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Tuba rabbit CEO Wang Guobin: to change the world with technology, through the Internet and traditional industry barriers

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Abstract:Tuba rabbit, known as the "home improvement industry Uber". From the brokered deal to guarantee transaction to the server remodeling, delivery orders, tuba rabbit architecture from the lamp to SOA, great changes have taken place. Through cloud computing and big data, tuba rabbit hopes to become China household consumption entrance and the digital future.

Recently, an advertisement by Wang Han --"Tuba rabbit"Covers almost all media advertising, whether it is television, subway, car body, building almost everywhere, tuba rabbit is popular night?? Not! Founded 7 years of Tuba rabbit, this is what the Internet is decoration field a veterans, which lasted seven years Tuba rabbit is how to step by step up to today, and with what kind of story the achievements of the Internet decoration industry No1? In the living room, Tencent cloud will "CSDN reporter an exclusive interview with the Wang Guobin Tuba rabbit CEO.

Tuba rabbit CEO Wang Guobin

Using technology to change the traditional industry changing pattern with the user value first

Tuba rabbit and the birth of Wang Guo Bin before two business are inseparable, technical background, Wang Guo Bin first venture, select the linkage computer training school. During this training large number of interior designers, and with an investment of a decoration company, the students has also been internship opportunities, and then be transported to the decoration companies in various parts of the coastal and design agency.

In 2005, an Internet entrepreneur, Wang Guobin participated in the vertical search engine for the technology direction, the accumulation of the Internet industry understanding and perception. Finally, in 2008, with in the traditional industry experience and the accumulation in the Internet field, Christopher Wong decided to use of technology combined with the traditional industries, with which he is also familiar with the decoration industry and the Internet, tuba rabbit was born.

"At that time, there was no o2o concepts and terminologies, but I think, in the field of technology it is difficult for me to and bat competition, form their own barriers in this regard. Can not change a traditional industry through the Internet technology?" Wang Guobin said.

From its inception to the present, tuba rabbit experienced several business model adjustment:

2009, tuba rabbit innovationMatching O2O transaction modelTo change the user's mind only to register a phone, by the company's home decoration decoration free service, users enjoy free service in the process of selecting their own satisfaction.
Then the tuba rabbit solved similar in the field of decorationSecured transaction type O2O. It is mainly on the one hand, the construction of the company's construction quality supervision, on the one hand, the use of "decoration" for the decoration company funds managed.
By the end of 2014, the tuba rabbitService side remodeling O2O, that is, the construction of the company's construction process, timber standards and service standards to regulate, and ultimately to the interests of the owners of the decoration.
In 2015, began to explore how to direct theOrder sent toConstruction workers, sent directly to the designers, users can not only find the decoration company on the platform, but also can be docked to the construction workers.

Several important change, led by Wang Guo Bin Tuba rabbit actually only one purpose: let users decoration more and more simple, more and more happy. And each adjustment is based on the premise that the user value is the first.

Using technology to achieve business innovation - cloud computing, big data, one can not be less

Countless business models behind what is the adjustment? What is the core of a O2O company? Undoubtedly, technology is a very important part of the. In fact, in a lot of o2o company, especially in some users particularly large scale enterprise technology as a core competence, highlight the capacity should not be underestimated.

"Sometimes users to register a phone call, we should according to their geographical location, calculate his hobby characteristics and various demands, matching to the user to the service quality to achieve the best decoration company. This is already contains a lot of very complex scheduling algorithms, artificial intelligence algorithms, of course, is a combination of a lot of consumer scenarios algorithms, which are dependent on a large number ofAccounting, analysis and reasoning between the data.." Wang Guobin talks.

In order to adapt to the needs of business development, at the technical level from the initialLAMP architecture mode to the current SOA architecture, tuba rabbit is also undergoing constant change and evolution.

But in the cloud, the tuba rabbit chose to focus on cooperation and Tencent cloud. For selection and Tencent cooperation intention, Wang Guo Bin said: Tencent products and service quality are legendary. In addition Tuba rabbit is currently in a period of rapid development, we need the stability of infrastructure, only so that we can give customers more stable platform. So we need to be able to do the service quality Tencent cloud computing technology providers to achieve the ultimate.

It is reported that the current focus on Tuba rabbit and Tencent cloudCDN acceleration and securityAspects of the cooperation, and for Tencent in the response speed and service personalization, Christopher Wong also has been full of praise. "The most obvious point is that now the tuba rabbit traffic doubling every year, but did not receive the influence of the website. In addition, the flow is so huge, tuba rabbit website browsing website is the response speed of the fastest decoration." Wang Guobin said.

Tuba rabbit, senior director of Light said: "Tencent cloud CDN attracts us most is not the price, but the performance of. We know that the CDN most important is speed and node: speed, tuba rabbit through the whole network and charge tools were the whole network testing that is better than the results of the same provider; as for the node, Tencent cloud front access nodes is very large, in contrast used CDN provider, Tencent has obvious advantages. This is the most critical point we choose Tencent CDN."

