward, Tencent cloud services are very active, fast response. Both of usThe set of technical discussion group, found that the problem within 3 minutes, there is a response, and quickly locate, to solve. This needs to adapt to the rapid development of new technology and constantly try to adjust the structure of the e bag wash is very important. Now the main use of Tencent cloud hosting, caching, cloud storage, cloud database, CDN and other resources, and with the increase in volume,Security is also continuing to access."

Behind the schema update every experience The imprint is engraved on my heart.. For example, the first peak is the order of the day rushed to 100 thousand, equivalent to 20 times the usual, traffic is also equivalent to the previous 20 times, but the structure is designed for the amount of normal orders. In the face of peak challenges, the results can be imagined.

Cen Yonghong recalled: "e bag wash a lot of activities, such as for market and industry hot, promotional activities, such as recently as the return of the saint, the film is the fire, you can send the ticket. Another example of 'the weekend washing meet', and 'micro channel shake bribe', these flows are unplanned, so should be beyond the normal ratio. Initially will flow single split out, directly to the activities of estimates, such as is expected will increase 5 times or 10 times, then set the rented server units and other extensions configuration. But sometimes there are things that are out of the plan. At that time we made the first promotion announcement, the plan is within 10 times, but did not expect a sudden rise of 20 times, orders directly rushed to 100 thousand, completely unable to respond. It was just technical team in the development of the closed, so direct arrests come to discuss this event to do next week? This week, I basically are at 3 o'clock in the morning to go home, 9 point to the unit, every day to consider how the architecture design, flow of how come in, traffic impact to a peak of how to spare bottleneck flushes. Finally, Tencent cloudA senior technical experts to monitor the flow of the entire situation in real time, once the situation can not be supported, at any time to deploy a new machine. In this way, we gingerly ushered in the second event, went through second peaks challenge. And with the increase in coverage of the city, the increase in the number of personnel, every event is a challenge to the system."

Deep analysis of value-added potential of big data

As a lightweight platform, all e wash bags business processes, from a single, billing, crowdsourcing, monitoring, management, feedback, tracking, data analysis are done on the system. But e bag washing technology department staff is not much, only 50 people. Cen Yonghong said:"Technical team is responsible for product design, development and testing, data analysis. From a business perspective, including App, access to the system monitoring, franchisee management, back-end business systems, process control, etc.. Because the e bags wash to lightweight operation, so there is no processors. This and those O2O companies will believe that the factory is easy to control and management of the factory. We believe that the heavy model will affect the scale and speed of expansion. Therefore, including pre intervention, intermediate control, the whole process of management, processing quality, have a complete scoring system, and through the algorithm to control the amount of processing and settlement costs."

Speaking e bag wash innovation, "the pack" take delivery mode, Cen Yonghong said: "it is through a number of detours." The initial self built logistics cost and manage the pressure is very big. So e bag wash changed the strategy, changed into a logistics response way, with the way of the package of the organization of the community in the leisure time of the uncle and aunt (excellent can be trained to become a small e housekeeper), to help take delivery. These links need system support, including the time of taking delivery, quality of service, user habits, etc.. It should be said that from the beginning of the order, the time point to do the whole process monitoring, such as the user order to forget to check, the order time is coming but not to get, you need to send an artificial intervention. Monitoring the quality of service and user or score feedback, are automatically completed.

And when it comes to other startups to learn from the experience, Cen Yonghong believes that"At the beginning of the development of the micro channel service number, rather than self built App.". According to him, in February 2014, Rongchang e bag wash successfully opened a micro channel payment. For the first time to promote, within an hour to sell hundreds of experience cards, micro channel in June single day orders have exceeded 1000. From a technical point of view, the micro channel service number developed a series of depth of the interface. Through these interfaces, users can quickly complete a single micro channel, using micro channel payment instruments, a single success can be immediately received micro channel order status alert. In addition, but also push the laundry list, the service process can be monitored through the entire micro channel and know in advance, after the completion of the laundry can be a key review, the formation of a closed-loop service. From a marketing perspective, the need to push the new brand, but the user directly download unfamiliar App, a lot of difficulty. And if it is only concerned about the micro signal, relatively easy. "E bag wash micro channel service number in the early stages of development, very successful."

Of course, with the expansion of the scale, in order to strengthen interaction, increase activity, e bag wash also developed its own App. Now is the micro channel service number +App common operation, the new user access, and gradually transformed into an active user."

For start-up companies are concerned, with the increase in volume, whether to build a data center outside the public cloud, Cen Yonghong also had considered. "E bag wash on the choice of a public cloud on the architecture system, did not test the plan to build a computer room. With the rapid expansion of the scale, the investment in cloud resources is also significantly larger. At that time did consider the self, but the final calculation of the account: if only consider the cost of hardware equipment, self built cheaper than renting. But since the self, the need to lease the IDC room, and hosting business contact, professional senior operation and maintenance personnel to manage, where the time cost and labor costs are high. This is the establishment of 1-2 years of start-up companies, can not afford. Moreover, in the business model e bag wash, the operation and maintenance personnel development path is limited, training and leaving talent is also very difficult. So finally gave up the idea of self built room."

With the increase of data and precipitation, urges the enterprise through portraits, data analysis and other techniques to dig value-added business potential. This has been verified in many successful O2O companies. E bag wash is also considered in this regard. Cen Yonghong said: business is only 1 years, the data has just accumulated. In the direction of large data applications, because the laundry is not a high-frequency activity, soAccumulation of user characteristicsStill ongoing, such as living habits, income projections, family members and other aspects of the structure and so on to do a new expansion. Follow up, taking into account the diversity of the staff to take, perhaps in housekeeping, such as hourly workers (cooking or caring for the elderly, children, cleaning, etc.) to form a new business form. But the specific needs assessment.Also hope that in the data analysis, machine learning and other new technologies,Tencent cloud can have more new products and services to provide."

Speaking of the future planning, Cen Yonghong admits: the technical team to build a talent gradient, determine the direction of development, the team is stable. Now e bag wash primary talent is the school recruit, the middle of the project requires a certain experience, the higher the professional requirements of the position, it will choose to have a large number of Internet companies have experienced technical experts. As a technical partner, my jobThe first is to set the rules of work; second is the business docking, support for the future development; third is to grasp the direction, the introduction of more and more excellent, strong ability of the technical backbone,Achieve the above objectives."

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As CSDN and Tencent joint production of cloud series of interviews, the second phase of the interview, thanks to e bag wash, Tencent video, Tencent, Tencent boutique class and other partners for their full support.

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