Use technology to ensure overall safety achievements of "war to win" Tuba rabbit

Through years of accumulation, tuba rabbit existing users has reached a very large scale, and the industry as a whole for the value of the data reached unprecedented attention and corresponding data security problems occur frequently. Users have a high degree of vigilance, for enterprises how to make users feel at ease? How to protect the safety of the tuba rabbit?

Now stage Tuba rabbit in terms of security still choose the depth of cooperation and Tencent cloud, security and user data protection by Tencent Dayu security protection system. Yu mentioned system, senior director of Light excited tuba rabbit:"The whole system is equivalent to the Yu shield in front of,To do the flow of cleaning, flow transfer, it is quite a shield, the worst traffic attacks blocked outside."

For some start-ups and medium-sized companies, in terms of security is very difficult to build, but security is a very important problem, so most of these companies will rely on outside force to carry out the door. According to Light, Da Yu Tuba rabbit and Tencent cloud in deployment is very simple, can be used to describe the "seamless connection". And the overall operation of the Da Yu system is simple, with high availability. "For most businesses, the cost of migration is close to zero, there is no migration, just a transition on it." Light says.

For the future, the development of ideas, will uphold the two principles of Tuba rabbit:First, the technology must be for the product service; second, product service and push back the technology innovation.

When it comes to the idea, Wang Guo Bin stressed: a lot of the time we techniques by which technical framework, technical strategy, including the progress of the development level, it is around the value of the user, which is around the product experience to do the service, the judge to do, choose to do; instead, user's value also forced a technology innovation. To Tuba rabbit, for example, when users more and more, the user needs more and more. At this time massive data, high concurrent requests, personalized service, forced the technical staff to do a variety of innovations.

What kind of team behind the technology is so much better? Wang Guobin evaluation is very simple: our technical team is definitely a call that comes, to the war, the team can win the war."

In fact, this is a simple word, is not to the tuba rabbit technical team the highest praise and praise?

Technology to create the trump card business - open up the industrial chain to enter the smart home

Tuba rabbit in the past few years in the development process has been constantly groping their own strategic layout planning, they found in the past few years, in the decoration and construction control for Tuba rabbit profit to a minimum, but it is really pain of user. Therefore, according to the user pain points Tuba rabbit continue to invest a lot of money, manpower and time, to solve the user pain points.

Over the past few years in the decoration construction process management, tuba rabbit in end users and support large-scale construction site supervision, back office support it technology systems, have been built very perfect, includingTuba rabbit developed its own cloud platform Designer.

Wang Guobin said: cloud platform to support all the excellent designer interior designer, furniture designer on the platform for a variety of design ideas, and then allow the design of creative and interactive owners. When users and designers to communicate correctly, you can directly to the plant to produce."

In addition due to tubal rabbit help tens of millions of Chinese home users to manage his construction site and accurately recorded all of the data in the construction process, so you can through the technology, the role of the industry, associate, in a system flow regulation, according to the level of open.

"We can use this technology for the owners in a timely manner to push all kinds of information he would like to know, push all kinds of cost-effective, he likes, suitable for his home home building materials products. This is a tuba rabbit through decoration, design, furniture, building materials industries chain complete ecological system. The future will be directed towards intelligent Tuba rabbit Home Furnishing march." Wang Guobin said.

"Future Tuba rabbit will also is a very cool, very flashy, high-tech companies, our understanding of Tuba rabbit is that, in the future Tuba rabbit will become Chinese household consumption entry, Chinese family of digital center." When it comes to the future, Wang Guobin said.


Interview that day coincided with the seven anniversary of Tuba rabbit, entire firm is the festive atmosphere. The reporter can not help but think of the origin of Wang Guobin spoke of the "Tuba rabbit" name:

"Soil" that Tuba rabbit all people both feet on the ground; "Ba" said Tuba rabbits are connected together, unity together, with particular emphasis on the company's team of solidarity, the initiative cooperation; "rabbit", reflecting the tuba rabbits in this new business era, its response must be very rapid, but also reflects the tuba rabbit's aggressive style.

The three words "Tuba rabbit" reflects the value of tubal rabbit: down-to-earth, active collaboration, entrepreneurial passion, rapid response. "We focus on the user first values, this is done, the user can first put the core values, it is truly implemented. User first is our guiding ideology of values, and these four values are able to protect the user first, to be able to really fall on the ground of the four support values." Wang Guobin said.

Tencent cloud room successfully launched, we saw a lot of help Tencent cloud step forward and future CSDN enterprise, Tencent cloud will continue to launch more success stories, to share their successful experience, also hope to help more enterprises in the era of Internet plus at the forefront.

More technical details visible video interview: "Tuba rabbit CEO Wang Guobin: Jiezhuang industry "Uber" the seven year itch"

CSDN and Tencent as a co production of "Tencent will living room" cloud interviews the third interview, thank Tuba rabbit, Tencent video, University of Tencent, Tencent boutique class partners for their support.

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